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Found 18 results

  1. Mostly airbrushed with Citadel paint, with a bit of Tamiya clear green for the eyes and additional gloss coat hand painted on the rotting flesh to add to the effect. Sneaked a bit of Nurgle's Rot as well just to add more Ooze to the rotting flesh. Unfortunately I was completely out of idea and time with the rock base by the time I have finished with the dragon itself, so I just hastily sprayed it with sand brown, dark brown and a quick wash of nulin oil. I'll probably revisit the base later.
  2. Shhh, don't tell my gaming group but I painted Nethyrmaul the Undying for something that will happen a long time from now in the game. The reason he is a secret is they have yet to encounter the dragon alive, I painted Nethyrmaul and my Narthrax to look like the alive and dead version of the same dragon. Enjoy!
  3. I picked up Nethyrmaul to be a cohort for a major undead villain in my Pathfinder campaign, and decided that I really liked the idea of her slaying a Silver dragon and reanimating it as an evil zombie minion, so, I tried my hand at a bit of a NMM(ish) silver scale pattern with a little bit of actual metallic silver thrown in to a few places. He was a long time in completing, the process, but I'm really happy with him. I'm especially fond of the "dragon graveyard" base that he's standing on. The skulls are from a "Prehistoric Mammal Skulls" Toob pack I picked up at the local arts and crafts sto
  4. So this is a thing that's happening right now. No promises on how fast this is going to happen, especially with my impending Bones 3 shipment, but I thought I'd throw this on here.
  5. WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70492-77190-golden-nethyrmaul-v2/ When I first saw Nethyrmaul I had one immediate thought….and when I saw her being painted up as an evil dragon left and right, it solidified the idea….that my Nethyrmaul was a good dragon. One who mentored and aided knights, defended towns within her territory, and was noble and honorable. Until one day, outnumbered, she fell in battle against a Necromancer and his unholy beasts and undead. Torn open by the fangs and weapons of his legion, and dying, her spirit was captured and imprisoned. Forced under
  6. take a look at this guy I found on ebay. I got him for 17.95 American. figured for that price I might as well take a stab at painting him. I have included pics of the rock base he is standing on, I think they came out good sort of a red flinty look to them I usually do stones grey and wanted to try and get away from that this time. criticism is always welcomed. sorry about the crappy camera work. I will have to check out the tutorial else where. I sort of lost the green shading on the wings. I added some nurggle skin to give that rotting look. I originally did the tounge in yellow/orange buy i
  7. Over the past week I have decided to proceed with my Nethyrmaul by adding some lighting effects using PoweredPlayGaming's alpha kit and microcontroller. This required some intensive modification work to add the LED wiring in such a way as to minimize external exposure. Unfortunately, in contrast Kaladrax where I was able to succeed without much change to the original sculpt, for Nethyrmaul I have had to make changes to the base to incorporate the LED microcontroller and 9 volt battery, as the original base was not large enough to conceal them. Also, due to the limited length of the LED w
  8. Just realized I never posted the finished version of this guy when I was taking pics yesterday, so I snapped a few of him. A big thanks to everyone who helped in the WIP thread a while back.
  9. Finished this for a friend. Mostly dark elf triad, with some bone colours and the p3 sanguines, plus a few more. Based on a wood oval from Michael's. I don't have a backdrop big enough for this, so pardon the informal photos. Thanks for looking!
  10. Got this cute little fellow in the mail the other day. Never painted anything this big, and wanted to show my progress and experiences. First I glued him together. Was really surprised about the fact that it wasn't actually necessary to use glue, yet I did it just in case. Then applied some green stuff in the cracks. The black stain on the base is me testing the rumor about washes not sticking to bones. And that was true. Luckily the rumor about mixing dish soap in the paint, to fix it, was also true. Never painted with dish soap before, so that was.. interesting. So then I covere
  11. Had this fellow finished for some time. Hard to take decent photos of it since it's so big: I used this blue and purple snake as my inspiration for the color scheme:
  12. One of my modified minis from RAC in October, finally getting around to starting painting him. Still toying with his color scheme, but I think I've settled on enough to start working
  13. Okay, I knew this guy wasn't "finished" when I stopped, but I was sick of looking at him. I've had him off my bench for a while, and I kept looking at him, but couldn't decide what it is that needs done. I think I finally hit it - I think the colors are bothering me, and fighting each other pretty badly in some spots. I think it all comes down to the orangish bits. I think they need changed or tinted with some glazes or something to help bring them back in to the rest of the model's paint scheme. Maybe. I dunno. Anyway, here is the results of my first Nethyrmaul attempt. I nev
  14. I’ve long admired the various Nethyrmaul minis painted by everyone else, and thought of what I would paint it if I had one. I’ve seen Nethyrmaul painted up as many evil type dragons, being black or red, etc. and I wanted to go an entirely different route. I wanted her whole areas, her base, to be as pretty as I could make them to really offset the ugliness of her exposed flesh =3 My idea for her was based on a dragon character I designed for a little story that eventually got scrapped, but I kept her idea because I liked it. My dragon is a gold dragon, a noble female who defended the in
  15. Here is my model of nethyrmaul, he went through a couple of repaints. His chest scales were yellow but it was too much like a mcdonalds mascot, but I think orange worked out.
  16. Hello everybody! For those of you that followed my WIP threads, here are the final pics and video of my version of Nethrymaul. In all, it took about 6-7 weeks to do everything so I am a bit worn out. Thank you for the encouragement and feedback while I took on this piece of work. The custom electronics were developed by myself using Arduino boards, the final version flash to a nano version of the board. The LED effects are each custom coded using a library I wrote to handle the effects. I did a bit of studying on the heartbeat pulse. Yes, I most shamelessly took the idea from the last scene i
  17. So, even though I've been painting the other guys in my kickstarter pledge, I've been trying to come up with a paint scheme I liked for Nethyrmaul and Kaladrax. Kaladrax, I'm still thinking through, but Nethyrmaul I just finished painting up, and I think he turned out pretty well :) I've got some spots that I see that I missed painting (mainly in the mouth, and in a few spots that the angle of painting was odd enough that I couldn't see that I missed them in normal light... Anyhow, he's still glossy at the moment, I gloss varnished him, and still have do a matte varnish. I'll probably gloss va
  18. The more I look at Nethyrmaul, the more the composition of the figure impresses me. https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/sku-down/77190 The whole structure, down to the curl of the tail, is a work of art in itself. In the store photo it looks reminiscent of Stephen Hickman's book covers, of something Art Nouveau. There are a lot of minis that do the job, that serve as placeholders for characters or monsters or what have you. Julie Guthrie's sculpture holds together as an interesting artwork in its own right.
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