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Found 2 results

  1. Fencig


    a batch i painted for a friend. They won't win any contests (I'm really not that good painting this small ), but hopefully you find them interesting . These are Song of Blades Dwarves + 1 older Partha or Grenadier (can't remember which). I would have taken this further with both painting and basing but our game with this player has sadly come to and end, so for a freebie i think they're not half bad. They look a lot better in person, the shading on the skin i did, which IMO is subtle but well balanced, is totally wiped out here, but until i find the $250.i need for a decent camera .......................... This is Emerald Oathbreaker, a Dwarven Cleric of Moradin and Cagot who's quest is to restore honor to family name. The hammer is 100% metal, so pretty happy with how that came out . Shield straps are sculpted A berzerker i think, again, shading in hair obscured by cheap camera This guys shield was stolen by Emerald, who's kind of a bully an old RP or Grenadier, interesting comparison in style differences between then and now. Love the curled up, high heeled, Cowboy boots. Initially I was going to straighten out the eyes, but he really has this "drunk as a skunk" look about him so in a weird way the eyes fit the matriarch , who has to clean up after them , " Who Lefty these dirty dishes out" :) A fun little set, not something i would have bought or done on my own initiative, but i did wind up with 3 duplicates of most of them, (except for the RP and Emerald), so i got 3 for myself and gave some more to the DM cheers
  2. so funny little story, in one of the sticky threads i was asking about parts, best way to get parts, etc. We discussed 1) sifting thru E-bay to find parts (not cheap or easy), 2) maybe trading for parts in the " mini exchanges" (not great if your new and and don't have a large inventory), 3) buying Sprues of weapons= $7. to 10$ each . A pricey way to get that 1 sword or Axe you need, ( rest are Weapons you might or might not use). I know this is a difficult thing to market and sell so not knocking anyone's efforts at doing this, but wondering, what to do? Yesterday we played day 1 of what will hopefully be a long and fun summer campaign. One of the players is playing a disgraced and shorn Dwarf. I never heard of such a thing and was surprised to see Reaper actually sells " Tamclar the Shorn", but for whatever reason he didn't like this one. So he finds a company that sells a different style, again, company i never heard of called Song of Blades. They have one shorn Dwarf called Ruill the Beardless So he orders a bunch of Dwarves, the shorn one + others we can pull weapons off of to turn Ruill from a fighter into a Cleric. Order takes forever, coming from Malaysia, but he finally gets it and Lo and behold, bunch of Dwarves but none are shorn LOL. Some are just not what he ordered, like 3 x Female Dwarf. Also, 3 other minis he didn't order and they're not even Dwarves! check this out, this is ONE mini :O So we're like " what the heck is that , LOL :) 5 weapons, 5 heads, 2 shields, ? 2 heads look like fighters, 2 are Evil looking Elves, one Barbarian? I get home late last night and at 1AM you know i just gotta look, so go to company web-site. Well apparently they're supposed to be Hobgoblins! Your supposed to get 5 for 22 bucks and instead of making 5 different models, they must have decided it was cheaper or easier to make 1 model in 5 different configurations. Well SCORE for me, After building all 3 i will have weapons and heads galore. Size is definitely 25mm scale and for me they're just not that "Hgobgoblin'ish", going to use them as Human Fighters, bandits, soldiers, etc. Here's 2 put together, pinned and glued, still need some modeling putty 2 of the heads do look Goblinoid, might use them to replace the heads on the Hyena riders from the same company, which don't look that great IMO (the riders), but i just can't resist the lure of mounted Goblins and ORc's, one of my favorite model genres. The "Hyenadon" is pretty cool though, it's a "must have" for me. at $8.50 not cheap but Unique Now i want to point out these are not beginners models IMHO, for the Hobgoblins I wound up pinning every joint , that's 4 pins each. They will require a little bit of sculpting too, but it's fun and the parts are good to have if your new to fantasy minis/kit bashing like me. Here's the rider model as it comes , will probably get 2 or 3 of these, 1 as a gift for our DM I'll follow up on the thread once these arrive, it takes a while Lastly, these are the Dwarves, they're pretty cool if your into Dwarves. I don't typically buy them but these showed up at my front Door, kinda feel like Bilbo Baggin's After Gandalph told him " your going on an adventure". LOL There are actually 3 of each, I'm showing 2 based. Gotta ask my friend but i think the deal is i paint both, i keep one and give one back to him. The 3rd set (not shown) are for modifying the shorn Dwarf after he shows up (company said they will fix the order). cheers
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