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Found 4 results

  1. knarthex

    Sculpting a base

    So TGP gave me an awesome idea for how to do a base for the Grenadier Cave Fisher I am working on... (Gotta love talking to folks on the hangouts for stimulating ideas!) So I am wondering what do folks think the best way to go about making this a reality would be? My first thought is insulation foam as an armature to sculpt Green Stuff and/or Apoxie Sculpt onto.... I also have some Sculpy or Super Sculpy at home that I could use... (I would not use foam as an armature for this, as baking would tend to be bad....) I don't think foil would work as an armature, and I am pretty sure that mesh wouldn't work for the same reasons. (rigidity and weight) So anyone have thoughts or Ideas for me? Thanks! George
  2. Ogrechubbs

    Armature for starters..

    Hey, Ladies and gent. Doing a quick edit , because what makes sence on two hours of sleep and eight matter lol. So I noticed alot of people where asking about armatures so I thought I would show the type I use. I use a 1/8 threaded rod about 3 feet long cut it in half. Put one end into a board to your desired length a minium of a inch, if you are having stability issues a thicker board can be used. Drill a hole 1/8 wide put rod into it twisting it into place. Then you use "forget the offical name but the clamp that you use for clothes lines" as far down as you like until you reach the desired higtht. "make sure the threaded bolts coming out of the clamp are 1/8 inch aswell. Remove one nut and replace it with a long nut. Screw your second piece of threaded rod into the long nut. Then the long nut onto the clamp closer line thing. You can cut the rod coming off of the long nut to any length you like "obviously the farther the rod goes the less stable it is". Here is some pics please ignore the sculpt on it, it is only a couple of hours old and far far far from nearly done lol. Once that is built and you build your armature for your model you place it near the end of the horizontal rod. Place a nut washer at the end and place your armature there, then place the rod though the armature "preferably through the back/back of waist" then place another washer/nut there to pin it in place. There you go done and done your armature and your stand to hold it in place. Forgot to add when you like you can lossen the nuts on the clamp and move it up and down as often as you like.
  3. ultrasquid

    First sculpting attempt (WIP)

    I've done some minor modifications and gap-fills to some figures, but here's my first attempt to sculpt a miniature figure mostly from scratch. Well, maybe my second, but that other one was over 20 years ago I started with a Reaper 75001: Starter Level Sculpting Armature. As I was working it into this pose it nearly fell apart from metal fatigue. Fortunately I managed to get some blobs of 5-min epoxy into the waist and other joints just before they snapped.
  4. Loim

    Patrick Keith Tutorial

    Patrick Keith has published an amazing tutorial on his web site dealing with sculpting a sword on an armature. Amazing step by step instructional. You should check it out. http://www.patrickkeith.com/2013/07/sculpting-linna-sword-session-1.html