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Found 38 results

  1. HolkDiggity

    Bones 4 Skeletal Owlbear

    Hey all! Here's a quick speedpaint from this evening. It was a two hour deal, from prime to varnish. The only thing that I did yesterday was assembly.
  2. JudgeSamson

    44001 Owlbear

    Here is my Owlbear promo from Bones Black. It was a lot of fun to paint! As an aside, does anyone know if this can still be purchased through Reaper? I can't find it on the site anymore... :(
  3. cornucopia

    Reaper Black - Owlbear

    Hello everyone, So I finally took the plunge to post here, so please accept my take on the Owlbear from the Reaper Black series. All comments or remarks are welcome! Many greetings, Philip *EDIT : added additional photographs.
  4. NebulousMissy

    Bones 4 Owlbear (owlcub? owletbear?)

    Compared to the Bones Black owlbear, this guy was pretty puny. With fewer feathers. And odd spines. And skinny! Who ever heard of a skinny bear? Then it hit me. This is a juvenile. It's an owlcub! Or is it an owletbear? The spines aren't spines, they're pinfeathers. Fluffy owletbear covered in gray down feathers. With a downy belly and fully feathered mask Based off of pictures of barn owlets because those things look horrifying
  5. My first Black Bones mini, I got this lovely Owlbear from @Corsair !!! Thanks friend I hope did it proud! WIP here if interested: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/85553-bones-black-owlbear/ It took primer and paint very well. Glued with Greenstuffworld Superglue to it's base and flocked. Hope you like it!
  6. Glitterwolf

    Bones Black Owlbear

    Primed the Owlbear I got from @Corsair
  7. Aquaknightus

    D&D Owlbear

    Started painting all of these old D&D pewter chainmail minitures game minis.
  8. Like a number of you I picked up one of the new owlbears to see what the Bones Black material was all about. Given the local weather I decided to paint it up as one of those mythic polar owlbears you occasionally see wandering around.
  9. bluecrowlaura

    44001 Reaper Black Owlbear

    I finally finished my owlbear...just in time to go pick up the new rock troll from the mailbox, lol. I enjoyed painting the Black, though I still prefer metal; to me, this is a nice middle ground between Bones plastic and white metal. I didn't prime, though I washed it really well and airbrushed the base coats.
  10. Guildenstern

    Darksword Minis Owlbear and Cubs

    Just finished this for my sister! Hope it arrives close ish to Christmas but at least it's finally done - only been planning it since last year or so. These are the Darksword minis Owlbear and cubs, as my sissy has two kids, and we joke a lot about going all momma bear, I thought this would be perfect for her :D She's also a hunter so a woodland scene is right up her alley. Not my best job tbh, I'm pleased it came out ok but was hoping to get more detail etc in. I'd wanted to make the trees but no time =/ Better to get it done than sit on it another year. It's in a softball display case, on a wood base I picked up at Michaels. So no need to dust!
  11. Sirithiliel

    Darksword Owlbear Family

    So i'm just starting these guys, but how do you think the cubs should be arranged? Just the sitting one? The sitting one with the standing one behind it? or the sitting one with the standing one in front of it?
  12. Kev!

    Kev!'s 77156: Owlbear

    Howdy, I am Grr-Hoot! A feather in my cap, Kev!
  13. Generic Fighter

    Oathsworn Owlbear Chick for Twitter Exchange

    So, I'm a part of a Bi-Monthly Twitter Secret Santa'like Exchange called #BoxofManyThings! I'm doing Miniatures for both of the organizers of it and this is one of them. The individual in question goes by the Handle, owlbare on twitter and uses a Purple Owlbear as his Avatar. So I chose to do up a Cute little Owlbear for him in his signature Colors. These are actually his photos since I forgot to take any! Anywho, hope you enjoy:) GF
  14. So, I'm getting close to finishing up this Project. Also, my olde thread for this was from before the Great PhotoBucket Fiasco. So I'm redoing this thread using my new Imgur account! Behold my Bad Paint Jobs and Despair!! Or Not;) First up the Ani-Pals! Dog I Dog III Dog IV Bare the Bear Companion Dawg the Ranger, "Leader" of the Ani-Pals! Sting the Pixie Rogue! Salle Goblin Sorceress! Kildrick the Dwarven Cleric! Gonna post the rest in the next post so I don't hit Image Max Limits. GF
  15. Jubilee

    "Wrong Turn"

    Here are pictures of my ReaperCon 2017 Diorama entry, "Wrong Turn":
  16. PurpleLlama

