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Found 46 results

  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heresylab2/1552186784?ref=18agc0&token=258e07ae&fbclid=IwAR07VElXuxWIh_bEvhOAn_9y_QeOr_SNFwFtR2UZfAKUFTRG3rLI2Mr89u0 Story A new set of character to enhance your existing line of figurines. If you joined the first 2 Kickstarters you know how the models are, and if you missed them now you have a change to grab them at a discounted price. Order of the Flaming Lys A unique set of warriors intent to defend the purity of the Flaming Lys, a medieval like war band composed by nobles and peasants. The Kickstarter is designed to add 3 extra free models based on funding to make a 15 member deal for 59.00€ Templars of the flame A unique cult, a unique faith merged in a characteristic congregate of female priest warriors. The Templars of the flame will sacrifice their life to defend the purity of the flame from the villains. The Kickstarter is designed to add 3 extra free models based on funding to make a 15 member deal for 59.00€ Want to add more character to your war band or town? Just missed the first 2 Kickstarters? Here is a chance to get all of the models in bundle saving some "coins" Don't need a full set but just a few of them, don't worry all models of this Kickstarter will be available in the pledge manager as single model add-on options. Why not add the Sacred Flame girls to your warrior nuns? She will be an amzing addition. Everyone selecting the Order of the Flaming Lys war band will get this model for FREE Everyone selecting the Templars of the Flame war band will get this model for FREE We thought that the new war bands needed some extra "heavy" support, well here is Hans the Repent the not so devoted Ogre! This model will be a 9.00€ add-on. Several more models coming to include 4 new freebies, 2 for each war band. RESIN MODELS PLEDGES 7.00€ 1 model - You can choose any single human sized model available in this campaign. Bigger models will require a small surcharge. No freebies at this level. You will be able to add additional models in the pledge manager after the campaign. 29.00€ 5 models - You can choose a combination of any single human sized model available in this campaign. Bigger models will require a small surcharge. No freebies at this level. You will be able to add additional models in the pledge manager after the campaign. 59.00€ 1 Warband - You can select one of the 2 war bands, this perk includes all unlocked applicable free stretch goals for the specific band. You will be able to add additional models in the pledge manager after the campaign. 110.00€ 2 Warbands - You can select two of the war bands, (You can select multiples) this perk includes all unlocked applicable free stretch goals for the specific band. You will be able to add additional models in the pledge manager after the campaign. 229.00€ I WANT THEM ALL - This perk gives you one of each of the models shown in this Kickstarter, and one of each of the Citizens models. This level also includes one of each unlocked applicable stretch goals. Currently 52 models (includes one of each of the citizens big guys) and may go up to 58 models based on funding. Hans the Repent is not included, but can be added as an add-on later in the pledge manager.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/townsmith/townbuilder-unlimited?ref=discovery_category_newest "The Townbuilder is a web application with which you can create custom 3D printable buildings for Tabletop Games. We provide detailed 3D models in the form of small building blocks that you can then use to create the perfect building for your table. All of our buildings can be printed support free and feature playable interior. You can either start from scratch or modify one of our many prepared templates to fit your needs." This might be a huge step in 3d print files for buildings. With HeroForge, you can design your own miniature and get a printfile for it ... this here allows you to design multi-level buildings and get a printfile for them. This building was created with the use of the software and you can download it from the KS page for free: Open Beta is already up and running (link on KS page) I'm very impressed (and a bit happy that there finally is a project from Germany that is THAT awesome).
