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Found 45 results

  1. Limey72


    I have seen some fantastic wyrmgear son here recently so I decided to finally take a shot at mine, first off I wanted a nice industrial type base so I grabbed a couple of blank CDs, some MDF sprue and plasticard and had at it. Hopefully this works out.
  2. Limey72


    Well after many years of painting it's my first dragon, although mal is awesome and I got him in the KS I think this guy is my favorite. I like the way the scales are sculpted and the pose is very dynamic. So I base coated the body minus upper jaw and wings with Tamaya gray spray primer and started basecoating with dragon blue, it seemed appropriate ;).
  3. This was my first shot at a 54mm miniature and I chose finari, I am very happy indeed with how she came out and especially like the gold NMM which was a mix of scale 75 and reaper paints with a little Vallejo game air white. Thanks to everyone on the WIP thread for input and support and I welcome any feedback that could improve her. Hope you like her as much as I do.
  4. Did a generic fantasy friendly backdrop for pictures did not have an unbiased fantasy miniature on hand so I reused the super mutant for scale hope you like the scenic background
  5. My painting is all over the place right now but I wanted to mess with finari, did some work on the face. Ps where are the 54mm miniatures found on the website
  6. Limey72

    Mega mutant

    One of my favorites that has been sitting unpainted for a while, will he hammer you to death or challenge you to a dance off.
  7. Not sure if I have posted these in the past but my recent project was to build a background for pics of post apocalyptic miniatures. Used the hirst arts bridge mold some card stock that I corrugated using a toothpaste squeezer and some kraken wargames scatter terrain. Hope you like it.
  8. Limey72

    Flying monkey

    So I needed a cyber dog for tomorrow's game and didn't have one so I did a very quick paint of the flying cyber monkey as a stand in (wizard of oz collection from bones 3) also a pic of a wall section I made today and as a side question will reapers metallics(specifically honed steel) go through an airbrush?,
  9. Limey72


    A couple of brigade games troopers ready for Sunday's game.
  10. Limey72

    Flying monkey

    So I needed a cyber dog for tomorrow's game and didn't have one so I did a very quick paint of the flying cyber monkey as a stand in (wizard of oz collection from bones 3) also a pic of a wall section I made today and as a side question will reapers metallics(specifically honed steel) go through an airbrush?,
  11. Limey72

    Piers, young mage

    Another updated PC mini. This guy is a sorcerer and son of a mad king who chewed off his own fingers. Hope you like him.
  12. Limey72

    Holy vindicator

    A players new paladin mini as he has become quite a bit more pious lately. Messed up the blood on the shield a little but overall I am very happy it's it
  13. This was a lot of fun to paint and I am really happy with the NMM but I feel the OSL missed the mark. It's not something I am familiar with and I need practice. But here's my jailor watts and all
  14. Limey72

    Fire giant king

    Off to the second giant, I am going with a different gold this time. I really like the color of reapers NMM gold but I had problems with coverage so it went to the back of the line. This one will use a gold base from scale 75 but shaded with reapers NMM gold shadow and hopefully it will work and avoid a bath in simple green
  15. Limey72

    Fire giant jailor

    Still working on my marthrangul diorama but got sidetracked by the jailor. Wanted to give him a molten hammer so here he is so far.
  16. Limey72

    Me twiglet dude from bones 3

    Wanted to just mess around with some water effects and base this guy on something scenic, very quick paint.
  17. Still working away on Marth but got started on this. Just figuring out the pose right now
  18. Limey72

    Brain in a jar

    As the shipwreck golem is almost finished I thought I would move on to the brain. It has quiet a footprint so I went with a large base with an apocalyptic feel so here's what I got so far. Vinyl tile is wonderous for road sections
  19. Limey72

    Shipwreck revenant

    This was the first bones 3 mini I started and I was very impressed with it, I may go back and revisit some of the highlights but for now it's done ;). Hope you like it.
  20. Limey72

    Bones 3 fairy quickpaint

    The fairy is cool but I thought hmmm probably won't need to paint a fairy, days later friends daughter decides to play a fairy. Limited angles as to not break board rules.
  21. I needed a peacekeeper (think paramilitary wasteland cops) in a suit of powered armor holding a blast hammer for my warband in the post apocalyptic skirmish game "this is not a test". The corsair was a good fit so I used the warhammer from one of the weapon sprues and Wild West Sophie's sheriffs star base as a shield, the head is an alternate from a peacekeeper mini. Lots of fun to paint the corsairs are great minis. Hope you like him ;)
  22. Ok then shipwreck golem is just about done and I am eaiting for the gooo in the brain in a jar to set so onto the next project. My this is not a test warband needed a peacekeeper in powered armor armed with a blast hammer. The black corsairs work well for this, I have used to hammer from the weapon spru and then I remembered that I had Wild West Sophie that came on a cool sherries star base, hmmm that would work great as a shield. Hope you like this little kitbash
  23. Limey72

    Mad Donna ulanti

    Ok so a little background, a friend of mine had this mini laying around for many years. He had inherited it from a friend many years ago and it had been primed, sort of. It was covered in a really nasty thick white paint that covered much of the detail. He asked me if I would paint it and I said sure. I tried all of the usual stuff to remove the paint with little success then resorted to oven cleaner which worked but I don't recommend it as the fumes are nasty. So here she is hope you like her.
  24. Limey72

    Shipwreck golem bones 3

    As my girlfriend and I like to scuba I figured this would be a good first paint from bones 3. It was washed is soapy water the primed with Tamiya primer and it will be basecoated and shades before assembly then I will highlight. so here is the lower half with the base colors applied and some shading. This guy is a little bit fiddly to get to some spots but he really is very well detailed. hope you like him.