    DSM Owlbear

    So I've been pretty busy with work and other things and haven't had a chance to paint much lately. Got this guy as a gift from a friend and painted it up a couple of weeks ago. Pretty happy how everything turned out especially the eyes. I used some owl pictures for reference. Though usually their beaks are a dark grey, I wanted this to stand out a little more. Thanks for looking!
  17. tiniest rhombus

    Whoodini by Bomshell Miniatures

    Painted this lil dooder up for a super secret gift that I had every intention of mailing off before Christmas but life. I love owls and I love painting lil teeny tiny ones. This guy was no exception and I need a million more of them. So cute.
  18. As I threatened last week, here is another batch of old enamel paintjobs from around 15-25 years ago. Troll Firbolg Mind Flayers Gnolls Owlbear Basilisk Xorn Finally, some fairies linked here in case anyone has a problem with a teeny-tiny glimpse of fairy flesh.
  19. Lidless Eye

    Lidless Eye Hobbies Drops the Bombshell

    Just a few shots of my finished minis from Bombshell Miniature's recently shipped Kickstarter: The Imperator: The refugee from Draenor: The Orc Shaman: The Cap'n: The Mascot: And the group:
  20. Blackhawk

    77156: Owlbear

    This is the Bones owlbear. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out, although I think I would lighten the 'owl' portions a bit if I were to paint another.
  21. JDizzO

    77156: Owlbear

    Finally, my first show off post. I am still trying to get the hang of taking pictures and am by no means a professional miniature painter, but I am pretty happy with this mini as a tabletop piece. Enjoy.
  22. I was taking a stroll through the woods one day, and came upon a beast from the ancient days of BONES I, the Jabberwock! This guy had been mostly finished for a long time, but wouldn't stay upright. I couldn't get a rod through his legs, so I wound up gluing the heck out of his tail to get it to stay to the base.
  23. One day a young gnome went out looking for adventure In the distance she heard a great flapping and shrieking. What could it be? On going closer to investigate, she saw the pet of the local wizard had escaped its cage! It ran directly at her! After only a moment, it was joined by the wizard's other pet! Luckily, this gnome was great friends with the Wizard and knew the secret to taming his pets: They liked to have their fortunes told! Our plucky gnome pulled out her Harrow deck and laid out the cards..... The owlbears fortunes were clear: In the past, they had exercise roaming around the forest, in the Present, they have the good company of a friend, and in the Future, they will have a good nap in their barn. The owlbears were very pleased with this news, and waved goodbye. They wandered off home to their nests. And the gnome did likewise. And that is why you should always be friends with a wizard. The End
  24. kitchen_wolf

    77156 Owlbear

    I really disliked the Kung-Fu Owlbear when I first saw him in the debut of Mr. Bones. I didn't complain about it, there was plenty of other cool stuff and it's not like painting or even keeping the little weirdo was mandatory. But I was eating breakfast and watching a video of a Tokyo owl cafe (as one does) when I saw an owl with solid black eyes and got inspired. Turns out it was a barred owl, which is a genuinely adorable little bundle of silent death ( https://www.google.com/search?q=barred+owl&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=703&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=oRnqVKz1KMThoATS0ILgDg&sqi=2&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ). The cast base on this sculpt was originally designed for pewter and came out too floppy in Bonesium, so the base is Magic Sculpt and has a paper clip running up to that ankle spur thing. There's no need for heat, just stab a needle where you want the wire and then stick the wire through the channel. Sadly, Barred Owlbears like this one tend to crowd out the endangered Spotted Owlbears from their home range. Gives the druids fits. Tokyo Owl Cafe:
  25. MojoBob

    FitzBones: 77156: Owlbear

    D&D is no stranger to stupid monsters, and this is one of them — the Owlbear. Mechanically, it's not terribly interesting; it's just a big biting, clawing monster, more dangerous than some, less dangerous than others, but with no real distinction about it. It might as well just be a bear. A rabid bear, but just a bear. Its existence in the D&D canon does have implications for the standard milieu, implications that are borne out repeatedly: in the D&D universe, anything can be interbred with anything else. It's a concept that really doesn't hold water in the real world, though it appears to be central to the world view of those peculiar people who think that two men getting married is going to lead to general mayhem and apocalypse. But that's a bit beside the point. This figure does have something going for it that I haven't really seen in others. The owlbear is supposed to be fundamentally bonkers insane to its very core, and this figure does look a tad doolally.