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Found 40 results

  1. The demon Etrigan, who likes to rhyme and wear bright clothing. I know him from The New Batman Adventures, which was when the Batman Animated Series started stretching its legs into more superhuman and supernatural plots, and its follow up Justice League shows.
  2. Ok, 2/3rds of the way through all the small boxes, so we have a bunch of nobodies (in my limited Batman experience) that needed painting up. The crew Talon (Uriah Boone) - I'm familiar with a different Talon, and he's immortal, I think, so its no big stretch to see a different, also immortal Talon. A lot older judging by his dressing choices. The Great White Shark, not to be confused with King Shark. An easy paint with some inhuman skin tones and prisoner orange jump suit. Shen Fang, always seen with a bloody sword.
  3. There was only a small group of heroes in the small boxes that came in B:GCC Season 2, so I did them all at the same time. Hawkfire, who I'm not familiar with, has the oddity of being orange. Not too many heroes rock that color, it tends to be more of a villain color. I also broke her off her base when I was priming her, so her pose is off. Red Hood, New 52 style, I think. A new pose for a hero in the original game. Batman from the REBIRTH storyline, adding some purple to the blue black and grey. Batman Beyond, one of my favorite versions of Batman. I am a big fan of the series.
  4. This is another medium sized box from Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2. This one is an alternate version of (Commissioner?) James Gordon. Apparently for a while Gordon dressed up as Batman and had a GCPD bodysuit called Rookie. Now, the weird thing is that the suit, in most of the pictures I saw of it, had police lights and GCPD all over it. It just seems like a bad idea, mixing official police gear with private vigilantism. Team photo - Batman (James Gordon) - I really like how Rookie came out, though I did repaint the white strip on his back after I took the photo. The blue, white and black is just a nice color combination.
  5. The second half of the first big box, The Suicide Squad has my favorite character, Black Manta. I am drawn to weirdly shaped villains and heroes, I think, but his roles in the modern Justice League show and Young Justice were great. Likewise, Diablo/El Diablo is the most interesting character from the Suicide Squad movie, though that is a low bar. I wonder where he came from because there were not a lot of non-movie depictions of him online. The Squad, part 2 Diablo/El Diablo. Everyone wears a belt in Gotham, apparently. This guy is going around shirtless and on fire, yet he still makes sure he has a belt. King Shark. Black Manta making a bold fashion choice of scuba gear on dry land. Joker's Daughter aka Duala Dent. Apparently not his biological daughter, but a daughter in spirit. I am not a fan of this figure, the words on her shirt (Daddy's Grrrl?) just did not come out at all. The color scheme is good though. Captain Boomerang, quite possibly the most useless major hero/villain in the DC Multiverse.
  6. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2 had 3 large boxes. The Suicide Squad box is the first one I'm tackling. The cover has Deathstroke and Harley Quinn but she's not in the box (she got two sculpts in the first season) and he doesn't have quite the same outfit on as his figure. Ah well. The Suicide Squad movie is....meh. The Director's Cut is better, but it is still a bit of a mess. The Justice League Unlimited episode Task Force X is a better representation of the team, though my favorite Suicide Squad show is Batman: Assault on Arkham. It is a straight to video movie that apparently ties in with the video game of the same name. Another good movie is Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, where they need to retrieve a "Get out of Hell Free" card for Amanda Waller. A nice little plot point is that if you die while holding it, you use it up, so killing the person holding it is pointless. It is a follow up to the Flashpoint Paradox, another great DC straight to video movie. (half) The Team: Amanda Waller, typically the mission giver for Task Force X/Suicide Squad. Nominally a good guy, though her depiction changes greatly depending on the needs of the story. Rick Flagg, also nominally a good guy, with the same caveat as above. Painted up like a classic GI Joe figure. Bronze Tiger, generally a good guy. Also more often 100% human instead of a man-tiger, at least in my limited interactions with the DC Universes. Deadshot. He was in the original B:GCC game, this is just a different pose. (previous model) Deathstroke. Another alternate pose for a figure that came in the core B:GCC game. (previous model)
  7. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles has a few characters with different outfits and/or poses. This is Poison Ivy with her New52 look and a couple of upgraded minions to use in lieu of the smaller ones. The full team New52 Poison Ivy - Henchmen? I ran out of one of Intense Brown so I had to use Shield Brown on the second mini. Noticeable, but close enough.
