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Found 4 results

  1. Why is it so hard to get a game of Pathfinder going? Where are the people who are sane and actually interested in playing? I have moved to a new state and I really want to get a game of Pathfinder going and I am being stymied at every turn. There is a local game shop that has a Pathfinder night but it seems incredibly cliquish and if you're not a "pro" then you are kinda ostracized. Also, and this is a minor thing, the gaming area seems to have a lingering flatulence stench. I am an adult dang-it! I demand to not be surrounded by farts and snobby 19 year old's. I am not a "pro", I haven
  2. 1, Elf On The Shelf. I hate Elf On The Shelf. EOTS is portrayed as an American Christmas tradition. It is not. The actual little dolls existed in my childhood as generic Christmas decorations. The actual "Elf On The Shelf" tradition, on the other hand, is COPYRIGHTED and TRADEMARKED, and is a thing to SELL you, not anything resembling a tradition. EOTS is the absolute epitome of the commercialization of Christmas. 2. They have Charlie Brown's Christmas tree for sale. I saw it at the store, where they had a bunch of Christmas stuff out for sale. It looks exactly like it did in the
  3. I have a problem with the portrayal of RPGs and their players in the mainstream media. EVERY TIME, it seems, when RPGs and their players are portrayed on mainstream film or TV, they can't resist going for the stereotype. People who play RPGs are maladjusted nerds; normal people simply do not do such things. When we see it on "The Big Bang Theory," it's because all our male characters are maladjusted nerds. When we saw it on "Community," it was because our regular cast of attractive, if quirky, people, wanted to make the maladjusted nerd feel accepted and not like such a loser. When we s
  4. So, I am reaching for my afternoon snack, which happens to Nekoy crackers, when on the packaging I see, "Made with real peanut butter!" Uhm, there is fake peanut butter? And dont start with Nutello, that is not peanut butter. And just what do they fake in fake peanut butter? Peanuts? Or butter?
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