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Found 4 results

  1. Now, while looking through various miniature manufacturers for strange and interesting minis that caught my fancy, I ran across "Crocodile Games" which made a series of miniatures for their own Egyptian mythos themed game. Going though their line up I noticed one or two strange minis in their "Sebeki" line of heros. These croc dudes are also the same dudes that is in their logo, and thus their mascot. In which I ran across the "Crocogamer", a special edition mini. Being a bit of a pudgy nerd myself, I couldn't help but buy this guy and basically paint him up as a caricature of myself of sorts, a fun prod at my geekyness. Not to mention he looks like he just got back from a con, so I kind of wanted this as my consolation prize for not making Reaper Con. He didn't have an integrated base so this was one of the first bases I've made, mostly using Milliput and one of the Reaper bases I got from the Bones II kickstarter. And thankfully it doesn't look entirely out of place. I worked hard on him, and I'm proud, I even added a tiny bit of glue to the cup to make it liquidy. Anyway, I worked hard on him and am waiting for a non rainy day to give him a nice dull coat to protect that hard worked over paint. Tell me what you think, don't be shy, I know I've got a long way to go :D
  2. Time was, once upon a time, I pretty much knew it all as far as geek lore. There was a lot LESS geek lore, back then. I knew how to play Dungeons and Dragons, and can still rattle off most of the spells, durations, and components of first edition wizard spells. Meanwhile, my parents still call it "Dragons and Dungeons." I used to amuse my classmates by, when being given a rough synopsis of a Star Trek or Twilight Zone episode, being able to list the title and season of the episode, and often the guest stars. Later, when Star Wars came out, I was able to list trivia, chapter and verse. I LIKED this stuff. And if you're going to sit and watch The Big Bang Theory with me, watch out; I can identify many of the background props, and point out consistencies and inconsistencies in what they're doing (the Dungeons and Dragons episode, they were playing Fourth Edition, and not very well, and in the episode where they were playing Talisman, the board was set out with no regard to the rules; the Toad marker was on the Crown of Command space, an event impossible in the actual game. And more than once, I've noted the comics and stuff in Stuart's comic shop, and wondered if anyone else has noticed that his stock is all over the place as far as "when it came out," he has no "New Releases" shelf, and with very few exceptions, everything in the shop is either from DC Comics or Time-Warner, the conglomerate which indirectly owns The Big Bang Theory. But times have changed. I can still rattle off everything I knew... but there's a lot more to know, now, and for all the time I spend on the internet, stuff doesn't soak in by osmosis like it used to. I actually had to have someone tell me about this "Numenera" thing Monte Cook came up with. I have no idea how many Kickstarters there are, now, relevant to my interests. I rely on my daughter to keep me filled in on things I don't actually pay attention to, like Adventure Time, anime in general, and the Teen Titans cartoon (for all that I was the one who turned her on to anime, decades ago). Good lord, there are grownups watching My Little Pony these days? For that matter, there's a new My Little Pony show these days? I thought that died forever back in the early nineties... and now there's more miniatures companies than just Grenadier and Ral Partha; nowadays, there are literally more miniatures companies than I can keep track of. And a great many of then don't suck! Nowadays, I need people like Rhonda Bender and the Reaper artists to tell me things, like, "Reaper doesn't make the Matt Smith Doctor in a fez, but there's this one British company that does, and they also make Postapocalypse Elvis..." ...and today, in a discussion about Batman, I had to go on Wikipedia to find out who's wearing the Robin suit now. There had been several Robins of which I was not aware. And part of me mourns that I am not the Alpha Geek I once was. And part of me is kind of happy that I'm sort of normal, in that I have no idea who's Robin these days. Anyone else ever have this problem?
  3. This guy was sitting unfinished for a long time; you may or may not remember the WIP thread where I was looking for T-shirt suggestions. So I thought I'd finish him up, and knocked out what was left today. As you can see, I went with a Deadpool T-shirt. Why Deadpool? Well, if you have to ask then I can't help you, sorry. I also made a half-posteriored attempt at freehand on the drink bottle, but it ended up as squiggle writing. It was kind of interesting to come back to a figure that I hadn't touched in months, since I've been painting a lot more in the meantime. I noticed a lot of little things that could have been done better, and made adjustments as best I could to try and improve the figure.
  4. Hey all! First time posting a mini to these forums, it's taken me long enough. This guy is coming along nicely for me, but I'm wondering what to do about his t-shirt. I don't want too comlpicated a design, otherwise I'd do the Reaper logo! The Punisher logo has been suggested, but what are your thoughts? Thanks!
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