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Found 4 results

  1. <<<MOD>>> This video is actually part of a crowdfunding project. Link below: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/damsels-dice-and-everything-nice-episode-2#/ <<<>>> Fun new webseries featuring Disney Princesses playing D&D. Bonus points for including some of the more obscure princesses from over the years... https://youtu.be/v5Ft_K492VI
  2. I found this rather fascinating project that might be of interest to others interested in the darker arts of photography... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/maya-the-only-darkroom-timer-you-ll-ever-need/x/10803452#/ The Darkroom Timer with the most useful features: -Countdown timer -F-Stop adjustments -Test Strip mode with F-Stop control -Dodge and burn actions based on F-Stops -Auto time-compensation for dry-down, toning, aperture and paper size changes -Safelight and room light control -Film development timer -Metronome -Modular hardware with add-ons, buttons and switches -...and many more! Yet at the same time, The Darkroom Timer with the cleanest, most intuitive and informative interface ever! I'm backing for a black with quad power outlets and 2 buttons. The outlets are for controlling safelights, room light, the enlarger. He's also going to make it Open Source afterwards. My old mechanical timer is kind of iffy, so I needed a new one, anyway.
  3. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mortal-enemies-franco-prussian-war-miniatures#/ "After an extensive selection of fantasy figures Michael Kontraros Collectibles has taken a brave step into the world of Historical Figures. This immaculately detailed product range will feature high quality 75mm figures focusing on combatants from various eras, wars and battles."
  4. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/28mm-scale-rock-army-for-fantasy-games#/ Do you want to have a unique army with a non-generic theme? Not another orc-elf-human army... You do not wish to spend a lot on the army? We might have a solution for you. Couple of years ago I saw an army made of simple rocks. I liked it a lot, but I wanted more than stones with painted on eyes. I started to tinker about this idea and after many years, the idea is now a real thing. First I wanted the rock army just for myself along with my own ideas. I wanted to use them for Warhammer Fantasy and Kings of War. First I wanted to do them from real stones, but then I met someone who was proficient in sculpting and who also loved the idea of living rocks. Several people told me, that if I do the army with him, why not share with others too? As I am good at resin casting, now I open the opportunity for others too via the crowdfunding campaign. Who we are I am Daniel. I already participated in several campaings already as resin caster. I work with resin and you can see lot of my work on my FB page. www.facebook.com/sebitarworkshop www.facebook.com/28mmrockarmy The whole thing would have stayed just an idea, if I do not meet László. He is an excellent sculptor. www.facebook.com/neverrealm Gergely is helping us to promote the campaign. He is running Gregster's Lab www.facebook.com/gregsters6mm What We Need With this campaign we wish to collect funds to buy all the resin and the rubber for the molding and perhaps to build one more pressure chamber. As we reach stretch goals, we can include even more models and add bonus items for the contributors. What You Get Below you will find the list of perks available in the campaign Rock Army Battleforce: 1 warrior character (with 25x25mm plastic base) 20 small rock warriors (with 20x20mm plastic bases) 10 medium rock warriors (with 25x25mm plastic bases) stretch goal
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