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Found 8 results

  1. Awhile ago I came across three Tau Pathfinders in a bits box at my local shop. Seeing as they were only a couple bucks apiece my mind quickly started thinking of all the things I could do. Having made a squad of Tau defectors some time ago I figured I was overdue to do something weird again. And wouldn't you know it but inspiration hit me before I'd even bought them. Odder still after having them all this time my idea never changed. Having read the title you can already guess where I'm going but there is more to it. Tau painted up as the Ninja Turtles combined just a bit with the Star Wars Republic Commandos (Sev, Boss, Fixer, and Scorch). I know that may sound odd but hear me out. The Republic commandos all combine a single signature color with their typical white armor. Now I'm no expert on the Tau but I know I've seen more than a few similar color schemes. Why not give it a try and see what happens? So when I first conceived of this idea I didn't do much. All I actually did was remove the figures from their bases, add some greenstuff, stamp the greenstuff, and return the figures to their "new" bases. This might actually be the first time I used my Happy Seppuku stamp but I can't remember. It came out a little rough I thought but certainly passable. The figures then basically kicked around my desk for a few months until tonight. Jumping right in I started blocking out colors attempting to lock in a scheme. They ended up skewing closer to TMNT than Republic Commando but this will be remedied. Looking at my reference photos I believe the Republic Commando inspiration will become apparent when I add their signature colors.
  2. During the last Box of Goodwill I came across an almost full set of the Mega Miniatures Kung-Fu blister. Initially I only grabbed a couple with the intention of painting up some generic ninja type mooks. Then an idea formed and I found myself taking the whole blister. These figures looked perfect to replicate the 80's TMNT Foot Clan. Knowing I wouldn't get to them anytime soon I spent a session prepping them so they would be ready the moment I finished my Robotech project. After some bases, a bit of greenstuff, and some primer (picture is obviously before priming) I set them aside. Starting the session I actually intended to paint the generic ninjas in batches of three. Thanks to a bit too much paint on the pallette however I went ahead and basecoated them all. The basecoat is very rough and will require some cleanup but I couldn't belive just how quickly they took their two main colors. Obviously I didn't get to them right after my Robotech project but I did start them immediately after my TMNT Tau so that should count for something. Right?
  3. I did this for my friend's xmas gift this year. He's a big 80's kid, too. Battle report! The challenge here was trying to make them all individual more than just their head bands. I wanted to differ their greens a little between them. I also wanted them to look sewer-ridden and dirty, but still hold contrast. Came out pretty nice. Highs: *Donatello was easily my favorite that came out of this batch. His purple was a great mix and stood out. *Leo had a fun blue that was brighter than expected and gave me the idea to put their respective colors in more areas on them. *eyes were simple and effective. *use of washes and lining came out good. * muscles all have strong definition (no pun) Lows: *bandages look grungy as intended, but did get a little too bright in the edges. *absolute fail in trying to base with green on airbrush. I may need to resign myself to simply saying i suck with an airbrush. *shell colors needed a little more, but i couldn't figure out what's going wrong. *i wanted to push the greens. But needed more something to push the values. Yellow? White? What do you raise green with?
  4. I'm going to consider these done. I'll base another time, but paint wise.. done.
  5. I got my TMNT minis and will start to modify and paint them. First only the primed versions of the minis. Few needed still cleaning, so some parts are missing primer, now. (Also used a primer which need longer to dry and touched the minis to early...) Leonardo Michelangelo He will get a skateboard. :-) Raphael Donatello I want to give him some technical devices, but I'm not sure how to to it or eben worse what to give him, yet! April Ok, only modification she will get is a hole closed, not visible on the picture. :-) If I manage to build later Mousers, she will get a modified Mouser with a camera. Metalhead His left hand will get a flame thrower with flames coming out. I'm not sure if he get anything else. Splinter He will get a modified tail. It will be longer and more important coming from top of the butt. If you check the back of him, you can see a very weakly visible The Gap Of Horror (I hope you know what I mean). There should be under the kimono somehow a visible tail over the butt. Eventually I will modify the Kimono a little bit. He is wearing it wrong. Traditionally you put the left side over the right side, but he has it otherwise. But this is a modification I'm a little afraid of, because I'm not really skilled in using green stuff. Shredder He will get a bigger head! It is much to small. I found already a head in the Samurai box from Wargames Factory which I will use. The head will need few more modifications Casey Jones He will get a golf bag with sports equipment in it. Also on the floor I planned a bag with billiard bawls and few pucks. Krank He has in the moment the head with the helmet version. I don't like it but didn't got from Greebo the non-helmet version. I hope they will send it. So I can use it instead. I hope to make my own Mousers later, because I want many of them, and getting them from Greebo Miniatures would be to expensive. But I'm not sure if I can realize it. I got also from Taban Miniatures the Female Ninja, which will be a good version of Karai. Sadly I got not a pewter version, it is resin. I do not like resin very much.
  6. My obsessions with both pulp undersea exploration and being a cheap bastard were richly rewarded the other day at the thrift store! Someone had donated a vaguely sea-turtle shaped submarine toy in garish green and silver plastic. For 65 cents, it became mine! Internet research says it was once a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure accessory (pic is not mine and I certainly didn't get the box with it!), but it's going to become a chelonian exploration pod for 32mm bathynauts! Gonna copper and brass that sucker up, and go over it with Nihilakh oxide, and paint thin rust-streaks for the little rivets, and glue probably superfluous garbage to the hull! I also got my hands on a Bones 77590, Father Dagon. Plan on some shiny blue colors with Doug-Jones-fish-man-style stripes. I feel there's a display to be made here.
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/idwgames/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-adventures-city-fall?ref=645248&token=49fe2161 for all your turtle minis needs (there seem to be an awful lot of proprietary dice gameplay wise, but other than that I haven't looked to hard at it)
  8. Kickstarter started already It is already for a while on BoardGameGeek Today 9am Eastern = 2pm UK = 3pm rest of the EU From the IDW Games page: First Rendering:
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