  8. Batman: Gotham City Chronicles next set of 4 small boxed figures includes only two that I've heard of before, and one of those did not last very long it the movie I saw him in. Carmine Falcone is a generic mob villain. I have no idea where I have heard of him before, but at least I've heard of him. I went with a blue suit to change up the standard black and white that these types usually wear. Amygdala, named after a part of the body, I guess. He's sometimes, but not always, very red skinned so I went for a Christmas color scheme to honor the season. The Architect seems pretty steampunky, so I broke out my recently acquired copper and bronze paints. I prefer my version to the color scheme I found on the internet. It was way darker. KGBeast (or maybe The Beast, I guess he goes by both) I saw in the straight to video movie Batman: Assault on Arkham, the best Suicide Squad movie so far. He did not last long.
  9. Season 2 of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles has a lot of figures to support the VS mode, where both sides play by the Mastermind rules. Therefore there aren't really any missions to organize the figures by. Because of that, I'll be grabbing 3-4 small boxes and posting them as soon as they are done. I'll be splitting that up with some of the medium boxes and boxed sets. Below is the first set of 3 individual boxes. There's no real rhyme or reason here other than they happen to be on the top of my shelf. I did rush these a bit because I haven't really painted anything since the start of September and I wanted to get back in the habit. Because of that, I was lazy and didn't snip off some piece of sprue on White Rabbit and I'm really regretting that now. I ALSO got a new phone/camera, so my pictures may suffer a bit until I figure it out. The Motley Crew - Deacon Blackfire. Pretty straightforward color scheme. I decided to highlight in dark blue instead of grey. Not sure it really made a difference. Cluemaster. The only version of him I saw before was on The Batman TV show and it was a vastly different character. The White Rabbit. I've never seen this character before so I had to look her up for her paint scheme. Apparently she can create a duplicate of herself.
  10. Season 2 of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is kind of all over the place, so my posts will be too! First up, Professor Pyg's Gang. They don't have names, as far as I can tell, so I named them myself. The Gang. Unlike most henchmen, these are all unique sculpts. "Bojack Horseman" - The Hawaiian shirt didn't quite come out as I had hoped, the red flowers blended in with the orange shirt, but the yellow really gets the point across so I'm happy. Not sure how I would do it in the future, maybe use a brighter orange? "Nurse Raamsy" "Chicken Kiev" "Raging Bull"
  11. B:GCC - Arkham Asylum expansion of course includes generic asylum patients. Nothing particularly special in this batch other than it marks the last part of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles for wave 1. Here they are, running around like crazy.
  12. BGG: Arkahm Asylum part 2 is the penultimate (love that word) show off topic by me for season 1. I'll still have to do season 2, but they need to be primed and it isn't great priming weather. Plus I think I need a Bat-break. Listed as Jervis Tetch on the box for some reason instead of his nom du guerre, The Mad Hatter. I missed the opportunity to paint him in blue to match the Batman Animated Series, but the green works. His pants in the picture had some sort of excessive design on them and that was a big NO THANK YOU from me. I'm sure he's happy with Alien Goo pants, who wouldn't be. Probably my favorite figure of the group. Professor Pyg was never a villain I liked the one or two times I did see him, but I like how he came out. I'll be honest, I have no idea who Joker (Mr. Joe) is, as I get most of my bat-lore from the shows. Zsasz is another one I never really heard of until later. Joker's goons with guns. A bit brighter than the other Joker's goons, I guess. I kinda screwed up on their mouths, but you won't notice that unless you know what to look for. They had open mouths with teeth showing, but screw that noise.
