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Found 1 result

  1. This is no joke, is your fridge running ? More than normal ... all the time ... not as cold as it used to be ? When was the last time you vacumed your fridge ? You have haven't you ? No ? Then keep reading this spring cleaning post is for you (and about as off topic as one can get). I would like to introduce you to the dark side of your fridge, the underbelly of a place of light and goodness you go to almost every day for a lighted selection of food and drink ... but hiding a dark secret, a secret that will ask, nay, demand the intervention of the wondrous invention ... the vacume cleaner! That right boys and girls your trusty vacume is your friend and I will show you how to use this wonder of scientific ingenuity to save the day! Step one, if you dare, is to look at your fridge radiator, just like a car a fridge has a radiator for heat exchange,and if it is clogged you effective heat exchange is reduced till your freon fails or the pump or cooling fan fail ... the death of you fridge. But fear not gentle reader, their is hope, with our trusty friend the vacume we can clear the overburdened radiator and return our fridge to full power, warp factor cool ... If your lucky your radiator is on the back of your fridge and easy to find brush/vacume clean ... others are under or behind a panel on back bottom of fridge with the pump and fan ... also good things to vacume clean to avoid heat build up. Note the before and after ... and please accept my apologies if dirty pictures offend you ... As you can see (if you squint enough to see the dim pic) a dark place revealed ... and clensed with the power of vacume and a long thin brush ... what once ear a marathon fridge running all day long is now a loafer, hardly working at all to stay frosty ... Fell free to add your own horror stories and narrow excapes ... life hacks or life hatches ... spring is in the air and in my step so aping forward and don't forget to mix in the worst puns you can come up with ... A chuckle a day is ... better than being hit on the shin with a tire iron !