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Found 8 results

  1. It's the surfing samurai ogre mage ... er ... just my P-65 Heavy Metal Ogre Mage. Yeah, the background was boring so I added a border. As you can see here, he's just basecoated and attached to a piece of slate which has been covered with ballast. I basecoated this guy a long time ago and shelved him because ... well, I wasn't ready to completely get into finishing him. I decided last night to pull him from the shelf of shame and resume work on him. I hooked him up to my holder ... then had to counter his weight with rocks, sand AND water ... he's a heavy bugger. I used craft paints at the time to basecoat him. I am okay with the basecoating and enjoy the palette I started. So, colors ... The green hakama pants and robe are Celery. His skin is Phthalo Blue. The Pack Cover is Lavendar. The Fur Jacket is Antique Gold. And the orange-like highlights are Deep Sea Coral(?) ... I think. Been a while. The ground is Sunflower Yellow. The gist of the color scheme was desaturated tones to start with. We'll see where this leads.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to the tabletop/miniature hobby so forgive me if I ask some dumb questions. My husband and I just bought the Descent board game and those figures are BEGGING for some love and paint. Since I'm a graphic designer and painter by trade, the tiny details these guys have really speak to me. So I went down to my local game store (shout out to The Game Keep in Nashville, TN!) and picked these guys up for practice. I love the idea of metal figures because of the weight and because I can strip and repaint them. I wish all my figures were metal! However, I just found out that some Reaper figures are made with a lead alloy. Normally, I wouldn't care because I wasn't planning on eating them....BUT my 3 month old kitten might. I just want to know if any of these are in the P-65 line so extra care can be taken cleaning up the shavings. How can I identify a lead figure in the future? Thanks for the help!
  3. These are the original lead versions of the Wall of Ice. Painted up more as walls of crystal, since I don't think they ended up looking very ice like. I am happy with the results though.
  4. I wasn't sure how to name this mini, since it's a discontinued P-65, so I figured I'd reference the currently available tin fig. I painted up Reeve here to be a Death cleric for a recent D&D Campaign. Since I wanted him to seem dark & carry a giant sword this mini seemed ideal. My toddlers got a hold of him a few weeks ago & he got chipped a bit, but I think I was able to recover the damaged areas I wanted to give him a Wintery motif so I used a muted palette of dark greys, blues, and white. It was a fairly simple mini to paint, so the hardest part was probably the face. I have a tough time maneuvering my brush under hoods, so I didn't even try to paint pupils. It's a cleric though, so I figured he was just casting. Hope you like it. ~Muninn
  5. Here are some speed painted spiders for table top use. First, the Reaper Bones (77025) and P65 (65082) large spiders, you can guess which pair is which: Next, the small Bones Vermin Spiders (77126) And last, some Ral Partha spiders (11-514) from their excellent AD&D line:
  6. briggart

    Foo Dog

    This was finished last Sunday, after coming back from the Chinese New Year parade. It was really a fun mini to paint. I'm still struggling to get good pictures, the color balance comes off regardless of what I do, but it's somewhere in between pictures 1-3 and 2-4. This is the P-65 version of the mini, looking forward the Bones version C&C welcome
  7. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/47374-p-65-heavy-metal-miniatures-line-canceled/ I guess I'm not astonished. While cheaper than the lead-free pewter minis, the lead minis are still dealing with hazardous substances. And as far as cheaper than pewter alternatives go, it looks like Bones have lead beat all hollow.
  8. To our valued customers, Effective immediately, we are ceasing production of our P-65 Heavy Metal Miniatures line. The incredible success of our Dark Heaven: Bones miniatures line has given us the opportunity to produce more affordable gaming and hobby options for the miniatures hobby. While P-65 was very successful for us, we have decided not to invest any further into P-65 Heavy Metal products and rather invest those dollars into Bones. We are currently filling all orders with the existing inventory we have on hand, but we will not be casting any more P-65 products to fill these orders. As of February 4th we will no longer accept any future P-65 order requests. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!
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