  13. B:GCC - Arkham Asylum adds some more characters as well as missions in the infamous Arkham Asylum and Joker's Fun House. No real rhyme or reason for the figures that I painted other than their location in the box. Clayface posing as the Joker. I probably could have done a little more with his face. Dr Hugo Strange, not to be confused with Dr. Strange. Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I'm happy with the color on these guys. I wasn't sure how to paint them at first, but these colors work well for insane comic book characters. Joker's gang (with hammers). The mouths did not come out as good for some. I'm ok with that since they are henchmen and crazy. The face paint is likewise pretty "off", but it works given the situation.
  14. B: GCC - T-Rex. Technically this should be "The Wayne Manor Expansion - Part 3", but when you have the option to put a T-Rex in the title, you do it! When you think of Batman, the first thing that comes to mind is "dinosaurs" of course. This is the robot dino that appeared in the Batcave after Bruce turned it into a museum of sorts. It was fun to paint, partially because no color scheme is particularly "wrong". T-Rex. Alfred for scale. Other side. From the front. Ok. I'm just having fun now. ROAR!
  15. B:GCC - Wayne Manor Expansion adds some missions to the game that take place in the Batcave and the Wayne Mansion. For Part 2, I worked on the "superhero" suited figures. Batman's Thrasher suit. Pretty simple but I enjoy how it came out. Batwing (the hero, not the vehicle). Red Robin. Sadly, I broke him (stupid single attachment point) and couldn't quite get him back in the same pose. The Bat Robots. I think they really missed an opportunity here to call them Bat-bots.
  16. B:GCC - Wayne Manor Expansion has a few more missions that take place in Wayne Manor or the Batcave. The "plain clothes" heroes of the set Bruce Wayne suited up in a different way. Alfred, always good to have handy. Barbara Gordon/Oracle. I prefer her as Batgirl but Oracle certainly has merit. Julia Pennyworth, Alfred's daughter. Bats! The first and third from the left are facing away from the camera. Three of the figures have a bat that is missing a wing. I wouldn't have noticed if the fourth didn't obviously have a wing there. I wonder what happened. Did the mold break or what.
  17. B:GCC - Versus Mode gives us three new heroic henchmen to pick from. Unlike the core game, versus mode has two masterminds battling it out against each other. There is still a mission to complete but the setup is much different. Each team typically gets a main character, a side character and some minions. DEVGRU. Apparently they are a real thing that has been comicbook-ified. They remind me a bit of a cyborg cop in the AD Police anime. Heavy Assault GCPD SWAT. Bomb Disposal Drones. I thought I should give them a brighter color scheme since you probably don't want to be near them when they are doing their job. And make them easier to recover if they fail.
  18. B:GCC - Hero Box Leftovers "aaaand DONE!"* The hero box had some police drones I had yet to paint (and they just as often show up as villainous henchmen) and some of the neutral innocent people of Gotham you sometimes need to rescue. *The first wave also had several expansions, so I'll probably tackle them next. Police Drones (with guns!) Bystanders Citizens. I don't know what makes these "citizens" and the bystanders "bystanders", but whatever.
  19. B:GCC - Villain Box Leftovers "Almost Done". We are finished with the mission book!* Two alt sculpts that were not specifically involved in any missions so far, and all the 3D objectives are all that remain in the villain box. The hero box leftovers will be next. *There was one more mission that featured the Batmobile, but I'm not painting that and there was no one else I hadn't painted already. Island of misfit Batman minis. Riddler, with a fantastic pose, I think. At least, one that fits his style. Riddler Year Zero was in a core book mission but not this guy. I wonder why. (Unless I missed him, which could have happened) Killer Croc, with a more animalistic look than his other sculpt. Getting his face in focus was a bit of a pain. Consoles. I wanted to make them that ugly, 1970s green. Not my best paint job but, meh. They are good enough for objectives. Computer Objectives. An unsafe safe surrounded by bombs.
