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Found 21 results

  1. I put together a few documents related to using Bones. I've submitted these to the Craft section of the website, but as it may be a little while before Reaper has the time available to add them, Bryan suggested that I post them here. Bones - Frequently Asked Questions (this document) Bones - Preparation (mould line removal, glue, putty, etc.) Bones - The First Coat is the Difference (primer, primer alternatives, paint durability) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bon
  2. I put together a few documents related to using Bones. I've submitted these to the Craft section of the website, but as it may be a little while before Reaper has the time available to add them, Bryan suggested that I post them here. Bones - Frequently Asked Questions Bones - Preparation (mould line removal, glue, putty, etc.) Bones - The First Coat is the Difference (this document) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Painting Bones Miniatures: The First Coat is the Di
  3. I received a commission to paint some lovely porcelain Santa figures by a friend of mine, and I'm not sure what primer to use, or whether I need to use primer at all. Does anyone have experience with this? Is a spray primer likely to cause damage? I'd use brush-on, but given that each figure is 10 inches tall, that's a bit more hand-priming than I want to do! Here's one of them as an example (there are 7 in total): Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  4. In the Reaper Live videos, it's been mentioned that most rattle primers are ok to use. But no one that I've seen has mentioned their results of spray priming their bones black, so I thought that I would post my results here. I hope that others will post theirs as well. Cleaning and prepping mold lines on bones black is very different than regular bones. I would compare it to other gaming companies hard plastic while still having a little bit more flexibility. So far I've used the following primers, I'll add to this list as I use new ones: Krylon Colormaster White
  5. I know that Bones do not take spray primer without staying sticky but have read that the vallejo brush on primer works well. The question is that if you put the bush on primer first can you add a spray one primer after without the mini staying sticky? I know that the vallejo's can be airbrushed on but because i don't have a dedicated painting area its kind of a pain to drag out the airbrush to try out two tone priming.
  6. I’ve got some of both these products, but I’m not sure exactly how they’re supposed to be used. I’ve tried the primer a few times, but compared to spray primer it’s very liquidy (not a surprise, since it’s a liquid). The issue is I don’t know if it is being properly applied or just running off into the cracks. It doesn’t turn the metal white, but I don’t even know if that is supposed to happen or not. Am I using it correctly? As for the brush-on sealer, what is it for and what does it do? I’m assuming it goes on at the end, and if that means I don’t need to buy yet anot
  7. At my friendly national chain home improvement store I found they sell mismixed paint colors at deep discounts. There I bought a 8 oz.(237 ml) sample pot of premium interior/exterior flat "paint and primer in one" for 50 cents. So I'm experimenting with using it as a primer for Bones. I will report on how it goes. In the meantime, feel free to discuss your budget alternatives.
  8. Quick question regarding Bones and Greenstuff. I have a couple of Bones minis I'm going to be painting up here shortly that desperately need some gap filling done on them. I know that Bones minis generally do not need to be primed (other than maybe a thin layer of liner) but how does the GS used to fill gaps interact? Do I still need to hit it with some primer? On a related question, have any of you used the liquid green stuff? I'm assuming that it is also potentially pretty hard on brushes, much like brush on primer, but was curious as to what your experiences were. Some of
  9. I know there's a painting forum, but it seems to be dedicated to the Reaper Minis, not to the hand-sculpted ones. I see most people use acrylic paint. I've also seen some people they use primer or paint directly on, but they usually don't specify which material they used. I was wondering if you use primer, and specifically, on which materials? Are the various brands of putty different? Clay? What if you have used more than one material on one sculpture? For example, I made this, which is ProCreate/Apoxie with the top layer in Super Sculpey. Oh yeah, and I've also made a base out of Milliput.
  10. I stumbled on this while looking for something to prime my new foam terrain set. http://www.krylon.com/products/craft-foam-primer/ An internet search later and I found some locally, purchased and experimented. It says it creates a thin durable primed surface that seals the foam and makes it safe to spray with other aerosol paints. Well, it is definitely thin and is not going to hide any detail, I will apply two coats just to be safe. It dries pretty quick, this is two coats with one hour between coats then one hour to dry. Here is the true test, black aerosol
  11. I have seen a lot of forum members state that they use the brown liner as a base coat for all their Bones minis. I was just curious how many actually do this? Do those who do this also use any of the other liner colors for their base coat? If so...why brown liner specifically? Also, when using the brown liner are you fully base coating as if you were priming or do you do a lighter coating? I like the idea of using the brown liner to sort of "prime" my bones mini's but I just was curious as to how most people go about this. Thanks for your input!
