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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, this paint job actually has kind of a funny story behind it. I'd slathered Brown Liner all over this mini and the two others I'd planned on working on that evening, and I was working on one of the others when Mr. Boot wandered in and kinda watched me for a bit. Actually, lemme back up a little. Mr. Boot was looking for a few minis to be used in an upcoming session in our Pathfinder game, and initially he asked me if we had any minis that looked like an Enderman (a monster from Minecraft: a tall, skinny, black humanoid creature with glowing purple eyes and a terrifying scream). I was like: "Uh...noo...?" Then he was like "Well, how about something kind of wraithy?" And I said "Um...well, I think we have a kinda skeletonish scarecrow, I'll see if I can find him." While I was poking around looking for it, he continued to look through our Bones bins for inspiration. By the time I returned, he'd pulled out a small assortment of wizardy types, and asked which looked the most evil. After considering, I picked Darkrasp out. And then he asked if I could paint it "pretty much all black." And I asked "You mean, like an Enderman?" And he was all like "Noooo, just kinda wraith-like." And I couldn't help but ask "With glowing purple eyes?" And he responded with . And I . Fast-forward back to the actual painting. Anyways, so he wandered in, spotted Darkrasp with sloppy Brown Liner all over him, and got all happy and excited and was like "Yeah, this looks great!" And I was all "I...haven't actually done anything with him yet, that's basically just primer." And he was all "But this is just what I wanted; with it all blotchy and uneven, it really makes him look ghostly." And I'm like "Uh, okaaay..." But I could not in good conscience leave it in such an unfinished state, so I got him to clarify a few things, painted the chains, his beard, the scythe, and the bone holding the scroll in HD Solid Black to try and help them stand out a little bit (not sure how successful that actually was). I also, at Mr. Boot's suggestion, did a drybrush of Solid Black all over to "make it look blacker." Which predictably did absolutely nothing, lol. So instead I grabbed a gray at random and did an all-over drybrush of that, which helped. Then I decided that he needed something more, so I gave him scary red eyes (which...you can't even really see because of the hood, but I know they're there), and some red runes on the scroll. Without further ado, here's Darkrasp the wraith-y guy: The lovely yellow bits that appear to be on his cloak and robe are not, in fact, a beautiful first attempt at OSL. That's just a reflection from one of the desk lamps I use in my ultra-deluxe photography studio: Super high class, you guys, you have no idea. I think I might need to replace my Brush-on Sealer; it definitely didn't go on as matte as usual, which I think really affected the final appearance of this figure, given that the color distinction between the Brown Liner and Solid Black areas is minimal enough to begin with. The shininess kinda makes it all blend together. I'm going to see if my FLGS has a decent brush-on matte sealer; I don't have anyplace I can really spray stuff. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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