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Found 6 results

  1. Metalchaos

    77310, Water Weird

    Translucent blue 77310, Water Weird, Dark Heaven Bones sculpted by Bob Ridolfi.
  2. Dan Goodchild

    77310 - Water Weird

    Used Tamiya clear blue to coat the Water Weird and Reaper paints for the well and highlights.
  3. Thanks to Pochi's awesome WIP http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68003-cottage-wip/ (Check it out, it's so adorable! ) With out it I never would have known about this amazing company. I've been looking for affordable terrain pieces like these for awhile. For the quality of these, the price really can't be beat. Seriously, not one of the pieces I ordered has a mold line or flashing of any kind. Top notch. In coming wall of text. First up is the cottage. I got so involved painting the stone, I forgot to take pics of each step. Oops. A couple things I would do differently next time. Prime in black. Grey is my go to primer color but with the deep cuts of the stone, I would have saved a bunch of time just priming black because it ended up black after trying to get into all of the nooks and crannies anyway. And I normally brush prime everything but again with the amount of detail this thing has it was difficult to get into all of the spaces and it kept bubbling up on me so I'll spray prime next time. Colors used. Shadow and wash Scale 75 Necro Grey Base- Scale 75 Mistatonic Grey, Scale 75 Tindalos Red, Reaper Golden Brown, Reaper Terran Khaki. Highlights for Terran khaki- Pure white/ Terran khaki. For Golden Brown- Terran Khaki/Golden Brown. For Mistatonic Grey- Pure White/ Mistatonic Grey. For Tindalos Red- Terran Khaki/ Tindalos Red. Final all over Highlights- Added more Pure White to the Grey. To do the stone- I did an all over wash of the Necro Grey ( this is where the black primer would have come in handy) I then went over the entire thing with thinned Mistatonic Grey. Then, I just started randomly picking out stones with the different colors going back and forth between them until I was happy. I didn't worry too much about full coverage for these. Another very very thin all over wash of the Necro Grey. I then went back over each stone with their original base color by loading the brush then tapping the paint onto the stone with the side of my brush. Highlights for each stone were done the same way, making sure to lightly hit the highest points of the rocks. The final highlight of the pure white and grey mixture over all stones to tie them together. Comments and Advice always welcome! Thanks for looking :-)
  4. knarthex

    Well of Chaos (03569)

    So here is my version of The Well of Chaos: some close ups: The water effect crept up the sides due to surface tension, but not enough for me to worry... WiP here. Thoughts and comments welcome! George
  5. tiniest rhombus

    77136 Well of Chaos 77137 Sarcophagus

    Some dungeon decor. Dungeon decor is fun, relaxing, no stress painting. I lurve it. 1st attempt at marble (this year), 1st gem (last year) 1st verdigras (this year). I don't think you can see it in the pictures but the pillow and inside of the sarcophagus are done with some pearl white mixed it. Looks good in hand.
  6. Kangaroorex

    My summer exchange project.

    this was one of my summer exchange miniatures this year. Even though some of the pictures came out slightly blurrier than I would have liked the overall effect is one i really liked. The drider is metal, the queen and the well are bones. The base is marble. Part I'm most proud of: getting the drider into a submissive bow. I don't know that I could have done it with the bones material. Oh and the piece above the queens head is a bit of Sumatran Amber. Enjoy the view. Comments and critiques always welcome!