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Found 4 results

  1. I have used 02835 (Jolie) as an apprentice Sigilist in my Frostgrave warband. Here she is with an old Citadel wizard, who is her mentor. In my games he is called Bruce and she is named The Lovely Anthea. (Brits of a certain age may spot a cultural reference here.) I get the feeling that Bruce chose his apprentice more for her... nice legs... that her skill in the mystical arts. But in the games I play Bruce frequently fails to cast his spells in a spectacular and messy fashion, while Anthea succeeds by the narrowest of margins!
  2. I recently posted over on the Conversions sub-forum about how I converted the Olivia, Female Cleric, figure into a Sigilist wizard for a new Frostgrave warband I am working on: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69559-olivia-cleric-bones-jolie-scribe-to-sigilist-apprentice-conversion/ A Sigilist derives their magical power from words and languages, so I wanted her to be very "word" oriented. Besides her two books and inkwell, I wanted to paint her cloak to look like it had magical words floating all over it that appeared to floating to the surface and then receding back down again. I asked on the Works in Progress sub-forum for some help on how to achieve this and got some great advice: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69652-advice-wanted-on-word-covered-wizard-robes/ I put that advice to use, and am pleased with the results:
  3. I'm starting to work on a Sigilist warband for Frostgrave, and I needed to come up with a wizard and apprentice figures. For those unfamiliar with Frostgrave, Sigilists are a wizard type that are experts in magic dealing with words, writing, and languages. So I definitely wanted figures who had some visual connection to that aspect of the wizard type. Also, since Frostgrave is set in a frozen city, I wanted figures that were dressed in warmer clothes. For the Wizard, I first looked at the Olivia, Female Cleric, figure that I had got in the Bones II Kickstarter; and while perfectly dressed, she really didn't look predominantly "word-y" enough for me. Then, I saw a spare Leisynn, Mercenary Mage,figure I had, holding his big book, and a thought struck; perhaps I could cut off his book and forearm, and attach it to Olivia. So, I did that, and it looked great. It amazed me how well the book fit up against her, and the tilt of her head made it look exactly as if she was reading from the book. I then considered what to do with her other hand. I didn't know what I could put in it, or whether i should leave the jar; but I thought, why would she be holding a jar? Then it hit me how similar the jar looked to an ink bottle. All I needed was a feather to be a quill, and it would work. So I rummaged around in my spare plastic sprues, and found one that had some English Civil War figures. Luckily there's was a little pair of feathers for attaching to a hat as a plume; they would be perfect. I slice the stopper off the bottle, and drilled a tiny hole in the bottle's top. Then I pre-sprayed the feather bit with some flat white primer; and when dry I superglued it into the bottle. I am really pleased with the end result: Next, I worked on the Apprentice figure. I selected a figure of Jolie, Female Scribe, that I had got last year from the Box of Goodwill. She was perfect as is with her big book, but she looked a little lightly dressed for the frozen city of Frostrgrave. So, I thought I would do a quick fix for that and simply add an old GW cape I had in my bits box to the figure. Luckily, it fit perfectly on her shoulders. It sticks out a little in the back, but I don't think it looks too bad I'm really happy with how the pair turned out. They're in the painting queue now, so if all goes well look for the Show Off three in a few weeks. :)
  4. A few days ago I started a thread over on the Conversions sub-forum showing how I had converted an Olivia, Female Cleric figure into a Sigilist type wizard for a new Forstgrave Warband. For those not familiar with Frostgrave, a Sigilist type wizard is all about the power of words and languages, scrolls and books. I've got about half way through painting, and need some advice. I had painted her robes like parchment, because I had envisioned making them appear swirling with words themselves; with the words fading in and and out like objects floating to the surface of a lake and then sinking again, as they moved across the surface of the robes. I now find I'm not really sure how to execute that, or if I should even try; I'm actually quite happy with how she looks as she is (other than finishing with shading, highlighting etc.) I was kind go going for a very plain librarian look about her, and i think that works as it is. Also, if I do do this, how do I write the words so they don't look like a 5-year-old scrawled them? And, should I use English, or a made-up Fantasy script? Another option I was considering was just doing it on the hem at the bottom of the robe and the cuffs of her sleeves; would that be better and simpler? Or should I just leave well enough alone and not mess with things beyond my power? :) Any advice appreciated...
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