  20. B:GCC - Mission 23 "A COWardly Act". Catwoman's cats have been poisoned by poison milk. The Bat Team has gone in to investigate, but hasn't returned! It is now up to Batcow to rescue the Bat Team from the clutches of Poison Ivy. I...don't get Batcow. I mean, I understand that comic books have to comic, but why include him in an otherwise serious game? He doesn't really fit the tone of this game system. The Dynamic Duo Catwoman with her Long Halloween outfit. She is not actually in this mission, but she is the person giving the introduction, and I hadn't painted her yet. Batcow. The heroine of our story. Admittedly you can have a lot of fun with Batcow and she was an easy paint. I mean, you can't really screw up a cow, no matter what you do. Mother's Day Flowers! (also Poison Ivy's deadly henchmen)
  21. B:GCC - Mission 21 "A Golden Opportunity" has the heroes catch Deadpool Deathstroke mid-robbery as he attempts to steal a formula for kryptonite locked behind a door. I think my favorite color that I bought from Reaper is their Hazard Yellow. It slots in nicely between yellow and orange and works wonderfully in a lot of different situations. I think it is spot on for Deadpool Deathstroke. Riddler Goons. I like the color scheme, but I debated for a while if I should switch up the colors a little to make them easier to distinguish on the board. In the end, I decided against it in favor of the K.I.S.S. principle. If I play the game enough where it is a problem, I'll be happy. Goons with Sticks Goons with Guns
  22. B:GCC - Mission 22 "Explosive Surprise" has Harley Quinn and her gang prepping some explosive packages to send through the USPS to various locations in Gotham. Apparently postal regulations are looser in the DC Universe. The whole family Harley in one of her newer outfits and her signature POW! hammer. I kinda screwed up her face when I tried to paint on eyebrows. Tried to fix it but no luck. Bud and Lou, a girl's best friend. Harley Quinn's gang.
  23. B:GCC - Mission 20 "Silence" has Hush and Hush (Jason Todd) trying to infect computers while the Bat crew try to destroy the computers. I can't say I know the Hush story line, but I do know that the song for this mission is clearly Deep Purple's "Hush". Spoilers, one of them is Clayface. Honestly, I'm not sure if you are supposed to let the heroes know, but there isn't any notes explaining how to handle the information, and nothing else is hidden so... Hush. Hush. I though I heard her calling my name now She broke my heart but I lover her just the same, now. And for our featured henchmen, we have the Court of Owls. Batman must have the largest rogues gallery of suit wearing villains. Even the sword wielding Court of Owls henchmen are dress in the samurai version of a suit.
  24. B:GCC - Mission 19 "A Bloody Transaction" has Gordon and Bullock trying to rescue some hostages from The Red Hood and his gang. Apparently there are good Red Hoods and bad Red Hoods. This is the bad Red Hood, possibly the Joker, pre-Joker days (spoiler?). Or maybe just some random sucker in a stupid outfit. Who knows. I think their theme song is "Every Girl's Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man". Penguin's Henchmen. Not a part of the mission, but I had space to paint them. Their nets had me worried, but I like how they came out.
  25. B:GCC - Mission 18 "Bad Time to be a Cop" has Wrath and Solomon Grundy set a trap for the police. The cops have to activate computers to call in reinforcements, and the villains need to destroy those computers. Wrath I know nothing about, really, and most of my Google searches put him in a cartoonish, bright orange outfit. So I suspect this is a newer incarnation of him. Grundy, on the other hand, I've known since the early Super Friends cartoons on Saturday mornings. That, and he had a fantastic storyline in The Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. I decided to work on both versions of the Gotham PD SWAT team at the same time, to keep their coloring the same. Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday... (ok, I admit I delayed posting this until Monday specifically for that reason) Wrath. Winner of the Deadpool "Maximum Effort" award for this set. I painted him black, and drybrushed him. The GCPD SWAT Assault Team and Bomb Disposal Team
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