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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fiercefemalesfactory/valeria-the-moonlight-lover-female-werewolf-pin-up-stl-pack/description That's just one of the poses... A bust is also planned. And there's a FREE Download of another of that creator's works.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/female-miniatures/female-miniatures-for-3d-printing-iriel I mean, just LOOK at it. You need this one. Really.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mythologicartsstudio/fantasy-bar-with-fantasy-barmaids-part2-miniature-stls/description I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... Can you resist that smile? I'd love to post a few more pictures, butt some... yeah... And the Half Orc Barmaid threatened to cave my skull in if I reposted any of her photos... Still 7 days left to get these and a lot of other sculpts, including 'bikini night' versions...
  4. BACKDROPS 2: BACKDROPS BOOGALOO! >> SIGN UP HERE << This launches on TUESDAY, that's Tuesday 30th January - very soon indeed! I am REALLY chuffed to be working the fantastic artist Jon Hodgson on these again. They're by him aka Handiwork Games, but I'm on board to assist with various bits and bobs of the campaign. Second brains are always handy. I help! For the Reaper thread of the previous campaign to see how that went, click here The first two books will be RUINS AND TUNNELS - one sci fi, one fantasy, as well as the existing books in A3 size. If the campaign goes as wild as the last one, Jon has been frantically painting on some examples of other books we can add as stretch goals, including WINTER and CLOUDS. And perhaps those in A3 too? WHAT ARE THEY? Last year, after an enthusiastic chat at UK Games Expo and doing the spiderman meme of "wait, we're the same!" the idea formed to turn some of Jon's backdrop art into a published book, so everybody had access to them in high quality print. We put together a short Kickstarter on a hope and a dream, and IT WENT WILD. The phonecalls were mostly going "OH MY WORD THEY'VE SMASHED ANOTHER STRETCH GOAL WHAT DO WE DO!" and so the SECOND book came about - Sci Fi Designs. Since then, they've only gained and gained in popularity and we realised there are SO MANY different themes we can do. We being Jon doing the actual work and me saying "Hey this could be cool." TEAMWORK! You can buy these NOW from the Bad Squiddo Games shop, also Handiwork Games, the latter is the only place you can purchase the commercial license if you wish to use these...commercially! HOW DO YOU USE THEM? You simply pop them behind your minis and take a photo! It helps make your minis look cooler, and it can be as simple as that, or a tool for more elaborate scene making. During the last campaign I found a new passion for photographing miniatures so I am hoping to share this with you over the next week - what I have learnt along the way and top tips and tricks. Here is one of Jon's example pics, expect to see lots more like this. Literally a hill, a book,, the mini, and some blocks of wood (it can be anything, I use books!) He's written a series of tutorials on how to make a photo rock and taking the photos. Click here for them. and I made a nice little video with some tips here. Sign up here for notification at launch! Cheers all! Annie (Bad Squiddo Games owner!)
  5. I.. have seen things. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/magikarp/cursed-kanto-starter-pins Because I have seen these things, you will also see them, it is ordained. "Hello! I love Pokémon, and I love to draw Pokémon fusions! This year I have been working on fusing the original 151 Pokémon with Magikarp, which is where these designs stem from! My community has loved them so much that they’d like to be able to wear them, hence this kickstarter! Each pin will be 2” in size and will be made from acrylic. The stickers will also be 2” in size and printed on matte vinyl. Orders of just stickers should be mailed within 1-2 weeks of the kickstarter ending. Pins and bundles will depend on how quickly I receive the completed pins from the manufacturer. Ideally would only be a couple weeks at best. Regardless, pins and bundles will be mailed with tracking via USPS." There.. might be more, if this works? I don't know. It's not /quite/ half-way to goal.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/613468721/food-fight/description Honestly, who can even start to describe this one?
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperddrpg/reaper-miniatures-dungeon-dwellers-roleplaying-game/ The project is LIVE so you can discuss it here! Please try to keep things reasonably on topic. We may make a separate information thread later on that specific questions and/or information may be moved to if it's deemed necessary.
  8. Pharaoh's Workshop brings you back to the post apocalyptic Wasteland and the time to book your stay in the jail is now! Trashville receives a new and final building with options to build a sherriff container office, including a Fallout vault style jail. Come over, but beware of those Wasteland mutants! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/wasteland-container-house-4-law-of-the-desert?ref=f4gaax
  9. Red Box Games Fantasy Men At Arms are 28 mm modular Fantasy miniatures in Hard Plastic. This looks like a cost-effective way to make a small army with the parts you choose from the sprues. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redboxgames/red-box-games-fantasy-men-at-arms/description
  10. I have several of Mike's sculpts and I am a big fan of his work. More creatures for World of Twilight, this time focusing on riverfolk… KS page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/anyaral/anyaral-the-rivers-of-anyaral/description Mike‘s previous World of Twilight KS projects… https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/anyaral/created Anyaral: World of Twilight http://worldoftwilight.com/
  11. Kickstarter LIVE - Visit Here to View and Back the Project Our Kickstarter is now live! The Project includes around 200 new Heroic Scale 28mm Resin Cast minis and buildings, so it's quite large. Further, we hope that it represents a tremendous value as the figures are all in the $4-$5 range (for standard sized figs), which is pretty amazing for sculpts and resin castings of this quality. Topics are a wide range of traditional fantasy - Orcs, Goblins, Characters, Monsters, Dwarves, Elves, Villagers, etc the whole gamut is covered. This is our 3rd Kickstarter (2nd for 28mm Fantasy minis) and we are a 17 Year old company long producing 60mm Painted Historical figures and unpainted kits, so back the project with confidence. Early Bird Special ALL Backers of the project in the first 48 hours automatically get the following 3 figures absolutely Free regardless of pledge level. This is a $26 Value just for being early. In addition, we have Free Backer Bonus Figures tied to Pledge Levels and of course Freebie Stretch Goal figures should the campaign do well. Thanks for looking and hopefully see you on Kickstarter! First Legion Minis Painted primarily by Alessandro Kataurov. His instagram is linked in the KS. Check him out, amazing painting.
