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Found 2 results

  1. joshuaslater

    Vampire SA

    I just threw some models down and played Necropolis on Sunday. We ran into a question regarding Vampire. My Crimson Knight was attacking an Elf model with Tough SA. At what point does the Free SA of Vampire kick in? Example. Crimson Knight on his last track attacks the Tough Elf and does enough wounds to kill him. Does the Vampire ability kick in before the Elf's tough check? Does it kick in before defensive strikes? Any help appreciated as I don't have my rulebook handy. Cheers.
  2. joshuaslater

    Pewter Mountain raid!

    After going crazy with Warlord, it's time to go crazier. Tonight's mission involves going into the game room, rooting through heaps of models, and putting together a Necropolis force!! Woot!! I know ahead of time I can use some Chronopia Devout models for Crimson Knights, and a bunch of Celtos Fir Bolg for Skeletons. I have two Wraiths from Otherworld to throw in the mix, and hopefully some Gargoyles will be in box somewhere. Wish me luck!!