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Found 5 results

  1. A happy birthday to you!
  2. :bday: Happy! A happy birthday to you! Happy!Happy! Happy! HaHappy! :bday:
  3. Thrym

    Avatar of Thrym

    It's been years since I took the screen name, Thrym, for our Neverwinter Nights persistent world as Admin and DM. Over those years, it's become mine. I use it everywhere it's available and I jokingly use Optimus Thrym with Optimus Prime as my avatar or a stylized great axe I use to represent Frostmourne, his axe. Like these: I used Op because I could never find a representation of Thrym as we see him on Markshire, my custom gameworld from old school D&D (started in 1st Ed. and migrated over the years) and eventually moved to NWN as well. We took the Norse pantheon and converted it to the Markshirian Pantheon. All that was until I did my semi-annual "Thrym" search on Google, etc. and finally found one Christopher Peters had made ... will be talking to him to see about licensing art rights. The only changes compared to what I have written and what I see in my head would be his "Cloak of Living Ice" described here: The Storyteller: Thrym's Mirth So, huzzah ... I have a new avatar to use for a bit. And a much better representation of the character in our gameworld. Also, this is my 500th post. Double Huzzah!