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  1. I have several of Mike's sculpts and I am a big fan of his work. More creatures for World of Twilight, this time focusing on riverfolk… KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anyaral/anyaral-the-rivers-of-anyaral/description Mike‘s previous World of Twilight KS projects… https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/anyaral/created Anyaral: World of Twilight http://worldoftwilight.com/
  2. Pharaoh's Workshop is finishing their Endless Dark and Brilliant Highlights terrain series with their new project "Skyfire" - 3d printable lighthouse. A perfect fit for DnD, Mordheim, Frostgrave or simply any Zombie Apocalypse game. Do you dare to explore the old desolated lighthouse and find out what has happened over there? The project launches on October 3rd and you can subscibe to be notified on launch now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/skyfire-stl-files-to-3d-print-a-lighthouse-for-tabletops?ref=ahl3om
  3. Hello all you Reapertronics! So have been starting to painted some of my Ral Partha Legacy Kickstarters, and here's an Elf Mage with Wand. Photos are okay I guess, and so hard to figure out colors, but here he is: and a close up of the face, itty bitty and small So enjoy! More to come!
  4. Get ready, Folks!!! 🤠 I am bursting with excitement to share with y'all my upcoming project - Wild West Forge - is saddling up to hit Kickstarter on the 6th of July! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/admapocalypse/wild-west-forge A wide variety of STL files perfect to bring your table directly into the bygone times of the Wild West, from deco elements to round miniature bases and more!!! Finally, don't forget the incredible 1st day offer: the Gold Rush Extravaganza 🤑 By backing the project in on July 4th, you'll get access to all the project STLs and Add-On at an unbeatable price!! Like opening a coveted treasure chest in the untamed Wild West 🦂🐍 Let's hitch the wagons and ride into the sunset together on untamed trails!🏜
  5. Dear Tabletop and Tabletop RPG friends, we are so excited! After so much work, "Scenes in Ruins" is finally live on Kickstarter! We have designed and sculpted this huge collection of 3d printable terrain for you to always have the right ruined terrain options at hand, even across different genres. More than 150 pieces + stretches, modular, mostly stackable, tons of possible combinations, customizable. Actually not such an easy task, but now we are happy to bring the results of this process to your gaming tables. If you do not want to miss the 48 hours early bird slots, you should check out the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/a-world-in-ruins-3d-printable-ruins-stl-terrain-megapack?ref=b9ej3o Thanks for your support!
  6. This was kind of intimidating to start, but I enjoyed painting it once I started. I would like to try another one but using colored resins instead of paint. It's yet another one that is not available through retail.
  7. We are back in fantasy - however, not leaving modern actually! The new project "Pray" is about a remote chapel including graveyard and suitable for fantasy, modern and historic wargames and TTRPG. This time we come up with a quite dark and ghostly setting that will make you shiver. Do you dare to explore what evil is lurking behind those cemetery walls? Time to feed your printer! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/pray-3d-printable-stl-chapel-and-cemetery-for-tabletops
  8. . Pay What You Want for outpost palisade + village Walls . 100% supports free for FDM printing . All files ready for download . OpenLOCK system KICKSTARTER LINK
  9. Funny that this was a Kickstarter project that was crowd sourced and I also used crowd sourcing to gather some ideas on a basing idea. Hoorah! @Corsairmade a comment I should have the gnome with clippers cutting off one of the other gnomes' hats. I wish i would have thought of that before I finished painting and glued them down. However, I did realize I could make their tools look more in use. I added turf to their tools and make it look like this is a moment in action, not just a pose. I think it's a significant improvement. Here's the gnomes.
  10. Here are some minis from the Bones Kickstarter V campaign. After Christmas, I was finally able to get some paint on some minis, and have a productive month. #1003 #1013. I love the expression on this guy. It looks like he's not impressed by whatever he's hearing. #1026. I tried a different recipe for painting his red cloak. I like how it turned out.