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aleda/gothic-graveyard?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Hello and welcome to “Gothic Graveyard”. It's a collection consists of a series of stl printable files inherent to the medieval/gothic theme. All buildings, terrains, pieces, etc. Are designed for 28/32 mm tabletop games. The main objective is to make printing quick and easy to assemble, absence of supports, fun to paint and with the possibility to change the diorama whenever you want. The collection was designed for fdm printers, but nothing prevents resin printing. The project was conceived and developed to be printed at home with your 3D printer following and having as main reference three simple rules: • the modularity • the speed of realization and assembly through the use of simple magnets and glue • the absence of supports for printing STL LIST The models of the large mausoleum and the perimeter walls are perfected in two types, one constructive and one ruined to give you the freedom to alternate / use the ones you believe in best.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gravenguild/hexton-hills-tabletop-campaign-map-tiles Coming soon from Graven Guild. Not much info available yet, but a little more can be found by Googling the company.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/m3dm/aquatic-collection-3d-printable-sculptures?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Hello everyone! This collection of models is all aquatic themed. There are minis, monsters, and scatter terrain. There are 12 models in the cores set, and 18 stretch goals planned. That is up to 30 models with a buy-all price of $6. Times are tough right now, so I wanted to make something affordable that is still just as awesome. MODEL OPTIONS All models come with a no base, simple base, and decorative base option. A $10 pledge gets you all 3 versions in addition to the successfully tested resin pre-supported version. THE CORE SET THE STRETCH GOALS Every $500 is a new mini, monster, or piece of scatter terrain. All mounts will have a saddle and no saddle version. More stretch goals will be added to match the funding level. So feel free to leave comments about what else you'd like to see!
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/claudiagallery/arkanias-heroes-and-creatures-stl-files-for-3d-prints?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Hi! I'm Claudia, a 3d artis with a lot of experience in videogame design. After years of freelance I mean that I'm ready to share my work with all of you. I have designed unique miniatures with an incredible story for each one. Mythological beings, heroes and villains, and creatures of all kinds. They all belong to the magical world of Arkenia. They're for any miniature fan who wants to test a 3D Printer with these fantasy incredible characters. ---This campaign is for a set of digital STL files - no physical products---- -The Arkenia's World is composed of 21 MINIATURES: -14 FROM HEROES SET - 3D model files (STL format) -7 FROM VILLAINS SET - 3D model files (STL format) -Description Sheets for each of the 21 miniatures (png format) HEROES
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/troublemakergames/miniatures-and-stls-from-the-technopocalypse?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Who Are Troublemaker Games? We are an established wargames development company who design & supply plastic, metal and resin miniatures for wargames retail companies, whose sculptors also have experience doing freelance work for other companies such as Mantic Games (for whom we sculpted, for example, their range of 28mm scale plastic terrain kits, as well as various other plastic & resin kits). We have previously run & managed eight other Crowdfunding Campaigns, raising a total of £84,048 to deliver plastic and metal models for the 6mm scale wargame range, Defeat In Detail (1 2 3 4 5), our range of Plastic Wargames Terrain kits (1 2), and our 28mm scale Nuns with Laserguns! (1). We have delivered all the plastic, resin, and metal kits from all seven of our own crowdfunding campaigns to our customers, and all models (other than some Campaign Exclusive Limited Edition pieces) are now available for retail purchase through either Vanguard Miniatures, as the "Defeat In Detail" and the "Troublemaker Games Plastic Terrain Kits" ranges, or the "Nuns with Laserguns!" range via our own webstore. Vanguard's own Crowdfunder (which we oversaw as Campaign Manager) has itself also been fully delivered. Some of our Nuns with Guns (painted) from our previous Kickstarter campaign. What We Need & What You Get We have several designs of Post-Technopocalypse Model kits already sculpted, but without a crowdfunding campaign it would be too expensive for us to afford to put them into production, so your interest and support at this stage means we can bring these designs to retail... and to your gaming tables! As we cross stretch goals we'll be unlocking more model kits, and hopefully adding free bonuses to existing pledges too (we've managed to include free bonus models on every one of our Crowdfunders to date, and we'd love to continue that tradition!). So, this campaign contains rewards for pledging, consisting of: 28mm Metal Model Kits STL 3d Files Download Packages All miniatures will be supplied unpainted. Scroll onwards to find out more... How Do Pledges Work? Each Scenery or Model kit in this Kickstarter campaign has a price in British Pounds (£) associated with it. To pledge, total up how many of each kit you'd like to pledge for, work out how many Pounds that would cost, and pledge for that total. For example, if you would like to pledge for: 1x Tribal Guardswomen Infantry Squad (£20) 1x Mad Marx (£4) 2x Count Binface (£8) 1x Post-Technopocalypse Town STL Set (£10) Total: £42 Then you should select the "Miniatures!" reward, and should pledge £42; You will be prompted for postage and packaging in addition to your basic pledge cost. Once the campaign ends, you will be sent a questionnaire, which will ask you to confirm your chosen combination of model sets. If you only want STL digital file sets, select the "STL-only pledge" and pledge the appropriate amount for your chosen combination of STL sets. Some of the Stretch Goals that we hope to unlock during this campaign will also have Costs associated with them, whilst others will be free upgrades to existing sets.
