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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings and Salutations fellows Miniature Hobbyists! I have been seeking Online Miniatures Painting Contests, if any exist, and have all but come up short! I am familiar with many of the competitions which are available for “In Person” entries only, but I’m extremely limited on my availability to travel. I am a novice painter. I use miniature painting to help with my PTSD. I was told that there are competitions which one could submit entries online, but I have had little to no luck finding any that are up and coming, or still exist at all. Can anyone please assist? Thank you in advance! ✌️
  2. So with the recent Sir Forscale painting up, people have been discussing how they shipped their minis to The Great Kaiju... I thought that maybe a thread devoted to how we ship minis might be a god idea for reference.... I shipped 2 separate packages, in the first I packed my Bannerman in a small plastic box, similar to the boxes that Oathsworn uses, wrapped in a bit of bubble wrap. the box was then padded a bit with a bit more bubble wrap, and placed in a small USPS flat rate box, with suitable packing material around it. (The Oathsworn boxes are used to hold business cards, but they look like the travelling soap dishes to me....) The second one I shipped, I again wrapped him in a bit of Bubble wrap, and put this inside the cardboard ring left over from a roll of masking tape. The roll then had tape put over it to keep him inside, and then into the small flat rate box, with some packing material to keep it centered. When I have sent exchange minis, I have used cut down card board tube from large rolls of brown craft paper to do the same thing for larger minis, and they can go in a medium flat rate box with packing material to keep them from moving around. (I can usually ship stuff for free from work, so I tend to use the boxes, which are free at the US post offices.) Also, I save any small box that minis are shipped to me in, for latter re-use.... So chime in with your methods, or quote what you did in the other thread, and maybe a mod will pin this... George
  3. After the success of the ribbons at this years Reapercon I decided to create Ribbons for all the contests I'm involved with on this forum+ the year long giant contest. If you attend Reapercon and find me, I'll have a list of people that earned each ribbon, I'll hand over what you earned. How you earn Ribbons Enter a valid entry into a contest while it's active. A entry can only earn you one ribbon, so if you paint something and enter it into two overlapping competitions you only can claim one ribbon for that entry. This includes splitting up a diorama into single figures or taking a single figure and adding it to a diorama\squad or any other category type. Current Ribbons you can earn Spaceship Superstar -- Enter this contest by September. Year of Giants 2014* -- Enter this contest by the end of the year *title subject to change Expired Ribbons None Yet FAQ How many Ribbons will there be? -- Probably 4 as that's about all that fits into a year. We've got the long summer contest going on now, Halloween, Giants, and whatever I do next jan-march. I've been debating other achievements but there comes a point where the ribbon handing out could be excessive--but you never know, I may throw in hidden ones if I feel like paying for them. What about Challenges? Will there be Ribbons for those? -- If someone else wants to pay for them. I've only got the budget for the 4 and there are a lot of challenges that run throughout the year. I just can't afford all of them, nor am I involved in any of them. I can, however, include them in my order and hand them out at the con. I'm not\can't go to ReaperCon. Can I still get the Ribbons? -- Maybe. Depends on how many people want this option. I don't mind paying for the ribbons but shipping could end up being way more then what I paid for them. If I provide this service there will be a cost but I don't know what said cost will be until I price things out. When will you be ordering the ribbons?-- Probably next Feb\March. What if you end up not being able to go to Reapercon in 2015? -- Then I'll ship them to someone who is and is willing to hand them out to those that earned them. Will you post images of the Ribbons? -- They won't exist until next year but I might be willing to do mockups in photoshop. Depends on my time.
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