  11. After the big success of Scrap Cemetery, Pharaoh's Workshop present the second part of their scrap & car themed 3d printable terrain story. Benzin is all about vehicular combat racing in the desert and therefore a perfect fit for Gaslands or Car Wars, as well as other post apo or modern themed games. Winner or Hot Frog? - That is the question at the wasteland Grand Prix! Get your entrance ticket and be notified on launch. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/benzin-vehicular-combat-racing-terrain-and-cars?ref=46yn8d
  12. These are some of my planned gifts for friends and family. I used the Gnome Guard minis from a kickstarter that's been sitting waiting to be painted. I think these are adorable. Also here's my color recipes
  13. Here's a follow up projet from Infernal Miniatures, a set of Townsfolk that are fully compatible with the bandits and mercenaries from their last project, The Unlawful Bunch https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infernalminiatures/simple-townsfolk-modular-npcs-stl-pack/description "Welcome to my 3rd Kickstarter campaign "Simple Townsfolk"! Huge thanks for your interest in this project - Hopefully this campaign can get your attention for a while! Townsfolk, commoners, civilians - or whatever you want to call them. This package is full of such models. They make great NPC's for tabletop Role Playing Games but nothing stands in your way to make player characters out of those - especially with "Simple Townsfolk" modular bodies, arms and heads. If you don't like to play around with various arms and accessories - you can just go ahead and print some of the unique premade miniatures and a head piece that fits them. Just a regular day in the city. Most of these models were made for people who like to customize their characters with different head choices, arms, accessories et cetera. Every miniature, body head and arm can be mirrored to "double" the possibilites. You can expect even more from the stretchgoals and - what's not always the case - Those models are backwards compatible with my last project - The Unlawful Bunch. ALL of the models are test printed before release! All of the models come pre-supported for 32mm scale. I've conducted some tests with 28mm scale(downsize them in your slicer to 75-85%) and these works great as well, missing only the smallest of details. Resizing them further might make supports way too thin and I wouldn't recommend that (you can easily support them yourself tho!) So, what can you expect from in the core package? 56 masculine and feminine bodies without heads and arms - fully customizable. Guard bodies have their own set of heads and arms too. 42 unique miniatures. Based on the available bodies - Those come with specifically placed arms. Still - most of them can be customized with different heads and accessories. Some sort of shady business or just a regular deal? 103 different heads. Some of those are angry, others are smiling or just talking. Different hats and helmets based on medieval iconography. In addition, I've added 23 bold head options for people who just want bald minis or like to create their own hair with greenstuff. Total: 126 heads in core package. These heads are fully compatible with "The Unlawful Bunch" bodies and vice versa. Dozens of masculine and feminine arms in different positions, with various items/weapons. Some of those arms will let you create different kind of professions alltogether - Would you like your blacksmith in Nobleman clothes? Not a problem. Some professions might not have their own body type, but in most cases you will find a set of arms that will complete the picture with any other body! 43 Gluable Accessories. Those can help in making some of the characters even more unique. More to come in the stretchgoals! Backpacks, satchels, knives, sheaths and tools. A lot of possibilities. Catalogues for everything - Heads, Bodies, Miniatures, Accessories and Arms. My last project shown me how helpful those can be to find the specific files. They will be released alongside all the files or shortly after that. Plus content from unlocked stretchgoals (new heads, new accessories , new bodies etc.) that can extend the customization possibilites even further. You will find every render and some photos of already printed and painted miniatures below! Bodies(56): Miniatures(42): Heads(126): Accessories(43): Keyring with keys is missing in the picture, but don't worry - It's in! Selection of Arms: Some Arm examples. There's too many of those to post renders of every single one in the campaign! There is much more arm options which were not rendered or still need some finishing touches. You can expect 3 lines of arms for commoners (shirt, long sleeve, noble) as well as limited lines with unique equipment for Guardsmen. Remember - The models are STL files and pre-supported STL files (for resin 3d printing) so they are fully digital. Those are not physical items. You need to print them on your own. You can freely resize those models if you need to. Originally, they are about 32mm scale size. They will definitely work well with all the terrain and scatter bits devoted to that scale." I actually grabbed the late pledge for their first project when I saw them running previews for this one, as it was the same day Warhammer Community was teasing about James Workshop's cat being named "Mordheim" and that set was perfect for such a project. They're great sculpts with an insane amount of variety, but they are HUGE by default. Shockingly, their pre-supports work at scaled down to 80% which puts them with most classic Warhammer plastics.