  8. We launched "Roads to Adventure" today, it is going swell it is a short duration kickstarter with a $10 consumer level buy in, Thanks for checking it out 4 road styles ALL stretchgoals open, more being added Large road sections for 8 inch printers 35 road sections & 30 parts of scatter terrain Stretchgoals double parts and add road styles This is for STL design files only $5 wagon add-on now available (see images added below) 2 free models now up , swamp wall dungeon sticks and Dire Chicken (see images added below)
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1115856510/cuetzpal-empire-and-magmhorin-realm-printable-files Story
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medusaminiatures/3d-printable-hill-giants-sculpted-by-medusa-minis-7-days?ref=discovery_category_newest Story DUE TO COVID 19 CRISIS WE WILL ENDEAVOUR TO DELIVER REWARDS WITHIN 24HRS OF KICKSTARTER FINISHING. Yup, that's before we receive the funds. It's important to get you up and running and put some cheer into your day if you are in isolation or lockdown. Welcome or Welcome back to our 8th 3d printables Kickstarter, providing high quality sculpts at super affordable prices! As usual, a £10 goal assures the the Kickstarter will succeed. All of the models are finished and processed in meshmixer for error free meshes. We have five rewards: Hill Giants 3d files (£4) Stone Giants 3d files (£6) Frost Giants 3d files (£5) for those that missed it last time (it was in the 3d printing category!) Hill Giants, Stone Giants and Frost Giants together (£13) Stone Giants & Frost Giants and all previous Medusa Miniatures 3d printable Kickstarter files (£35) If you are interested in backing two of the giants sets only, just add the pledge amounts together. I have cunningly created the Kickstarter so that there can be no confusion as to the meaning of your pledge! Delivery will be simple and easy. I will email you a direct link to the .zip file and a give you a password for the file. The file will be publicly visible, there will be no need to make any special account, The file will be available for download for 2 months, and after that upon request. This will make downloads hassle free for us all! If you are in China you will need to use a VPN. The Hill Giants Reward Sassy Hill Giant Mama with annoyed cow Confused Hill Gaint with bored princess Hill Giant Tavern Raider with mullet, kegs and a human sized mug o' brew (special thanks to the Trapdoor Inn for supplying the kegs) Digital render Digital render Digital render Digital render Digital render Digital render Digital render Digital render
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lair3d/legendary-dragons?ref=elr2ef A shadow breaks through the clouds, filling hearts with wonder and dread; their fiery breaths captivating memory. These beasts live through songs that last entire generations, stories that become legend; for what could ever compare to the sight of a Dragon? LAIR is proud to present Legendary Dragons 3D-Printable Miniatures. Based on the Legendary Dragons 5e supplement by Jetpack7. Handled by the same people as Dragons of the Red Moon, which has so far delivered some amazing STLs
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/buryak/huntsman-camp-printable-wargaming-and-rpg-3d-models-28mm?ref=discovery_category_newest Story The Huntsman Camp - a set of printable 3d models, that will widen your settlement on tabletop game. Current style will fit almost to any kind of game setting. Be serious about meals! You will get 3d models, .stl files to be printed and painted on your side. Nice to see you reading our first kickstarter! We hope, that our models and their genuine design will help you to make the game more sophisticated. So far, its not often we can see that kind of camps in usual builds for a game, and we decided that it would be great to have one done by ourselves! The models quite expressively show their purpose. Also they can be used not as a whole camp, but each of them makes sense alone too. Obviously, all of pieces can be used as scatter. We are paying a lot of attention to techical side. We have huge experience with preparing files for print, this time will not be an exception. Also, any problems regarding files, will be fixed. Most of our models are and will be made supportless, or use them in very special cases. We dont have printer on our hands, so far. We hope to get it when campaign ends, so thats our first goal. Anyway, we have solid understanding of how it works, we check our models in slicer software and have successful projects and clients on regular base, who works with us in that field. Our strategic goal is to build a business, that will bring our fantasy worlds to real life! We are tight-knit