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Found 11 results

  1. Maglok


    I finally got this bad boy on my painting desk. Went with the 'original' colorscheme. Really pleased how it came out.
  2. Maglok


    So I painted these ogres originally in X, but with my rebasing spree they came up again. I don't have pictures of the originals anymore, but I redid most of the base. :) So old paintjob, new base work. Enjoy.
  3. Maglok

    The venom cult (lots of pics)

    So... I finished painting my venomcult from Otherworld Miniatures! Woohooo! I intend to add cultists and venomous creatures from Reaper to this cult. I took, way, way, too many pictures. :) Behold!
  4. Citrine

    Otherworld Iron Golem

    This is the only mini I finished in December of 2016, but at least it was a larger figure.... Otherworld Miniatures Iron Golem (SKU DM32d) on a 2 inch diameter Reaper base. He is painted using mostly metallic paints.
  5. Maglok


    So there is a cool Pathfinder Society scenario which features a awesome Otyugh. I offered to paint one for a friend. He had a plastic one from I think the D&D boardgame? I happened to have a Otherworld metal one laying around myself. So I painted them both up at once! :) I noticed that there is a bit of chipping on his left tentacle (his POV), I fixed that since I took the picture. :)
  6. Maglok


    I finally found some time to setup my picture studio thingy again. Here are two lemures that my girlfriend got me for our annivesary (yes she is that great, she knows I like the minis!). She is trying to, in her words, 'keep me alive by making sure I never run out of things to paint'. I had a lot of fun layering these guys up. Great miniatures.
  7. Big fan of these pig faced orcs. Its a welcome change from the usual gorilla type orcs.
  8. Werewolvians

    The Demon Idol DD1 Otherworld Miniatures

    This is a work in progress because I have the whole diorama. But the statue itself is really cool dungeon décor.
  9. I’m working on finishing the rest of my Otherworld dungeon adventurers before the last part of the Indiegogo campaign and next in line was the Male Human Illusionist. There’s parts of him I’m pleased with and some I’m not. I could have worked more on the “skirt†and the face didn’t come together. On the other hand the figure has lots of small nicknacks that came out quite nicely.
  10. This little guy have been sitting on my shelf basecoated and begging to be finished for about a year now. Since I’m focusing more on my metal miniatures this year, and focusing on getting them done, I picked this up and applied the finishing touches. At first I wasn’t happy at all. The whole paintjob just looked dirty. And not the good kind of “in a dungeon for a while†dirty, but just plain “sloppy paintjob†dirty. I didn’t manage to take it all the way but at the end I’m pretty satisfied with the result.
  11. Citrine

    Otherworld Unicorns

    Here is a trio of unicorns from Otherworld Miniatures (Wilderness Encounters 19). The hedgehog is from 2969: Familiar Pack VIII.