  14. Hi all, We launched out latest stl files campaign on Kickstarter. We released the resin versions of the Cyber Belles back in 2019 and a lot of people have asked us if we would release the stl files so we did! 🙂 If you are into printing your own miniatures then please check out the campaign here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/cyber-belles-stl-edition?ref=1k7xoh
  15. There is only a week left until Scrap Cemetery - Car Junkyard finally launches! This modern and post apocalyptic project is a perfect fit to get your table decorated! Be notified when we`re ready for takeoff: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/scrap-cemetary-wasteland-junkyard-pay-what-you-want?ref=264i7x
  16. New KS from Bad Roll Games 11 days to go, and one I have backed, even though I worry about the print times for some of the pieces 🤪 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/badrollgames/wrecked-ship-stl-printable-scenery-for-wargames
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/taco-hell-wasteland-diner-pay-what-you-want?ref=eopn80
  18. Hi everyone, it is time for another 3d printable terrain story from the wasteland! Phone Home finally launched a few minutes ago and this time we tell a story about a wasteland radio station in a restricted area, where an alien UFO has crashed close by. And the body examination already begins in the secret vault 51. Check it out and grab one of the 48h early bird slots! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/phone-home-wasteland-radio-station-and-restricted-area?ref=19nypu
  19. Hi all, We've launched another stl files Kickstarter for some fantasy characters. The campaign is already funded and we are unlocking some stretch goals fast! Perhaps these characters are to your liking so please check out the campaign here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/deadly-duo?ref=fjy0s6
  20. A number of years ago, there was a KS from Defiance Games for a set of egg-walker powered armor suits - lower-tech suits that were driven, instead of worn, but not-quite up to the standards of Appleseed Landmates or the worn TAG systems of Infinity. Unfortunately, it ended up being ghostware - the designer never got paid, and nobody ever got any suits. Until, it appears, now. Following their recent trend of resurrecting minis sets from failed or partially-failed Kickstarters, the madlads at Impact! Miniatures have purchased the rights to produce these suits from the designer, Tim Barry, in all their hard-boiled fury! And if you're an original backer of the Defiance Games KS, they have a tier for you, to try and make things right. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/impactminiatures/power-armor-hardsuits-and-27-mecha-minis-stl-and-physical/description (you can also pick up STLs of the WHISPER mechs they produce, or physical models, if you want).
  21. If you had told me a couple of years ago that 3D Printed miniatures would be as huge as they are today… I might not have believed you. But now, in 2022, 3D printing is a quickly growing market in the world of miniatures. With constantly lowering barriers to entry, even beginners can print models from a 3D library and access figures they may not have been able to afford before. Kickstarter is still a very large platform for the everyday creator and consumer to find and sell miniatures. Over $1,000,000 (million) worth of STLs will find their way into the general consumer's hands and onto their 3D printers. Well let’s grab our donuts and fire up the cruisers, because today we will be looking at the top 5 companies on kickstarter that create and sell STL files. This data will not include numbers on other platforms and only sales completed within the 2022 year on the initial campaigns. #5 Rising Miniatures 3 Projects Asgard Rising The Riddle Of Steel 1572 Backers $8,904 Asgard Rising: Chieftains 54mm 341 Backers $3,442 Horder of the Goblin King 912 Backers $50,850 Total funding this year $63,207 Asgard Rising Miniatures has wide support through their releases on Kickstarter, My Mini Factory and Patreon. So far, Asgard Rising has had 6 releases on Kickstarter from their Patreon models. In 2022 they have released 3 completed projects. (List them above) Hoarder of the Goblin King is the highest grossing project of this year at $50,850 (912 Backers) with the other 2 bringing in less than 20% of the highest grossing project. Asgard Rising Miniatures has grossed ~$63,207 this year on Kickstarter. #4 3DBreed Miniatures 2 Projects Join or Die Wanted 1154 Backers $38,053 March To Hell Greeks And Persians 669 $26,174 Total funding this year $64,233 Based in Madrid Spain, 3DBreed Miniatures has released 8 projects on Kickstarter. In 2022 they