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Found 8 results

  1. It's the start of another month! What are your hobby/painting goals for the month? Mine is again to paint 4 figures.
  2. It's a day away from April, so I figured I might as well start up the April 2016 Goals thread. This month, my goals are: Paint up an High Elf Ranger for my new PC Paint up a wolf companion for my new Ranger Work on Dynamic Lenore, with floating base - This has morphed into a vignette with a secondary figure and a sculpted tree, I'd like to finish this month. Work on an exchange that I'm doing on the side. Work on another Vignette that will feature a chase - Figure is scheduled to arrive today (March 31st) Paint Toad Form for party druid - will get to it later in the month if I can Paint D
  3. It's a day away from March, so I figured I might as well start up the March 2016 Goals thread. This month, my goals are: Finish up my Cleric vs Undead diorama - DONE! Paint Toad Form for party druid - waiting on figure to arrive Paint Dire Boar Form for party druid - waiting on figure to arrive Paint up giant spider for party druid - waiting on figure to arrive Paint up sorceress w/ wand for party sorceress - No longer needed as the sorceress bit the dust last week. Work on some exchanges that I'm doing on the side. Get started on another diorama (The Keeper's Sanctum) Work on another
  4. I am going to paint everything I have left in Bones KS 1. Finish- Wall of Souls Harpy Female dragonslayer Drow Queen elf with peakcock shield Nienna Female elf ranger (standing on log) Seelah paladin iconic Malek, necromancer (actual names coming in edits)
  5. Tomorrow starts another month, which means more goals for us to attain! For me: Paint up the 5 figures that I have on my desk for the Queen's Hand - we are on hiatus from that game for 2 months, so I'll put them aside for a bit. Paint up my Fall Figure Exchange piece(s) - Currently my WIP Work on the Space Dragon Diorama pieces a bit - have been working on the obelisk. Start work on a "Companions of the Hall" diorama for my brother (7-8 figures) - trying to get it done before Christmas and also enter it into a competition online - still waiting on some figures that I ordered to really get
  6. Ok, folks. Here we go, another month, more painting! Post-Reapercon level-up goodness and inspiration for those who didn't make it. Let's have a banner month! My goals are to begin to absorb the massive info from Reapercon and paint at least a couple of models with some amount of sculpted detail on their bases.
  7. We are at the end of February/Beginning of March depending on where in the world you are, so that means it's time to put down some new goals for our hobby during this new month. I'll start it out. Finish Kelkar the Half-Giant (he's about 60% done at the time of posting this) - DONE (finished on 3/3/14) Start and finish my Winter Mini Exchange Paint up a paladin/anti-paladin for my brother - I'll be using Almaran the Gold for this figure Start working on the Diorama for my PF GM. It's a rather short month for me as I'll be taking a vacation for 10 days out of the country during the start
  8. Since today is the LAST day of January I figured I might as well start up a new thread for everyone to put in their February 2014 painting goals! Mine: Finish Renault the Paladin Finish Kelkar the God-King Half-Giant Themed contest entry Start on my Winter 2014 Exchange(s) Work on a Diorama that will have 4 figures, modern basing, and a police car... more details on that later! Work on a vignette that will have a paladin and dwarf in it Start work on the Giants year long contest Will edit this as I go along, I hope to try to get 4 figures/pieces done per month as I go along. Please po
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