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Found 11 results

  1. Hi folks, I recently painted up the dark dwarves (and Margara, dwarf shaman) as some duergar. Heavily inspired by Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic duergar streams for the skin. Only one picture, but may take more if there's interest. :)
  2. So this is the bones version of Thain Grimthorn the Dwarf Cleric (77213). I was stuck on painting him for a long time, I had started with a normal skin tone, but it just didn't click for me. Then I had the epiphany that since it was unlikely that someone would pick him as a PC was very low, so I should paint him as an evil dwarf instead. I am much happier with him now. Here I present Thain the evil dwarf:
  3. Made him a duergar- cause I love the Underdark.
  4. Here's another group fresh off the paint table, a grouping of naughty nasty Dwarfs from Ganesha Games "Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes: Axe and Brimstone" Kickstarter. I've painted them in gray skin tones, that way they can double up as Duergar, or be used as Warhammer Chaos Dwarves who are a bit far into the Curse of Stone. The whole horde: A Screaming Face Axeman: His buddy, the Glaiveman: A converted Champion, using the Possessed Champion body, Chaos Marauder Shield, a Marauder Horseman head, an axe off a Chaos Cultist Champion, and a sculpted cloak to cover up a gap, and also it was the same week PETA protested Warhammer. The Hellfire Caster: The Hellchain: The Demonslayer. This guy is actually supposed to be one of the good Dwarves aligned with the Halfling Villagers of the set, but with his demonskull hat, he seems to work as a worshiper as well. The Priestess on Hell-Disk: The Fusilier, dong his best Jawa impersonation:
  5. I started these guys last year sometime... Maybe even back in 2014, it's tough to recall. I got 90% finished with them, and kind of dissatisfied with the way they were turning out, and so shelved them for a while. Now I'm running Out of the Abyss for some friends, and have need of Duergar minis, so I dusted them off and put the final touches on them. I'm still not really 100% satisfied with the final product, probably has something to do with mixing 3 different types of metallics so prominently, but it's one of those projects where I'd rather just be done than anguish over what needs to be fixed. Now I have minis for Gracklestugh, and I can breathe a sigh of relief, and move on to something new. Thanks for looking!
  6. I am going to call him done. The Base is simple, but I don't really know what to do for Underdark Critters... I am not ready to sculpt fungus and such.... So some grey ballast and a little flock to simulate some growths... He was fun to paint, and I learned a lot about the Metal N' Alchemy paints doing him. I used 21 of the 24 paints in the 3 sets! WIP here Here he is! The Zenithal priming didn't do anything for me on this, I think because of all the metallics... And I never tried it before.... Any suggestions for the Duergar and Derro bases, I am all ears! Comments and other suggestions welcome! 8) George
  7. Finally got these 4 finished. I see places that I really could do more work on them, But the muse has flown here, and I am getting tired of painting them! WiP Here Cleric: Segeant: Hammer Grunt: Axe Grunt: His axe reminds me of a 40k Chain Axe... Thanks for looking! George
  8. Finally got to do some work on the Duergar that went with the clockwork Golem. Not a whole bunch done, 3 layers on their skin, plus their eyes. They are all Bald As Eggs! so doing their heads is turning into an experience... I am using Scale 75 Brown Gray, Rainy Gray, and Thar Brown as my colors, all from the Black & White set. The Female cleric seems to have plucked her eyebrows as well... The Sergeant has both eyebrows and a braided beard The 2 grunts also have eyebrows and beards... The old AD&D books say Duergar have light to medium grey skin, and medium to dark hair, so after some more glazes on their heads to smooth things out a bit more, the hair will get done! Comments and Ideas welcome 8) George all they need are brow ridges and they could be Kilingons!
  9. Hey folks, Time to start work on the September Minis for the RPC Challenge, and I decided to start with a Clockwork/steam powered Golem from the Duergar Cleric and Golem pack. The Female cleric and the Duergar Sergeant and Grunts (02989) will also be done in September, I hope.... I took 2 picks of the figure before I re-primed in black, blew them up to 8 1/2 x 11", printed them out, and searched for flaws that I had missed earlier while sitting at the Pathfinder table... It showed me a few mold lines that I had missed here and there, so I guess that experiment worked to the good. I don't think that I will print the pics I take to do this the next time, I'll just blow them up on the computer, and work from there. So with all the new techniques I am learning and trying, I decided to add Zenithal Priming to the list. I took pics, as normal, from straight on to the figure, and then realized that I should take them from a little bit above! That is all for now, will likely add some more later... 8) George
  10. This guy looked so dark and grim that I decided to paint him as a duergar. I've always liked the way the red hair looked against dark skin. So here he is in progress..
  11. This is the third of the five Bones pirates I did as a quick paint. Since pirates are evil and I already had a drow pirate, I painted him up as a duergar. Underdark pirates FTW.
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