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Found 5 results

  1. Gabbi

    Stone Giant [bones]

    Very quick paintjob, good just for tabletop. I've used some gs to 'blend' the integral base into the round base I'v put it onto. WiP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69574-stone-giants-base/
  2. Gabbi

    Stone Giant's base

    I've just modeled some rocks trying to 'blend' thje Stone Giant's base into a 50mm round base I have put it onto. Plan is, after gs is cured, to sand it a bit, add sand to the base (actually, coffee ) then once painted, finish it with some static grass between the rocks. What do you think? Removing the figure entirely from the cast base would had been a better option? Point is I like the rocky base, so I tried a way to keep it trying to make it not looking too much as 'pasted in' ...
  3. viking_hank

    stone giant

    I recently painted this stone giant grey but it started to seem too blah. I repainted it and added some blue into it. I hoped it would not come out looking like a giant demented Smurf (not that the idea doesn't have merit) or some Las Vegas show gone wrong. I tried to make the club seem as if it was made of copper and turquois (or lapis) in tribute to an old DM I use to play with. he would give us treasure we couldn't use or sale for enough gold to cover the cost of moving it. funny guy. I lost a lot of the detailed shading do to camera and lighting, sorry. enjoy. criticism is always welcomed
  4. I just started painting the Stone Giant from the Bones II Kickstarter, and I can't determine what are the series of cylindrical objects he has strapped to the front of his belt. I've thought perhaps a rack of ribs, or a pan flute, but neither seems quite right. I looked at the painted example on the Reaper Store, and they're just painted grey. Are they Dragon's teeth? Tent pegs? Anyone know for sure?
  5. Thrym

    03270: Stone Giant Warrior

    I got a light box setup finally and wanted to upload some finished minis I've had for a while. The camera is still my phone and I didn't have any white paper to put in for a background at the moment. Since my campaigns are set in a Norse-based custom world we use a lot of giants. C&C are always welcome. Here's the Stone Giant Warrior...