  12. This pre launch page got shared to social media. Expect a launch date soon. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strataminis/dark-dice-the-miniature-range Concept art is available on the strata website, I just don't have time to copy & paste currently
  13. http://kck.st/3OLYpfN "What is Hexworld? "We created Hexworld because we found 2D maps left a lot to be desired when playing tabletop games. The hexagonal modular 3D printable maps we have created allow a high level of versatility, giving you the freedom to create completely unique maps for your campaign. This kickstarter will provide you with all the basics needed to start making your world. Following the kickstarter we will be running a patreon where you can add different biomes and event hexes to the world you've created as well as request special hexes. "Only .STL files are provided, you will be required to print them yourself" Looks interesting, and could be a lot of fun for something like 5 Leagues From The Borderland... on the other hand, I'm not sure how much practical use it would be, since it would take up an awful lot of table real estate.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dprintingdm/uncharted-lands-book-and-stl-collection/description Another KS by 3dprintingDM Danny Herrero. In my opinion a vastly better deal than his last KS (which wasn't that bad to be honest). Just compare thisto this (and that's after less than 24h, there have already been lots of extra minis unlocked). There's also a Tier inbcluding the physical book (70$ as an EB, 80$ later).
  15. 3dartdigital has just launched a campaign with some new stuff and old stuff from Patreon available as add-ons. A number of those to be chosen for free with the highest pledge. Not sure about quality of lore and adventure but minis are top notch Early (24hrs only) backers get: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mirrorlabyrinth/mirror-labyrinth-journey-for-the-shards-of-infinity/comments
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petersengames/cthulhu-wars-the-daemon-sultan
  17. Another campaign for some snazzy miniatures from prolific Kickstarterers Westfalia:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/the-kobold-dungeon This one is very short, just 5 days. I really need to start painting up some of this stuff!
  18. Stumbled across this and thought some other folks might find it of interest: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/academicsminis/academics-fantasy-minis-for-miniature-painters
  19. Dear Tabletop and Tabletop RPG friends, we are so excited! After so much work, "Scenes in Ruins" is finally live on Kickstarter! We have designed and sculpted this huge collection of 3d printable terrain for you to always have the right ruined terrain options at hand, even across different genres. More than 150 pieces + stretches, modular, mostly stackable, tons of possible combinations, customizable. Actually not such an easy task, but now we are happy to bring the results of this process to your gaming tables. If you do not want to miss the 48 hours early bird slots, you should check out the project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pharaohsworkshop/a-world-in-ruins-3d-printable-ruins-stl-terrain-megapack?ref=b9ej3o Thanks for your support!
  20. I have backed one of the previous campaigns by Last Sword. Tree Kin. Perhaps someone is searching for a nice looking and coherent dark elves army/minis/terrain https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/the-fallen-lineage/description
  21. Our last update: Getting ready to relaunch! Dear backers, We wanted to share with you that we are working hard in the future relaunch of our miniatures campaign, and we already have the link to the pre-launch page, if you click on it, Kickstarter will inform you once we launch the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-and-monsters-28mm-plastic-miniatures-edition We expect to have everything ready for the relaunch in the next weeks, although we will inform you of the exact date before that. We also wanted to thank you for your feedback and for participating in our last survey. From a total of 239 votes. 60% of our backers prefer miniatures in a 28mm scale. 20% of our backers prefer miniatures in a 32mm scale. And 20% of our backers said that they would be fine with either option. This means that there is a huge majority of our backers who prefer a 28mm scale, so we can announce that we will relaunch the campaign with 28mm figures. We are currently working in several surprises for the campaign, and we’ll soon tell you more about them! Thank you for your support, more news coming soon. Juegorama
  22. Westfalia Games has run 20+ KS campaigns over several years, including historicals, science fiction, and fantasy! CA $125 : 7 miniatures, boss gate Individual models available. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/dark-tides-0 Minions as free SGs!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/westfaliaminiatures/dark-tides-0
  23. The next Kickstarter from Dwarven Forge is now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dwarvenforge/cities-untold-lowtown-ttrpg-terrain-by-dwarven-forge/description Lots of very cool modular structures and assorted accessories are anticipated. https://citiesuntold.dwarvenforge.com/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&_kx=QdXBiGtqwnoPD8hDYv8iC9pfQaOczmErcXwhgqP5XY4a2NOq6VNaSGES_jRg8J2b.W4mvB8 The preview photos look to me to have more quirky charm than precious DF buildings. If you are curious, they showed more prototypes and talked about how the Kickstarter will work on Twitch. https://www.twitch.tv/dwarvenforgelive?_kx=QdXBiGtqwnoPD8hDYv8iC9pfQaOczmErcXwhgqP5XY4a2NOq6VNaSGES_jRg8J2b.W4mvB8&utm_medium=campaign&utm_source=Klaviyo
  24. Just a weird fish-alien bounty hunter from an ex-Games Workshop sculptor doing his own thing:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/24797299/the-piscean There's a 360o video on the page that shows off the mini much better than a piccy can.
  25. Tre Manor has posted a new KS! I have just about all of these, but his evil barbarians are based around Warduke which made me buy a ton, previously. They come in metal which I love. The scale is like 25-28mm but it looks perfect alongside all my other minis. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redboxgames/barbaria-warbands-of-wrath-and-ruin?ref=activity
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