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Found 2 results

  1. More of the Mole People!! Here we have this faction's Deep Command: the clan's chief, the loyal bodyguard with a blunderbuss, and their local religio-thaumatic hierophant. I wanted the robes of the chief and hierophant to reflect their elevated and sanctified positions. Again, look at all the expressiveness on that chieftain just from the body language! And here are some Mission Specialists: the Far-Scanner, the Demolitions Expert, and the Aerosol Medic. (The sculptors probably wanted that guy to be a suicide bomber, but this is MY game here.) And here's the whole crew! Again, wonderful little pig-rats, and a faction that doesn't come pre-packaged with decades of cultural resonance. Welcome to New Xibalba!
  2. From the smoking, slagged warzones of New Xibalba, overshadowed by the mighty gas giant Kukulkan, come these scenes of the MOLE PEOPLE FROM SIRIUS!! Black Cat Bases can be justly criticized for various reasons, but they do have a few amazing sculpts about which I will hear no wrong, and among them are the talpid Smoggers. Look at these weird bastards! So much implied culture and technological history in such simple sculpts. They are the right size, stockiness, and cthonicity to fit the 'dwarf' niche in a spacefuture game. The emphasis on mittens, furs, goggles, and respirators, and the ludicrous blunderbusses they use paints a really vivid and unique picture. Look at this fellow. What a perfect, Munchian encapsulation of fear, agoraphobia, anxiety, and alienation, all with no actual facial features. That's genius. Here's a set of three Tunnelers, the excavating labor force. Details on the hands indicate the claws are somewhere between gloves and prostheses. Again, what expressive body language! Timorous furtive, and unheimlich. You would be as scared of them as they would be of you. Propitiating the Machine Spirits: (Scatter terrain is found objects and glue, the rusty Zap Howitzer is a broken pin vise and watch parts--everything that looks like it should swivel indeed does!--and the Slag Crucibles are repurposed Tork paper towel roll spindles. Paizo flip mat is the planet surface.)