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Found 1 result

  1. Omigherd, another one! O Wise Forumites, I'm looking for a human(ish) male Bones figure in some sort (light, heavy, meh) of armor that I could mod to be holding or using or leaning on a two-handed sword of some sort. Any advice? Boring background: I've somehow blundered my way into starting a new campaign with a character very similar to another I've got in Pathfinder Society (PFS). I'm using 03597, Dalyn Talas for my PFS character, and that's fine. (It's also a useful reference for the sort of thing I'm looking for!) I figured I'd just reuse him. We had our first session of the new campaign though, and while cleaning a battle mat, our GM grabbed a whole bunch of our metal minis and kind of... mushed them into a pile and shoved them off the mat. Ugh! I can have a conversation with him at some point and I'm sure he'll be fine, but I think he's used to pre-paints and I don't have a ton of confidence in him remembering to be careful with metal. I want to switch to Bones! But as far as I can tell, Bones never got any zweihander-wielding male humans (or elves) and I'm not having much luck finding someone who's in a good pose for modding such a thing. Any advice? The searches I've tried so far haven't really been successful though. I'm not having much luck finding someone who might work.
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