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Found 1 result

  1. I am starting a new D&D 5e campaign Monday, running the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure. I was inspired by getting my Oathsworn terrain yesterday to incorporate it into the adventure, so this morning when I got home from work I started painting minis. The first adventure involves five giant rats and a black bear, and the party has a druid who wants to wild shape starting at level 2. I started prepping five terrain pieces (two tents, the well, cookpot/fire and firewood) and nine animals (6 rats, a black bear, a lion and a dire wolf). I am a slow painter at the best of times, so I really forced myself to work fast. I am also not a very good painter at the best of times, so I was prepared to accept some serious mediocrity just to get them table ready. My group uses a lot of prepaints, so that was my quality goal with this speed session, make something that wouldn't look out of place next to prepaints (low bar, I know). Amazingly, I got both tents, all the rats, the dire wolf and the black bear finished. I also got a fair bit of progress on the cookpot/fire. And even more amazing, they don't suck. They aren't great by any means, and looking at the photo I can see some things that could use fixing, but I am really pleased with the results. Especially the tents, and the black bear. I think I got a nice weathered canvas tent look (the green on the bottom edge was deliberate, I wanted it to look like grass from the base), and the bear's snout really turned out well, I think. For colours I used a bunch of Reaper paints. Most of the figures were base coated in ruddy leather, the others were based in tanned leather (unfinished lion, tents) or black (black bear and a couple rats). I did have some trouble using the pure black (09037) as a base coat, it tended to bead a bit, but I did manage to get it to stick after re-coating it a couple times. I will pick a different black if I want to base coat another mini. I used ruddy leather, tanned leather and linen white for the tents, and did a black wash on the dire wolf. I used muddy olive and olive green for the mossy looking grass, and some stone grey for blending, sun yellow for eyes , brains pink for tails and fresh blood for mouths (and some drips on the dire wolf base).
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