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Found 11 results

  1. Maledrakh

    Maledrakh's 77416 Formorian Giant

    Formorian Giant aka The Great Mutato! (Did they spell Fomorian wrong on purpose? Fomorians being monstrous, supernatural creatures from the underworld of Irish mythology, much like the Jotun frost giants of Norse) From Bones 3 core set, this Chaos mutant thingy takes the medal for overtraining half of his body. I imagine his (her?) family tree is a straight line. 77416 Formorian Giant Reaper Miniatures, Bones 3 KS 2015, Core set Sculpted by Jason Wiebe Bonesium PVC. 50mm round lipped base available from reapermini.com
  2. aku-chan

    Sir George the Gangly

    Presenting Sir George the Gangly (I'm sure that's a real word despite what my spellchecker says), not sure who makes him, I found George and a few other Chaos types in a box while I was tidying up. Had a lot of fun painting him, although my camera didn't like taking piccys of so much metallic paint! As always, any comments or criticisms are warming received.
  3. GodOfCheese

    Ogre of Unfortunate Proportions

    This Ogre struggles every day with his bizarre deformity. Fortunately, he was raised by a forward-thinking tribe who provided him excellent dental care and outfitted him with scale mail, a masterwork club, and lots of bags. Now all grown up, he shuffles along striking fear into the hearts of his proud tribe's enemies!
  4. Did most of this one at the local game shop on Thursday, then finished the details at home. She will be standing in as a Herald of Slaanesh, for my Age of Sigmar: Skirmish Warband.:
  5. Been busy. Super Shredder, Human Bebop and Rocksteady, a Bruiser and some gunner thugs. Inspiration for 3 of my gunners: Captain Kirk, GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.
  6. Here is my mini that I painted for day 1 of Minivember. For the amount of time I spent on him I'm pretty happy with it.
  7. Jaws

    GW, Daemonette

    I was fairly happy with this one until I took photos. See that I have managed to clot the paint a little much. Don't want to fiddle with her anymore though. The little tree is made from a dried grape-wine. :/
  8. Werkrobotwerk

    Warzone Mercurian Maculator

    I finished painting the Mercurian Maculator I got from Jasper the second. He's certainly a giant hunk of metal, with a really awkward seem right at the belt line. I think the official colors was more of a green orc like thing, but I like the idea of a giant red space ape better. Max Steiner is in the first picture just for a scale reference, he's not quite done.
  9. Werewolvians

    50320 Leatherhide Armadillo Man

    Leatherhide O'Grady
  10. Werewolvians

    50292 Skraw the Last Armadillion

    What's a wasteland without mutants?
  11. When I post something like this, it's not because I think the painting is brag-worthy (because that's an area where I need a LOT of work), but I have a lot of fun with kit-bashing and re-purposing figures (especially Bones!) for something slightly different than the original subject matter. Reaper Bones 77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard (post-apocalyptic conversion) One thing that struck me about Damien is that he SO looks like, if it weren't for that staff, he looks like such a punk (in a good way!) that he'd fit in with some setting such as Shadowrun or even a more conventional cyberpunk game (since he could just have a "biosculpt" job or some really CRAZY wetware). Also, that staff went all wibbly-wobbly bendy, and I KNOW that the preferred fix is to soak everything in hot water, etc., etc., but it's really hit-and-miss for me where this is concerned, and half the time I just end up replacing bendy staves with a piece of wire, or something else entirely. In this case, I went for "something else entirely." I grabbed a big ol' gun from my "bitz" box that I assume is from a Necromunda conversion. (I often pick up "bitz" through trades and deals rather than always chopping them off figures myself, so I'm not always sure what the origin was.) I left a piece of staff in the left hand, and used a pinning drill and wire to attach the gun there, leaving the staff segment as a handle/grip. For the base, I used some black-dyed epoxy putty to fill out the integral plastic Bones base out to the edges of the top of a standard round 25mm game base (as the figure itself is pretty light, and I didn't want the heavy gun to make this guy fall over if the table got bumped, so I opted for a slightly wider footprint ... though in retrospect I probably didn't need the increase in elevation). The stop sign is a piece of printed cardstock mounted on a bent piece of pewter Reaper sprue. (I occasionally run off sheets packed with caution stripe and tiny poster images and street signs and license plates and monitor displays and newspaper front pages and other such things, after an extensive Google search, so I have an arsenal of flat details I can add to terrain pieces and large bases. I'm not always absolutely certain about the scale, though.) I was tempted to give him some mirror-shades via putty, but I accidentally managed to get the dots on the eyes in the right places (or close enough for tabletop purposes), so I figured I'd just leave it at that.