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Found 11 results

  1. kazmania7

    02060 Onastaa

    Told myself I'd get in the habit of posting more often so here's my lastest work. Been trying to do a classic female mage from reaper every month and this was july's attempt. Normally I paint my white warn but wanted to change it up and try a cool white for a change.
  2. kazmania7

    02574 Female Dark Elf

    Here is the second of the three drow I had primed to do this month in an attempted to get the skin tones down and to experiment which colors work well with thier dark skin before tacking my raging heros ones. When I seen her I knew I wanted to keep her a dark color theme, I tried at fist giving her red boots and gloves (typical drow colors) at first but it just didn't look right and went over with purple.
  3. kazmania7

    02391 Kimberlee the Fair

    Another of last months work, I was searching thru my bin of unpainted mini's when I happen upon what reaper calls their Classic female wizards. I was always timid about doing them because their faces seem so small to me at the time I had gotten her. But decided to paint brave now-a-days so... Oh and sorry for the loose static grass bits, I always forget to wipe off or airbrush away before I take pics, lol.
  4. kazmania7

    02029 Princess Elena

    So to continue the trend of painting some of my old mini's I chose to do princess Elena this month from what Reaper calls their classic female wizards as I had did Kimberlee last month.
  5. kazmania7

    02671 Rax Darkcutter

    well thought I'd post this month's work so far.
  6. kazmania7

    03259 Ithamar, Rale Reaver

    haven't posted in awhile, forgot to post my October work so thought I'd post my November stuff. This was my first try at trying to have two different types of black cloth on the mini.
  7. kazmania7

    02343 Drake Whiteraven

    and finally the last of my November work (thou am currently working on a drow atm, so who knows). Always like this figure for a young rich mage, finally painted him up. Decided to give him gems on the cloak, boy was that ever a headache lol.
  8. kazmania7

    02642 Tuomas the Seeker

    haven't posted in awhile forgot to post my October work so thought I'd post my November work.
  9. kazmania7

    03700 Tyrea Bronzelocks

    Just finished her this morning, surprised I took pictures of it already, usually wait until I have at least a couple to do. again critique is always welcome so I can get better with your help, especially on my color theory/placement as I have been trying really hard to work on that lately. Oh yeah, linked for partial nudity, hope this works as new to linking photos if not please let me know. https://imgur.com/a/LkJtPCJ
  10. kazmania7

    30004 Dorva, Female Dark Elf

    Finally getting around to posting the last two mini's I did in my wip thread the other being, Janara.
  11. kazmania7

    02708 Janara Half-orc Female

    Finally getting around to posting the mini's I did in my 'up on a roof' wip thread.