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Found 10 results

  1. Howdy, Yet another of the board game pieces... He's a lawyer, but does stand-up comedy on the weekends, Kev!
  2. Howdy, Last one I swear... More game pieces to come, Kev! P.s. Khaki triad on the belly!
  3. Howdy, Why does it always have to be snakes? Xiexie, Kev! P.S. Click, if you dare...
  4. Howdy, Also painted during Paint Club at Reaper HQ... Thank you, Kev!
  5. Howdy, From the board game... Click to get closer, Kev!
  6. Howdy, Also from the board game... Anger management, Kev! P.S. Click to get closer...
  7. James-

    Otyugh My 1st

    So last week I posted my Warlock and Raven and mentioned they were my seventh mini to paint. So I figured since I have pictures of the first six I'll post those as I have time too :) I picked this guy as my first mini to paint since he was bigger and more simple and seemed like an easy one to start with. I will add though that I'm the type of crazy person that probably watched over 20 hours of YouTube tutorials before I even picked up a brush. Super receptive to any criticism as I would like to know what to improve!
  8. Doing a quick experiment with using a bleach scrub to 'prime' a polyvinyl plastic figure. Won't know if it really works until after the mini sees a few gaming sessions. First washed the fig with soapy water then used a toothbrush to scrub some plain bleach (not the concentrated kind) all over the fug, washed off the bleach and dried the mini Second experiment was starting off with a Drybrushed Folk Art 2558 Cinnamon topcoat over the brownish reddish plastic. Missed a few spots but those won't be seen from when the mini is on the table. Then a Magic Wash* with Folk Art 504 Van Dyke Brown to cover the whole of the fig. letting that fully dry now. *1 part future floor finish, 4 parts water.
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