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Found 11 results

  1. psyberwolfe1

    77015: Bugbear Warrior

    Okay here is my finished Bones Bugbear. CC always welcome.
  2. :bday: Happy birthday to you, preternaturally flaming wild canine. :bday:
  3. psyberwolfe1

    Numenera Figures

    Holy crap I'm so excited about this! The dude with Jazz hands looks especially cool.
  4. psyberwolfe1

    The Shadow Knows!!!

    So I knocked out the Shadow from my Vampire Pledge first. As always C&C Welcome.
  5. psyberwolfe1

    Dark Angels Banner

    It's finally done.My first full Freehand Banner. I'm pretty proud of it and the results. I can see where I could have done better but I'm happy where he is. I've also included the family photo of his Command Squad. C&C always welcome.
  6. psyberwolfe1

    77001: Skeletal Spearman

    My Bones skeleton spearman. C&C always welcome.
  7. In my years of airbrushing I have found that certain thinners aren't really thinners. Windex, Ammonia, and Isopropyl alcohol are not thinners, but they are solvents. They will break down your paint, and they will cause clogs more often. (Ammonia will slowly destroy the brass parts of your airbrush.) Also these three liquids are pretty poisonous when aeresolized. They are great for cleaning your brush but aren't the best for thinning paint. Yes airbrush mediums/thinners are more expensive, but they are made for paint. They actually thin without breaking down the paint. They are less poisonous then the above liquids. Now believe it or not you can thin with just water. It's not the greatest of things to thin with but it is better than alcohol, ammonia, or window cleaner, and by far the cheapest alternative.
  8. psyberwolfe1

    Cleaning your brushes

    Hey I wrote this up for those of you who are interested. http://tacticalrock.blogspot.com/2013/05/hobby-care-and-feeding-your-paint.html
  9. psyberwolfe1

    Badger Paint Mixer

    Does anyone have the Badger paint mixer/stirrer? Can it fit in an MSP Bottle? I was also think of making a custom stirrer to mount in my Dremel. Thoughts?
  10. Here's what I'm working on. I apologize the pictures were taken with my phone. This after about 2.5 hours of work. Initial Purple tones laid in with airbrush. Then I toned the purple and did some spot highlighting. This will be for the table top not competition.
  11. psyberwolfe1

    D&D Chainmail Half-Orc Fighter

    My most recent offering. As always C&C is welcome. Also I'll be happy to answer any questions.