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Found 2 results

  1. The official arrival/departure thread for Round 2 of the Basing Edition of the Box of Goodwill. PLEASE make sure to post when you receive the box and when you send it off. Remember, NO CHATTER, chatter thread is here: Box of Goodwill, Basing Edition Round 2 - Chatter Thread SGHawkins09 - sent 2/16 Keianna - arrived 2/20, sent 2/27 Sylverthorne - arrived 3/1, sent 3/9 NecroMancer - arrived 3/12, sent 3/15 hungerfan - arrived 3/18, sent 3/23 Ulfheathen - arrived 3/26, sent 4/2 Aryanun - arrived 4/4, hiddenone32 - new box arrived 6/11, sent 6/15 Clearman - arrived 6/18 Guildenstern - arrived 6/27, sent 7/2 Shadowphaze - arrived 7/5, sent 7/9 Generic Fighter - arrived 7/11 Dilvish the Deliverer - arrived 8/8 Dilvish the Deliverer - sent 2/26 Wyvernfire - arrived 2/27, sent 3/10 Chaoswolf - arrived 3/12, sent 3/26 Knarthex - arrived 3/28, sent 4/13 Paradoxical Mouse - arrived 4/16 Dragoneye - arrived 8/8, sent ReaperCon Kangaroorex - arrived ReaperCon, sent 9/18 Fire_Eyes - arrived 9/20, sent Keianna - arrived 10/1, sent 10/10 Pegazus - arrived 10/12 SparrowMarie - arrived 10/24 LittleBluberry - arrived 11/10 SGHawkins09 - arrived 01/18/19 Only two groups this time and they are fairly large so make sure to keep the boxes moving. Also you may notice Keianna is listed in both groups, this is intentional as she did not receive a box last time.
  2. People asked to see the result of my side project, so here it is. In this issue of Car & Buglips, we check out the hot new Round 2 re-issue of an MPC classic - the #39 Pepsi Chevelle. This is a rare fictional NASCAR, because when the kit was being developed Pepsi sponsored Lennie Pond as the driver, #54. The two had some sort of falling-out, with the result that the planned #54 became the fictional #39 Pepsi racer. Here's what it looks like with its clothes off: I managed to get all of the parts together, but this kit was brutal. The instructions are not clear and many parts are numbered wrong - this is a problem when the kit provides alternate pieces. See that blue divider near the back? That's the correct piece according to the instructions, but actually not the correct piece to use. There's a smaller one, molded in black, that is correct. I did not discover this until the body was sealed on, so my example rides too high in the back. This kit is one of those that once you know how it goes together it goes together easily - but finding that out requires you to ruin one for the knowledge. It's not helped by steps arranged so that you assemble something early on and only find out much later (when it's too late) whether you did it right or not. I painted the dials, even though they can't be seen with the body on. It's enough to know they are there. If you think painting eyes is hard, ay yi yi! And now here it is, all dressed up and ready for the prom. Er... race. Prom race? Looks okay from this side, aside from iding high in the back and the wheels being a bit out of alignment with the body. The chassis is two parts to allow variable length, and the instructions (surprise) are not very clear on the exact position. This was step 2 or something, so I glued it sometime last week. And on this side, the wheels are wayyy out of alignment. So last week, when I gued the chassis, I glued it slightly off. In the intervening time, I attached all the innards. And then, at the end, I discovered the flaw from the slight warp it introduced, which accumulated as pieces were added. Fun times. I'd have to break it down to the beginning to fix it, so I guess I'll live with it. Still, for all that it looks pretty good. And, overall, it was pretty fun. Cars are something I do very rarely, so it was an interesting project break. The whole thing was painted using Reaper paint and Coat D'Arms. I've got a ridiculous craving for some Pepsi, though...
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