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Found 16 results

  1. Up next is Cad Bane. However, first some bonus Battle Droids. These guys painted up very quickly.
  2. It is a time of unrest among the 28mm miniatures. All of Jasper's WIPs seem to focus on 10mm BSRs and 3D printing. Rumor is rampant. Has Jasper forsaken his hordes of unpainted 28mm figures? But then word comes, from the far off land of LFGS, of a new...purchase. And then another. And another. Could this be what the unpainted masses await? At last there is a sighting. A box, opening, as was foretold. Figures of grey begin to emerge and forces begin to assemble. The huddled unpainted masses hold their breaths ans hopes rise, preparing for the coming of the paint.... So, I'm starting yet another WIP, with hope that this one will go somewhere. I've been picking up a bunch of Star Wars Legion since the summer, when I got a new job and moved to a new city. We have a pretty nice flgs just a couple of minutes walk from the office, so it is very easy to just wander over at lunch. This is great, but not for my budget. I'm not sure if I'll ever actually play Legion (not that I'm ruling it out) but mostly I just like Star Wars. Anyway, with us moved into a new house and with a mostly set up painting room (just don't look...well, anywhere but the painting desk) I figure it's time to get some of these figures painted up. I am (of course, I mean look at my avatar) starting with the Imperial forces. Not a massive start. But a start none the less. It is late and my neck a bit cranky, but I wanted to get started. Some I've worked on mold lines and test fit limbs. Looks like there are 8 more Stormtroopers to pull out of baggies. I'll likely tackle some of them tomorrow unless we end up painting CAV (or my wife has other plans). I expect I'll want to pin their feet to the bases, plus I have to decide if the get normal bases or the spiffy ones I picked up. And I expect I'll glue the arms on before painting even though it is a bit of a pain to paint anything with arms like that. I still think I'd rather have them assembled. As far as painting, I'm just going for tabletop on these guys, but as they are mostly white I'm still going to go look at some other people's work. I know there was a number of very good Star Wars Legion WIPs on here a bit ago, that I need to go find again. Edit: @Sharkbelly's WIPs on Star Wars Legion were the ones I was thinking of. They are great!!
  3. My next project is these guys. I have also cut up some old sprues to make these stacks of metal bars.
  4. Next up, four more stormtroopers. And a bonus pic of my finished measuring and movement tools.
  5. Next project: these two. I've started with a base coat of dark grey on the droid and weapons, followed by a wash of Nuln Oil. Base coat and wash for Iden's face as well as for a variant head that is from an old Warhammer kit (so I might be able to use this as a generic RPG character as well.) For Iden I used a darker base coat than for the other one.
  6. I have now started these two. I'm hoping to let washes do a lot of the work on Cassian. Here are a few of the base colors. For K2, I thinned the grey a little bit to let some edges and details show through. Each model comes with a few arm options.
  7. My last project for the month is to repaint my AT-RT. I painted it quite a while ago, and now want to go with a different color scheme. Here's what it looks like now.
  8. The Armoed Assault Tank, or AAT for short, is up next. I might use a few of the extra droids as riders.
  9. Up next are some more battle droids. One episode of the Clone Wars has some B-1 Battle Droids that are programmed to follow R2-D2. I thought I would paint up some for him for Legion. I also want to paint a labor/battle droid for a Star Wars RPG character, so I modified one with leftover Grievous arms. That one got a coat of green contrast paint over the primer.
  10. Next up this month is the Clone Saber Tank. I have primed it white and have started in with an Apothecary White Contrast paint.
  11. Next up this month is the escape pod. Here it is primed grey and partially washed with Nuln Oil.
  12. In May I'll be painting stuff for multiple factions. Here is the start of the bunker. First it gets a black wash in the recesses.
  13. So I was just about to check out my first Star Wars Legion game night at the lfgs when the whole apocalypse thing happened, so rather than painting my Imperials, I've been focusing on getting my rebel scum assembled so that wife (who is "mostly" interested in playing) and I can learn to play here at home. With that complete I now need to get some more Imperials finished so we can actually play, since I'm not attaching bases to the Imperials until they are painted. As my wife actually agreed to play this weekend, that meant I needed a commander quick! So I pulled up the FFG guide online to paint Vader and knocked out a decent tabletop in a couple of hours. Good enough and he already squeaked on a victory yesterday in our first game (he had one wound left). Now back to painting white armor to get more troopers ready.....sigh.
  14. Been a while since I posted a show-off....hopefully I'll be more productive painting this year. Of to a good start, I've already painted more than double my total for last year.... I've started painting up some of the Star Wars Legion figures I've been picking up from my lfgs for the last half year or so. I started with a unit of Stormtroopers out of the starter box. These were supposed to be a nice super quick tabletop paint job to get the year started. While they were a quick tabletop paint job, that quick ended up being spread over 2 months....hopefully I will get better at getting some painting in more often over the next couple of months. The whole unit. Standard troopers. Commander and specialists.
  15. The first of my Star Wars units to get paint is Chewbacca and 4 Wookiee Warriors.
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