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Found 2 results

  1. Since the description of the Reaper General forum states it's the place to gush about Reaper, let me gush. First my thanks to ReaperBryan and ReaperShannon for making my trip down to Seattle possible! It was a very real pleasure meeting and working with them and all the other volunteers from the forums and elsewhere. A chance of meeting the Reaperfolks was not something on my radar as little as a couple of weeks ago, so getting to talk and spend as much time as I did with them was really something pretty special. They really are as nice as people who have met them previously had described them and I'm quite happy for them that the Reaper booth had the success that it had at this years PAX. Now here's a pic of Bryan letting Darsc wear "The Hat". A wide pic of the room containing the "Paint and Take" and the Reaper store. Of course all the Bones were available for sale.
  2. So I'm determined to take better photos of my my minis, despite having them revealing my utter lack of painting skill. I figure I can still play the newbie card a little while longer. Up until recently I have been using the macro setting on my camera (nikon D5000 for those interested) when photographing my works. I was always unhappy with most of the results so i decided to read up a bit and actually try to learn a lil bit. I took some more pics today using what I had learned and i think they came out much better. Things I payed attention to this time were: Lighting: Made sure to move the light tent to a good spot and have lights on either side. I also borrowed an LED macro ring that mounts to the front of my lens; makes me look all pro. lol White Balance: rather than leave it at auto or set it to a preset I set up my lighting and light tent and then had the camera set the white balance based off of the white background. I saved this setting so that I can always go back to it. (does anyone know... will i need to change this if i change the backdrop? If I'm understanding correctly, as long as the lighting is the same - the setting can still be used without the need to change) Aperture: While I completely love the bokeh effect in most photos I found that having an aperture too small (opened up), and this close up, left portions of my mini out of focus. For the pics below I stopped down to f22 and it looks like it helped immensely. Distance: I also noticed that on a few photos, if I got the camera too close, the the resulting photo would have a fisheye effect, so here I backed the camera up until i could just get things into focus; however this limits how close-up I was able to get. I do have some of those close-up filters but I';m not sure if i can just slap those on with everything staying the same, and get the desired result... I need to play with them. Tripod: I found that I absolutely needed to use a tripod here, and i was lucky enough to have a wireless remote to further reduce any potential camera shake. So enough of that, here are the pics, please don't hesitate to comment or criticize.
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