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Found 19 results

  1. jdizzy001

    MK Pierskan Warrior

    Another mage knight mini. I am cruising through a collection that I can paint as I am away from my regular set up.
  2. jdizzy001

    MK Terk

    Terk the dwarf. I laughed when I washed and highlighted his codpiece as I realized it was a dwarf's face.
  3. jdizzy001

    MK Dark Crusader

    The Dark Crusader, the back bone of the dark crusader army. For years I have been confused as to what they are carrying as a weapon. I think it is supposed to be a spear type weapon. Given her large shield a number of crusaders could form a shield wall and use their spear/scythe thing to fight off their opponents. Also, what is the deal with that mega boot on her left foot?
  4. jdizzy001

    MK Deathsinger

    This mini is in a terrible position for taking photographs. I don't like doing 360 photos, but I had to with this one so you could kind of see the face. I did add a little extra paint for her behind, need to keep it PG-13 for the kids ;)
  5. jdizzy001

    MK Ruik the Blessed

    I'm don't have access to my usual set up, but I still have minis to paint!
  6. jdizzy001

    MK Elf Recruit

    Another repaint for nostalgia! This is one of the poorer MK sculpts (lacking detail), but it still painted up alright.
  7. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Chimera Dragon

    Here is another mage knight repaint repaint, I think it is called the Chimera Dragon or something. Either way adventurers beware, three mouths to eat them with!
  8. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Weresabertooth

    Sabertooth mounted on a Reaper 2" RPG base. CnC always welcome!
  9. You may recall that red mage stone is stronger than blue mage stone. Don't know why, but it is! Mini is mounted on a 2" Reaper RPG base.
  10. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Brethen Kyle

    Monk and fighter extraordinaire, Brethen Kyle! Another speed paint job.
  11. Watch out adventurers, these fireballs take no prisoners, they'll steal your heart and soul then leave you empty, literally! Jokes aside, since I Role play with a wide age group I am always on the look out for PG-13 succubi. I stumbled upon these two while looking through clix minis. The red one is a good ol' fashion Mage Knight mini, the the other gal is from the Horror clix game. I had to modify her a bit as she was dressed in a thong. A GS butt flap and some sculpting later and we have 2 smoldering succubi ready to cast their spells on unwary travelers. The butt flap was really bad as it was the first time I used a GS Milliput mix. I didn't like it so I will most likely not do that again. I will stick with straight GS as I understand its properties enough to effectively sculpt.
  12. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint Elven Warrior

    I have long since forgot the name of this mini, but it was an ambiguously gendered elf fighter. I repainted it and tried to accentuate the feminine features so I could call it female. I really should have taken a few before shots as this mini was bad. Really bad. Now, it looks tolerable. I did try a new technique. Instead of applying a base coat, wash, then highlights, I applied the base coat, then applied the highest highlight color then added the wash last. It seemed to work well. I think it made for a more blended flesh tone. Other than that, I didn't notice a difference.
  13. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Satyre

    And now for something completely different. A satyr. He was really easy to paint. 2 hours start to finish.
  14. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight repaint - Dancer

    I don't remember this minis name, but here it is, all repainted. I apologize for the poor picture, but you get the idea.
  15. Another repaint. I really like he look of this guy. No other info is given on him other than he is the Mage Stone Lord. He was originally in Mage Knight 1.0 and got a re-release for Nexus, the final Mage knight set. This one is from Nexus. I chose my own color scheme and gave him Red mage stones (of course you all know red mage stone is the rarest and strongest Mage stones). CnC always welcome!
  16. A quick Saturday project, a Mage Knight repaint. Ready to annoy many adventurers!
  17. I love making repaints of MK minis. I played a lot of MK in the early 00's. Once I started painting I was excited to repaint some MK minis. Before I start my next MK repaint I will take some before shots for comparison. As far as process goes, after removing the click base, I glued him to a standard 25mm base then painted right over the existing paint job, no primer. Some of the details are a bit obscured, but since I plan to use these as "starter" minis for my son, I didn't care too much about the finer details. I don't ever plan on entering these guys into a competition, this is for pure nostalgia. Anyways, enjoy the Crystal Bladesman. PS- Sorry about the picture. My camera refused to cooperate. This was the best shot out of the bunch.
  18. My very first MK mini was a temple blademaster. To pay homage to those roots, I give you the temple blade master repaint. After removing him from his clixs base I made a suitable "temple/dungeon" themed base on which to glue him. After that I painted right over the existing paint job. Hopefully this is a vast improvement over the original. I painted this guy at the same time I painted the Crystal Bladesman so no before shot. Sorry. :)
  19. jdizzy001

    Mage Knight Redux

    I'm a big mage knight fan. I haven't played it since 2011ish. Anyways, I found these mage knight minis and gave them a touch up. The Rage Paladin was the first mini I ever modified (I painted the now gold spots yellow). So he got an update. The necromancer was one of my friends favorite pieces so he got a make over (and is going to be mailed to my friend). And Wolfhawk was one of my favorite pieces. She had a great dial and a sweet sculpt, so she got a make over. Not my best work, but certainly better than the original paint jobs ;).