friends, we are equal in our team, each of us gets same benefits and gives his own. Our designs roots in fairytales, myths and games, but they definitely will be unique and you barely will find any straight followings or rough copying. All future work of our team will be concentrated on developing that pilot sight to full scale village or small Tribal town and increase models number dramatically, if the project will be funded. We have nice concepts for characters too... so, we hope that this kickstarter, together with you, will encourage us to do further steps towards our cherished goal, and you will have fun times with our miniatures! If there will be a reason - project will be successful before the date, we will create "stretch goals"/updates to the project, there are a lot of planned items to make that camp more versatile, interesting and complicated, to widen your experience in game, attract more players and maybe diversify game plot! *Swordsman, used in pictures below, added there only for comparison, to show the scale. Possible upgrade: 3d models The Huntsman, miniature 28mm, tribal style. (if reaches 200 USD) Possible upgrade: 3d models stacks of goods inside. (if reaches 200 USD) Possible upgrade: 3d models additional rolls of leather, packed for delivery to market. (if reaches 100 USD) stand with stretched hide. (if reaches 200 USD) Possible upgrade: 3d models basket full of meat steaks. (if reaches 100 USD) other parts of calf related to butchery, solid legs and rib part. (if reaches 200 USD) Possible upgrade: 3d models fishes stacked on rope, laying on leather piece. (if reaches 100 USD) A boat for The Huntsman, 3d model with enough space to put 28mm character in. (if reaches 200 USD) Possible upgrade: 3d models stack of fish steaks on leather. (if reaches 100 USD) Additional cutting table. (if reaches 200 USD) Possible upgrade: 3d models skewer with stand(if reaches 150 USD) Our models should be used in same way, as most of other models on the site - You are welcome to print, paint and sell physical goods, but please, dont sell the print files.
  13. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stlminiatures/3d-printable-fantasy-props?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Grettings! My name is Rafa, sculptor of STL miniatures, with your help I hope to create an incredible collection of props for your tabletop games. 3D PRINTABLE FANTASY PROPS is a high quality collection of classic fantasy props that enhance the appearance of your tabletop games, (DnD, Pathfinder, Age of Sigmar…) This campaign is for the digital STL files, not physical products. The Core Set is made up of 40 models and they will be increased by stretch goals as far as you want.
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joinordie/sky-shards-the-arrival?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Welcome to our second Kickstarter campaign! We are 3DBreed Miniatures and after our first successful kickstarter campaign '1775 Join or Die' , we are happy to present 'Sky Shards: The Arrival', a collection of 6mm scale mecha models and terrain objects, created to be printed at home in resin printers such Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars, or in FDM printers such as Ender 3 or Prusa. ** We remind you that this Kickstarter is for digital files (STLs) to make all these items on your own 3D printer, such as Anycubic Photon or Ender 3. These are not physical models ** The models have been designed in pieces to allow an easy printing and removal process of the supports. They are ideal to be adapted to any RPG or Wargame. The pledge consists of 4 different factions with their unique style. Each faction has 2 Heavy mechs (40-70mm high), 5 Medium Mechs (30-40mm high) and 5 Light Mechs (20-30mm high). Besides, a basic terrain objects' pack is included in the pledge, along with 6mm scale infantry units, an APC vehicle, a tank and a generic excavator to extract the valuable 'Sky Shards'. In 3DBreed Miniatures we firmly believe that the best way to show the confidence in our work is to give you the opportunity to download the THOR'S HAMMER squadron's free 3D printing files to make a printing test. They will give you a good idea of a finished miniature in your hand. DOWNLOAD THOR'S HAMMER SQUADRON 'Sky Shards: The arrival' has just a pledge of 40€ and with it, you'll get all the miniatures and terrain objects of the basic set and all the stretch goals' aditional content that we manage to unlock: SCALE REFERENCE