released two projects (listed above) with Join or Die: Wanted grossing the highest earnings at ~$38,053. So far this year they have grossed an amount of ~$64,233 on Kickstarter alone. #3 Rafael Moreno Dominguez 1 Project 3D Fantasy NPCS 1012 Backers $70,395 Total Funding this year $70,395 Rafael Moreno Dominguez released 3D Fantasy NPCs as a project on Kickstarter in 2022. This project featured an extensive collection of over 200 NPCs and terrain. This project was the creator’s 3rd on Kickstarter and grossed a total of ~$70,395. #2 GreyTide Studio 1 Project Eternal Pilgrims 2070 Backers $77,967 Total funding this year $77,967 This was also the first project by a new company GreyTide Studios. By offering over 400 bits in STL format appealed to a large market of wargamers. GreyTide Studios launched their 1st ever project on Kickstarter called Eternal Pilgrims. This project was a collection of over 400 different bits that could customize your characters within the world of Warhammer and other wargames. With this release the project gained over 2000 backers and grossed an amazing total of ~$77,967 #1 Mammoth Factory 1 Project Mammoth Chronicles: Book 1- Epic Miniatures & Adventures 1807 Backers $116,115 Total Funding This Year $116,115 Mammoth Factory mainly stayed in the Patreon atmosphere while creating their collection of STL models as well as 5e game content. With a large library of quality material they launched a KS project in an effort to bring their collection into a hardcover book. This campaign also saw the release of 131 miniatures which is one of the highest driving pledges in the project. With a huge gross earnings of $116,115 on their 1st ever project launch The #1 spot goes to Mammoth Factory.
  22. JUST TWO MORE DAYS TO GO! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/freebooter-legends-2/freebooters-fate-legends-2?ref=discovery_recommendations
  23. Evening all! So my last little mini is a Stonehaven Miniatures Firbolg Druid (at least I think she's a druid) that was digitally sculpted by Mike Evans and is one of the miniatures available in the Kickstarter he's got going on right now. If you're into digital printing it might be worth having a look at his Kickstarter. Anyhoos, here she is, and I'm actually pretty glad at how she came out: Normally I don't take so many angles, but with her pose it seems to be worth it. I'm used to the traditional metal Stonehaven which are a little flat, almost always being a single piece of metal, and of course Ral Partha, so her very "unflat" pose made different angles seem worth it. This one also kind of makes me want to tackle the Bones V firbolgs, but will take a while to get around to them I'm guessing. I see a few little spots where I could improve, but overall ended up pretty satisfied with this one. And being she's a Firbolg, she was a larger figure, which probably made it a bit of a relaxing experience! Anyways, if you like Mike Evan's sculpts, go check out his Kickstarter he's running right now. I'm off for a week to go on vacation out in Colorado, but when I get back I'll probably grab another one of these 3D printed sculpts and work on it as well soon. Which another point, I'm going on vacation for a week. Wouldn't it almost be logical and most relaxing if I were to take paints and minis with me to just relax and paint in all the leisure time I'm going to have next week? Just have a feeling that my significant other wouldn't be too pleased with that idea. Maybe not painting for a week will do me some good, no idea.
  24. Stonehaven Miniatures is running a new Kickstarter, their first to focus on digital files for 3D printing. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stonehavenmini/stonehaven-heroes-3d-printable-miniatures/description The majority of the core set is updates from their Patreon, focusing on getting a delivery system going for post-Patreon: Stretch goals are all new, and they're taking a ton from backer suggestions. I have a personal stake since two were added based on my ideas: I've been a backer of Stonehaven since their very first Dwarf Adventurers set, and I'm glad to see their expansion into digital. Everything I've printed from them has been excellent sculpt and support wise.
  25. Hi everyone!!! It has been launched yesterday Abandoned Power Plant 🏭, my new kickstarter project based on Scifi/Industrial Themed STL files and PDF painting tutorials https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/admapocalypse/abandoned-power-plant Stretch-goals & add-ons included ✅ Hit the link for further info & to download the FREEBIE model! Thank you in advance for the interest and support Cheers YouCut_20220830_143803649.mp4
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