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Found 2 results

  1. B:GCC - Mission 14 "Biological Scourge" teams up the noble Ra's Al Ghul with the sewer dwelling Ratcatcher. Really? Anyway, the heroes have to beat up the bad guys to get the antidote and also kill a bunch of rats. Unfortunately I put this group off and when I got back to it, I glossed them before I took their picture, so sorry about the shine. Ra's slumming it with his new pal. Ra's cape (at least the interior) was not fun to paint. I do like him as a villain though. Having David Warner's voice in the Batman Animated Series did not hurt. Ratcatcher. Fun fact, he's listed as Rat Master on some parts of the game. Monolith really needs better QC. Thugs with Guns! Henchmen gotta hench.
  2. He's nearly done, but there are a few more things to do before I'm truly finished. I'll need to actually base him, and I may redo some bits to add some highlights and shading. Still, for a quick and dirty job, I think he came out pretty well. I call him Tybalt. Right now, he's just on the very basic round metal base they all come with. I'm probably going to make him my first attempt at removing a figure from that base and rebasing him. I've never actually created a base, so this will be... interesting. But there's no hurry. I'll probably do some more experiments with that before jumping straight into it. At the least, he looks pretty easy to remove from that base. Why yes, Mercutio, he will walk. I may or may add some more detail to the rats. They're pretty tiny, though. I may just try to give them some more texture. Drybrush some gray on them, maybe. I may add another coat or two of Walnut Brown to the shoes, and then a few highlights here and there. Hmm, I now notice I forgot the buttons on his purse. Not sure if I'll give them a metallic. He's poor, so I might just mix some Intense Brown with some Walnut Brown and make them wooden buttons. I'm definitely going to add some more highlights to the tunic and the pants. The mantle I think looks pretty good as it is, with the earthshade on it. I'm also pretty happy with the leg wraps. The bag will be entirely redone. I went with tanned skin, with some earthshade over it, but now I think I'm going to try to make it more leathery.
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