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wowbuildings/wowbuildings-does-vietnam? Story Ok guys you have been asking for it, so as i say "be careful for what you ask as one day you might just get it", so now you have it, Vietnam is the setting and this is for you. I have kept the price very low for the times we are in, i was going to hold off until this virus was done but you seem to want me to launch it so i will do as asked gladly. ok a little explaining that some of the designs were included in a couple of other KS projects so some of you will have already have the likes of Hue, sanpans, a couple of the boats and the shophouses, maybe more but at least those, also a while ago I listed a Vietnam pack on my webshop and some of you may have bought that, that would have contained quite a few from this KS, but not all and probably only 50%. with this, in mind, you guys just need to back the discounted backing and you get everything included. no stretch goals for this KS, but i will be adding as we go, I want your input as to what to add, i have a list and will add what i can, but input ideas are always most welcome. a large proportion already is from requests. so keep them coming the seller's license is nice and cheap too, this KS is priced with the virus in mind and as a thank you for all of your backing over the last few years, we are here now and will continue, so jump on board and enjoy your printing and gaming Right lets get to the juicy bits and show whats included, no particular order and remember its all inclusive. HUE TOWN CENTRE ATC 1 ATC 2 ATC 3 BARRACKS 1 BARRACKS 2 BROWN WATER GUNBOAT BUNKER 1 COBRA HELICOPTER CONNEX BOX CORRUGATED HUT GUNPIT HOOCH 1 HOOCH 2 HOOCH 3 HOOCH 4 HOOCH 5 HOOCH 6 HOOCH 7 HOOCH 8 HOVERCRAFT HUE RAILWAY STATION (WIP) HUEY HELICOPTER HUGHES HELICOPTER LCM LOG BUNKER M48 PATTON TANK (WIP) WITH BARREL OPTIONS AND SPOTLIGHT M113 MACV COMPOUND HUE MIG PT 76 REVETMENT SABRE SANPAN 1 SANPAN 2 SHOPHOUSE 1 wip SHOPHOUSE 2 wip SHOPHOUSE 3 wip SHOPHOUSE 4 wip SIKORSKY (WIP) STILT HOUSE STORES SHED TORPEDO BOAT TRUONG TIEN BRIDGE US EMBASSY WATCHTOWER WATCH POST wip
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hodge3design/3d-printable-openlock-roman-villa-stl-files?ref=discovery_category_newest Story This is my second Kickstarter campaign. The Project is designed using the Openlock Tile system to create a modular Roman Villa layout. Pledges will receive the STL files to print the project on a home 3D printer Win Back Your
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rocketpiggames/monster-miniatures-ii-support-free-tabletop-miniatures?ref=user_menu Story Monster Miniatures II Another astonishing collection of support-free miniatures! Every miniature is test-printed on our Prusa and Ender FDM printers. Every miniature is 100% support-free. No built-in supports. Hassle-free. No supports to clean up. A Bit About Us... Rocket Pig Games Inc. was established in 2016 and began with a humble online presence. We have since built a thriving website, our Monster Miniatures Patreon, our unique IP Death Haven Patreon, two amazing modular building systems (Tilescape and Tilescape 2.0), the largest selection of support-free 3D printable miniatures available ANYWHERE, several Facebook groups to support our customers and fans, and last but not least, a wonderful connection to friends around the world who love gaming, Dungeons & Dragons, and printing as much as we do! Rocket Pig Games Miniatures are the most user-friendly 3D printable miniatures on the market. They are designed with FDM printers in mind but have superior detail that translates beautifully when using resin. The icing on the cake is that all of our miniatures, from standard-sized to Epic Kits, are 100% Support-Free! This Kickstarter consists of standard and deluxe miniatures. All miniatures will be delivered via Kickstarter messages as a downloadable .stl file, no physical minis are included. There will NOT be any late pledges! We DO NOT use an after-campaign pledge manager. You'll need to add up everything you want (reward level + add-ons) and make that your total pledge before the Kickstarter is over. We are offering FIVE very unique and useful Core Sets. By choosing MASTER OF THE HUNT for your reward tier, you'll receive every Core Set PLUS ALL STRETCH GOALS...this is the best deal of all! Aberrations Aberrations Miniature Collection Fantastic Beasts Fantastic Beasts Miniature Collection Golems & Constructs Golems & Constructs Miniature Collection Extra Dimensional Beings Extra-Dimensional Beings Miniature Collection Clockworks Clockworks Miniature Collection As a THANK YOU to our faithful patrons, we are offering this FREE miniature collection. To qualify: Have a current subscription to our Monster Miniatures Patreon in APRIL (minimum Expeditionist Tier. Pledge at the Master of the Hunt Reward Level. Kickstarter Survey will have a spot for your Patreon Name. Fill this out as soon as I send it to receive your rewards!
