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Found 1 result

  1. DID YOU KNOW: The word "githyanki" was originally coined by George R. R. "Game Of Thrones" Martin, who apparently used them in his D&D campaign at one point, before mentioning them in passing in his science fiction short stories? He gave nearly no details for what or who they were, other than "githyanki soulsucks," who served the "Hrangan Minds." The creature we know and love was fleshed out by British gamers, and appeared for the first time in the first Fiend Folio for AD&D. DID YOU KNOW: The first illustration of a bugbear in D&D had the written descriptor "large pumpkin sized head." The artist took this literally, and drew a bearlike creature with a jack-o-lantern for a head. At least one miniatures company released a miniature resembling this in the 1970s, and Reaper recently did so as well. DID YOU KNOW: The first miniatures for "rust monster," "bulette," and "owlbear" were in fact plastic toys found in a bag of toy dinosaurs found at a dime store? These would become iconic RPG monsters, and were later incorporated into the D&D game proper. Later research showed that at least two -- the owlbear and the bulette -- were based on monsters that had appeared on a 1970s Japanese children's show, possibly "Ultraman" or "Spectreman." DID YOU KNOW: The phrase, "...and knowing is half the battle!" came from the old 1980s GI Joe cartoon. In an effort to placate parent groups, the show often had little clips at the end of the episode in which childen would learn important lessons about safety or morals, ending when one of the children would make a remark about what he or she had learned, and a GI Joe character would say, "And knowing is half the battle!" DID YOU KNOW: Noted Reaper representative ReaperBryan has a pool shaped kidney?
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