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Found 1 result

  1. After finishing Gendrick, I needed to get cracking hard on my "Companions of the Hall" diorama. This is going to be the 5 Companions [Drizzt, Cattibrie, Bruenor, Wulfgar, Regis, and Guenhwyver (Drizzt's panther)] vs the Spider Queen (Lloth) and one of her Giant Spider riding henchmen. It's inspired by the D&D Forgotten Realms setting, specifically books by R.A. Salvatore. I know some people don't like this setting, but my brother is a huge fan and I'm a pretty big fan of Salvatore's work as well. The scene I have in mind will be the Companions battling the Spider Queen and her servant, I'll be using a very large piece of wood and bark that I got from Thrym and his WoldStand store, very cool (link to his blog and how he did prepared the wood display piece with many pictures to show size). I need to get this done before December 21st when he arrives at my house, so I'll be trying to work on it most days of the week between now and then. I've got most of them cleaned up and primed (or brown-liner slathered in the case of the Spider Queen). First off the cast: GOOD GUYS - YAY GO TEAM GO!! Drizzt - Dark Elf Ranger: DSM 7421 (Male Dark Elf Warrior) Wulfgar - Massive Human Barbarian: DSM 7429 (Barbarian with Warhammer) Cattibrie - Human Female Fighter/Archer: DSM 7431 (Female Ranger w/ Bow) Bruenor - Dwarf King and Fighter: Reaper (Gerrin Goblinkicker SKU#03541) - I've already chopped off one of his helm horns (as Bruenor has) and filed off the spike on his shield (which will get a foaming mug on it in its place) Guenhwyver - Massive Black Panther: Reaper (Tiger SKU# 3668) Regis - Halfling Thief: Otherworld OWM-DAD12 (Halfling Thief, Demi-Human, Dungeons Adventurers) - This one will be arriving in a couple of days, it was on back-order for almost two months. EVIL GUYS - BOO! HSSS!! Drow Giant Spider Rider - RAFM RAF4546 (Vanir Spider Lancer) Lloth the Spider Queen, Goddess - Reaper (77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness) - NSFW she's nude on top so I won't be showing pics of her unless I mod her to cover her top, will make that determination later. That's it for tonight everyone, will be updating fast and furious as I go through this project. Comments, Advice, and Critiques are welcomed and appreciated!
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