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Found 21 results

  1. This will be yet another Undead /Demon Army. ( what can I say? I love evil miniatures). This army has an Asian theme. Undead Samurai Oni Asian Dragons Some living Asian Allies. Kirin Hope you will enjoy it. I created a background story for it, it is on page 2. Have fun reading! I will paint slowly and it may take a while, but I'm putting this out here to start. Since I backed Zentih's Kensei Undead KS I have a few of the Undead Samurai and Demons waiting I also have the Grenadier Wind Dragon ( alas without the two humans) and the Grenadier Imperial Dragon of the Eleven Celestial Dynasties And some Living Samurai. Also a nice Asian Graveyard Set. Some stuff that has to get painted soon..
  2. Mutilatedlips

    Xi, Imperial Princess - Bushido

    Hard to assemble, work in progress here Another for a friend, who wanted it to resemble another mini I painted for him without a weapon so he can switch the two out during game play.
  3. Mutilatedlips

    Da Wenti - Bushido

    I was overuled on this one. I wanted green or gray skin, like an orgre/orc, but my friend who is running the asian campaign wanted a more human skin tone. Said it would be more useful in future games if painted that way. Makes sense, but miss what it would have looked like otherwise. Also this is the fist time I ever made a base using cork and Vallejo's pumice paste.
  4. Howdy, Kev! P.S. It must have been the wind...
  5. Howdy, Kev! P.S. It's a baby Gorignak!
  6. Howdy, Kami of the Evening Flame... Kev! P.S. Heats the water for the washer woman!
  7. Howdy, Kami of the Morning Dew... Kev! P.S. Agitates the water for the washer woman!
  8. Mutilatedlips

    Sanjakubo - Bushido Tengu Wizard

    Painted this for a buddy who requested the wings not be attached. It is for the game table and says D&D Tengu don't have wings. I was a bit sad not using them at first, but had some odd fun filing and greenstuff-ing. Last month I did a blog WIP on eyedamageart.com if interested.
  9. Mutilatedlips

    Yukio Koshimori - Bushido

    Another asian style mini for my friends campaign to the far east.
  10. Mutilatedlips

    Ryoko Sha (modified) - Bushido

    This was modified with the Pathfinder Ezren's staff after I severely failed at modeling my own staff. My friend did not like the candelabra he was originally holding. I don't do too many mods, still came out pretty good.
  11. Mutilatedlips

    Hagane Takashi - Bushido

    I really need to figure out how to attach parts with little surface area better. Those wrists are so delicate and I am sure difficult to game with without breaking.
  12. Inarah

    Kitsune & Fox

    This is from GCT Studios and their Bushido game. A fellow player asked me to paint it, and while I don't normally copy the studio art, that was how she wanted it. Sorry for the bad photo and harsh lighting, my photo booth is off limits right now.
  13. Mutilatedlips

    Itsunagi - Bushido Samurai

    Another mini painted for my friend's Rising Sun Campaign. A totally tubular surfer dude, just missing his board.
  14. Mutilatedlips

    Satoshi - Bushido Samurai

    This and another Bushido mini on deck for a friend. He had a bit of space on his cloak and I wanted to experiment with some simple freehand. For some reason I felt/saw wind when I looked at him and tried to paint something that represented that. Took me a long time to paint due to being in several pieces. Makes me appreciate minis that are all one piece even more. Had fun with a shot with the dragon hatchlings I just painted. :) I also got a fancy new camera for my birthday. A bit of a learning curve, but I like the new pics. Finally happy with the results.
  15. Mutilatedlips

    Katsumi Ninja Bushido

    Painted this for a friend. I was really impressed with the model, hadn't painted any ninja/samurai characters ever and could not wait to start painting it. I really like the Sai weapons holstered to his legs. From a game I had never heard of called Bushido. -Hope you enjoy :)
  16. This is the last one in my current D&D NPC model stack and closing my week of daily posts. The figure is "Ayako Ito" by GTC. Her role in our D&D plot is the evil mastermind, weaving a web of intrigues all over the known world. She appears on the grid every now and then, vengefully unleashing magic upon the party after they gain their small victories or maybe uttering an occasional mysterious prediction.
  17. dsmiles

    Mizuchi [GCTBPR006]

    And here's Mizuchi Mushu. I worked on my highlighting and shading with this guy, and tested out a marbling technique on his base. (Thanks, Siri!) I also worked with a color that's very difficult for me...yellow. His eyes are very deep set, and you probably can't see that they're green in the photos. Some of these photos are better than the others... As always, C & C welcome!
  18. Parodius

    Zen : little diorama Bushido

    Hi ! This is one of my last work (no reaper, sorry ... In France, the Reaper Minis have bad diffusion/distribution) :
  19. That's what Wikipedia tells me, in no uncertain terms. So, here it is. I have a large selection of miniatures that would make excellent Rogues (or Thieves, for us old schoolers), and I mean to get them painted. First up, we have a trio of Bushido minis for another Were-Fox character concept. A seductress, who's no stranger to fighting: Saki, Kitsune, and Fox Form: Next, is the amazing Dark Sword Female Assassin: Next up Eskin, Male Rogue: Then Vesper-On's The Duke: Gretchen vonKonigsmark from Raging Heroes will make an appearance as a gun-toting rogue: Along with Jirelle, Iconic Swashbuckler: And the Master Harlequina from Klockenbooty Freebooter Miniatures: Also making an appearance, once I get her in hand, is Lenore from Hasslefree. Not a rogue by description, she will be painted as one (and probably my favorite Thief of all time): You know the rules, anything goes! On with the show!
  20. Rextacy

    Show & Tell

    Here are a few figs I've done over the last year and 1/2. Privateer Press: Classic Dire Troll Mauler 71007, Freebooter STE 004 Dixie Dynamite and ZAU 004Female Wizard, and Bushido: Sakura GCTBIC003, and Kitsune GCTBTR002. I scored a silver at ReaperCon this year for Freebooter STE 004 Female Wizard. Titled "Zapatos De Rojo. I also received a lot of interest in the Classic Dire Troll Mauler from Privateer Press. Kitsune is just a great sculpt. My blending wasn't great. Hope you enjoy.
  21. MonkeySloth

    Ikiryo -- Undead Geisha

    Well she took quite a bit longer then anticipated, but I was fairly busy with various other things and had a sick spell that prevented me from starting her on time, but I finally got Ikiryo finished last night. Those that follow my WIP thread know that I was trying to keep to a summer beach color scheme, given to me via a friendly competition, and I decide that since she was undead I should use grays and purples in the shading to give her kind of a stormy look. Also did some freehand for the first time, well real free hand, and it turned out OK. Not to bad but it was a beast to paint over all her folds--and I lost some of my contrast by doing so, but I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. I added some volume to the sides of the hair as well as the hair piece to more closely match the concept art. And for Cash ---3D!!! Comments and Critiques are welcome as always.