  12. Even though Bones does not require primer, a lot of us still base coat it for paint adhesion. We've noticed that some paints are more likely to come off easily than others. I'm going to start playing around with several common and hobbyist spray primers and report the results. Baphomet did some preliminary experimentation here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/48669-bones-the-first-coat-is-the-difference/?p=1047003 First up will be Armory Grey Primer and Armory Clear matte sealer. So far, the Armory Grey is amazing. It dries fast and seems to adhere really well. I thi
  13. Hey all, I had something odd happen the other night. I was priming a bones figure and the primer has set up glossy and a bit tacky instead of the normal flat finish I get. (I primed in black). I thought it was maybe the can of primer but I did another figure that night and no problems whatsoever with the same can. Im going to strip and try again but I was just curious if anyone had this happen to them as well. Thanks! -Gunz
  14. This may have been asked before, probably has a few times I would wager, but my basic search didn't find anything, so I may not have gone back far enough, but is there a good way for priming resin suitable for a couple of decent sized pieces? I tried just washing with soap and water then going straight to paint, as I do with bones figures, but that didn't stick well. I do have MSP brush on primer, but I am getting a little low on it, so while I am going to order more, it will take a while to get here
  15. Hey there everybody. It's coming up on my birthday and I'm thinking of picking up an airbrush rig. What I need to know is how well reaper paint sticks with bones when it's run through with a little Liquitex Airbrush Medium, or any other types of thinners? I'd hate to pick one up and find out that the largest batch of my minis can't easily be primed/basecoated without brushing first. I saw Wren's Basecoating guide, but in all the page, it really only mentions one quick blurb "For those who prefer to use spray primer, the best option is to use an airbrush to apply a coat of acrylic paint to
  16. So for two straight Kickstarters I've shown the restrain necessary and didn't end up getting any Bones and I'm still reasonably okay with that because I like metal, I won't lie and I really appreciate the detail metal provides. But those dastardly Reaper people put out a few that couldn't be gotten in metal, like Yephima, so I ordered one from my hobby store and sooner or later, actually probably later or sooner, I'd like to think about painting her up. Here's my dilemma: after giving her a sudsy bath and letting her dry, I think I really would like to prime her, even though everybody says
  17. My wife got me a Bones Cthulhu for my birthday and I excitedly, put him together, removed the flash and primed him. Now he's a sticky mess. I came to the boards and read some of the recommendations to my chagrin. Is there anything I can do to restore him to a non-sticky state? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would also suggest putting a large notice about how priming isn't necessary for the Bones line on your packaging. Thanks, Dave Margowsky
  18. Hi guys I am new to reaper minis and to the forum! Just received my first shipment today(had to wait for a 1 god damned month). I got some bone stuff and some metal dark heaven legends minis. So I have few questions for you guys. 1. When painting metal miniatures do I need to use a primer? 2. Is a black primer just higher density acrylic paint? 2. If I haven't bought the reaper primer but I have Pure Black paint can I use it instead? 3. If not, what can I get in paint shops? (because we don't even have games workshop where I live) If I understand correctly the primer is needed because with
  19. Due to logistical problems with spray primer, I'm switching to MSP brush-on. Should I thin down the primer before use as I would paints, or use it as-is?
  20. I recently got back into miniatures. Well, I bought some regular primer from Home Depot and it dried really fast, which was a plus. But when I was painting, the primer was rubbing off, and when it wasn't rubbing off. The paint would like, 'chip' my paint. Is there a different type of primer that I could use to get more detail, or can I just somehow turn my primer into liquid primer. Any suggestions?
  21. I have a mini that I primed using Krylon primer (spray on oil based I believe). However, before I got around to painting it I realized that I wanted to make some additional modifications to the mini (with green stuff). In addition, I noticed the primer got rubbed off in a few areas. I don't want to spray the entire mini with primer again, so I was thinking of touching it up using some of Reaper's paint on primer. Will this probably work without any issues, or is it bad to mix different types of primer on the same mini?
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