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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1679800548/dragonlocktm-3d-printable-miniatures?ref=ksr_email_user_new_friend_project About DRAGONLOCK™ Miniatures are specifically designed designed to be the easiest-to-print minis you can buy for 3D printing. These miniatures are optimized for FDM-type 3D printers and do not require slicer-added supports to successfully print, as the sculpts are designed to self-support or in some cases have pre-designed supports built in. All of this means you can print highly detailed miniatures easily without having the hassles often associated with printing miniatures at home. Best of all, the miniatures in the photos you see are all printed on a $220 3D Printer (Creality Ender 3 available on Amazon HERE and from Creality) and a standard 28mm miniature only costs around 6-8 cents in plastic to print! NOTE: All miniatures are delivered via DrivethruRPG as a downloadable .stl file, no physical minis are included. Miniatures printed on a $220 Creality 'Ender 3' 3D printer. We have a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching you how to set up a 3D printer, maintain it, and show you all the tips and tricks we've learned so you can print miniatures and terrain like a pro! Check it out HERE. The Collection 1 pledge gets you Angry Ball of Eyes (x1), Goblins (x6), Turdles (x3), and Oxidation-beast (x1). Eligible for Bonus Items (but not Stretch Rewards.) The Collection 2 pledge gets you Skeletons (x6), Orcs (x3), Tentacles (x3), and High-five Monster (x1). Also includes all 'Collection 1' miniatures. Eligible for Bonus Items (but not Stretch Rewards.) The Collection 3 pledge gets you the Great Dragon (x1) and Lizardfolk (x6). Also includes all 'Collection 1' and 'Collection 2' miniatures. Eligible for all Bonus Items AND all Stretch Rewards. Bonus Items are similar to Stretch Rewards, and are unlocked on the Goal Map. Bonus items on the map are specifically listed as 'BONUS'. Every pledge level is eligible to receive all Bonus Items. BONUS ITEM: 1" base miniature painting holder. Stretch Rewards are only available for the Collection 3 pledge level. The Goal Map below will show what Stretch Rewards have been unlocked (please note, Bonus Items are also unlocked on this map as well.) Snake Warrior stretch reward prototype sculpt. NOTE: Final design of stretch reward miniatures is subject to change as modifications may be necessary to ensure proper printing.
  2. I back the Fat Dragon Ravenfell Kickstarter last year (or was it 2014?). I love Dave Graffam models, but one thing Fat Dragon has that Graffam doesn't is buildings that can collapse for travel or storage. Paper model time has been a bit scarce lately, but with a series of conventions coming up this year at which I'd like to run some miniatures games, I figured that it was time to dig into these models and see what I think of them in practice. After some fussing with my computer this morning to get it to communicate with my printer, I printed out Ravenfell Building 3, the simplest shape in the set, which they recommend as a first project. It takes 6 sheets of paper, two for the walls, one for the reinforcing block, one for the attic floor, and two for the roof. Here's the front side result, after popping it together and flattening it a couple of times. That's an old Ral Partha figure for scale. Here's the side view. This will certainly do for travel terrain. I will be interested to see how durable the buildings are. My next project will be a tower to get started on a small castle. (Fat Dragon's Borderland Keep.)
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