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/quarantineprops/texture-rolling-pins-for-wargames All rolling pins have a full drill to save material and use a wooden stick through it if you feel more comfortable.
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/625262290/3d-printable-fantasy-ruins?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Here is my collection of fantasy ruins the can be 3D printed for tabletop games. The pledges will be delivered as STL files for you to print on your home 3D Printer. Disclaimer: i do not own a 3d printer yet so i have not test printed these models, if you find any error let me know and i will sort out the meshes for you. All models have been checked for errors in mesh-mixer and a couple of them will need to be sliced to fit onto smaller build plates some of them already fit onto a 300 x 300 mm plate.
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kimbolt/fates-end-3d-printable-dice-towers?ref=discovery_category_newest Story **FULLY FUNDED IN LESS THAN 2 HOURS! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT EVERYONE!** Welcome friends, fiends, rogues, paladins, neutral-good, chaotic-bad, and in between! Introducing: Fates End! Fourteen RPG Role-inspired Dice Towers! 3D printable, high-res, stl files, support-free for easy printing! *** This campaign is for DIGITAL FILES only (stl/obj), there will be no physical products sold through this campaign *** All towers will be print-tested to ensure quality and ease of printing! _______________________________________________________________ What you get for any ALL IN pledge (includes Loot All, Personalize and Merchant tiers.) _______________________________________________________________
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medusaminiatures/3d-printable-stone-giants-sculpted-by-medusa-minis-7-days?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Welcome or Welcome back to our 8th 3d printables Kickstarter, providing high quality sculpts at super affordable prices! As usual, a £10 goal assures the the Kickstarter will succeed. All of the models are finished and processed in meshmixer for error free meshes. We have four rewards: Stone Giants 3d files (£6) Frost Giants 3d files (£5) for those that missed it last time (it was in the 3d printing category!) Stone Giants and Frost Giants together (£10) Stone Giants & Frost Giants and all previous Medusa Miniatures 3d printable Kickstarter files (£30) Delivery will be simple and easy. I will email you a direct link to the .zip file and a give you a password for the file. The file will be publicly visible, there will be no need to make any special account, The file will be available for download for 2 months, and after that upon request. This will make downloads hassle free for us all! If you are in China you will need to use a VPN. Pledge £5 for the Stone Giants, £10 for stone giants and frost giants or £30 for the Stone Giants, Frost Giants and all previous Medusa Miniatures Kickstarter files. The Stone Giants Reward Stone Giant (m) warrior with stone bat Stone Giant (m) hurling boulder Stone giant (f) with stone axe Baby sitting stone giant. 3x stalagmites 3d render of stone giant digital files. 3d render of Stone Giant digital files 3d render of Stone Giant. 3d render of Stone Giant. 3d render of Stone Giant baby. (World's first and only baby stone giant mini???) 3d render of Stone Giant. 3d render of Stone Giant. 3d render of Stone Giant. 3d render of Stone Giant. The Frost Giants Reward Frost Giant Berserker with Axe (giant bearskin cloak variant and no cloak variant) Frost Giant Noble Warrior Frost giant daughter Baby Ice Bear sitting. Baby Ice Bear standing Dire wolf 3d render. 3d render. 3d render. 3d render. 3d render. 3d render.
  22. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dlayeredscenery/northvakt-a-3d-printable-viking-village?ref=discovery_category_newest Story First and foremost, thank you for visiting my project page! After the first project that I have launched through kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dlayeredscenery/3dlayeredscenery-medieval-township-tabletop-edition) , I have been able to invest in better equipment to continue to develop as a designer. This investment enabled me to create more natural shapes and sharper detail. Support free models Support free printing has been a guideline for this project, therefore every model has been designed to print without support and test printed to verify this. Some models do include easy removable custom supports. The project of Northvakt! The core pack of this kickstarter supplies a large number of models so that a fully-fledged viking village can be created right away, however with the unlocked stretch goals this village can only expand further and further! The project can be subdivided in a village aspect, including buildings and several props, And a defense aspect, including the palisade walls. What is included in this kickstarter ? Six amazing buildings. Twelve different fencing options. Six prop stacks and all individual prop pieces. Water well prop and a wanted board prop. Four different trees. two row board props. Three directional posts. Palisade straight wall, seamless inter-connectable . Palisade sharp inward corner wall, seamless inter-connectable . Palisade sharp outward corner wall, seamless inter-connectable . Palisade gatehouse, seamless inter-connectable . Palisade walkways for every wall. Palisade ladders. A total of over 60 Stl-files, only to expand even more with unlocked stretch goals! I would like to show you the possibilities of this set with the diorama below. This diorama has been created by Fredrik Lybeck, owner of the brand: Lybbans miniatures. His youtube channel can be found through the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDoIg6C0JwFffschmTq-iw/videos Diorama Close up Close up 2 The village of Northvakt The village of Northvakt consist of a total of six different buildings with detailed exterior and interior from a reasonable small size, 14 centimeres wide, to a extremely large size of 45 centimeters wide. All buildings will be individually featured below. Small viking house Small viking house This small house will be used most likely by the less wealthy viking in the village. Normal viking house Viking house This viking house is a bit more luxurious compared to the small building, however it does not offer enough room for a whole family to live in. Viking blacksmith building Viking blacksmith The viking blacksmith has some more unique features to it, especially the boat-shaped overhang is something that makes this building stand out from the crowd. Viking small countryhouse Small viking countryhouse What makes the country buildings unique compared to the other buildings is that their roofs extend further towards the ground. This makes it possible for vines to creep up on them, which happened to this building. Viking large country-house viking large countryhouse This country-house is made with more 'natural' material as you can tell from the logs that still have most of their branches connected to them. This buildings offers space for a whole family and includes a fireplace inside. Viking large countryhouse option 2 large countryhouse option 2 The large country-house offers a second option which includes a large old tree which has grown into it. Viking townhall/longhall Viking Townhall/Longhall Last but definitely not least, the largest building of the village, the viking townhall/longhall. This building is a staggering 45 centimeters wide and offers enough space for your whole village to feast!
  23. Coming soon, sometime this month. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skies-of-sordane/skies-of-sordane-3d-printable-stl-airships-and-miniatures
  24. Story Who knows what the future holds whether it be a nuclear war or the planets dying climate times are going to change so get stuck in while you can to the near future and beyond with some unique terrain and scenery setups from steampunk styles western towns to container towns and military buildings, along with a selection of vehicles. we are going back for this KS to stretch goals as it makes it easier for me to keep you updated with the goings-on, but rest assured you will AGAIN be getting plenty of value for your dollars/pounds, I have kept this one very affordable. I will be asking for your input for the stretch goals so we can adapt this KS to suit you the gamer's needs as we go so list your thoughts and ideas in the comments and maybe I can make them appear here. so let's see what you are fetting and remember this is just the starter stuff more will be added as we go here is the link to the past apocalypse KS that you get full access to if you back that level https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wowbuildings/apocalypse-wow Ok, so what do you get? all of the following is included in the basic £40 backing CONTAINER TOWN 10 building set is made from 3 types of shipping containers and vehicle shells STEAMPUNK STYLE WILD WESTERN TOWN 8 building set, a mix of wooden wild west buildings and metal plating 3 VEHICLE SET cars from the now adapted for the future CURVED HABITATS 2 building set MILITARY OUTPOST BUILDING SET £1000 STRETCH GOAL DRILL RIG £1500 STRETCH GOAL EXCAVATOR £2000 STRETCH GOAL PUNK TRAIN (wip) £2500 STRETCH GOAL VEHICLE SET 2 (wip) these two shells will make the two additional vehicles this one will be a police car of some kind big engine and exhausts for this one £3000 STRETCH GOAL BUILD YOUR OWN £3500 STRETCH GOAL £4000 STRETCH GOAL £4500 STRETCH GOAL TBA the container town files in all kit form, build you own setups add the detail you want where you want it £5000 STRETCH GOAL BIG TRUCK VEHICLE
  25. Lots of 3d printable animals. While Thingiverse has quite a few, this ones are rather nice looking. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/163050832/stl-animal-companion-miniatures/description
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