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Found 4 results

  1. So I was assigned Morihalda (yay!) for the 2016 Spring Exchange and I received the survey that she filled out to get an idea of what I should paint for her. In the section asking what she would not like to receive, she put "ugly undead things. " Well, as one who happens to love undead things and thinks they're absolutely adorable, I took offense to this (not real offense, obviously,) and decided that I was going to give her a pretty undead thing. So the idea here is that the elf ranger saved what he thought was a beautiful princess, only when she turned around, he didn't have time to run away before she grabbed him and dragged him back to her father's castle. Without further adieu, I give you, "What do you mean you don't want to marry my daughter?" I know, I know, as usual my lighting and pictures are dreadful. Unfortunately, I forgot to take proper pictures before packaging everything up, so what you're seeing are my "Look! I finally finished!" pictures. The figures I used are in the topic tags - they're all Reaper, except for the wolf, which was from Dark Sword Miniatures. My banshee lady is a conversion/head swap/whatever. Her body and hair are from 02582: Queen of High Elves and her "face" is from 02090: The Deathmistress. Special thanks to Froggy for his advice and talking me down from the proverbial ledge while I was anxiously hacking into things. This was my first actual conversion - it was a face transplant rather than a head transplant because I wanted to preserve the original mini's hair. Here's a back view of her so you can see her hair better and also my first ever attempt at a freehand pattern. Knowing that I was giving Mori a banshee lady and Dragoth when she'd directly asked not to receive "ugly undead" (Dragoth's throne is pretty grisly!) I made sure to specifically add things that were on her inspiration list: an elf, a ranger and a wolf and she also mentioned that sea colours and woodland colours were her favourites so I tried to keep that in mind as well. Also special thanks to Knarthex who talked me through some ideas and showed me some examples on what to do with the empty space where the braziers ended up going - I sculpted those with sculpey clay. They're very primitive but I think they got the job done. Especially special thanks to Trevor who bravely sacrificed his skull to go into one of the braziers.
  2. I technically started painting this guy in July 2015 (really, you can find the abandoned WIP) but all I did then was wash, clean and brown liner him and then I sadly abandoned him. But since the hangouts have me painting every day, (23 days in a row now!) I picked him back up and I think I finished him over the course of 3 hangouts. Please enjoy my terrible lighting and pictures. You don't see my finger in this picture, that's a hallucination because you've been around too much super glue. Get some fresh air, pal. I think I'll name him Trevor. C&C always welcome!
  3. Alright, so I bought this Greater Helping Hand from Valiant Miniatures on sale because I thought it'd be fun to paint and it definitely was. I've been working on it for a few days off and on while in the Google hangouts. Anyway, the model's metal and came with a peg that inserted into the metal base that it came with. It's a beautiful sculpt, although it did require a good bit of filing due to a mold line that ran over some of the fingernails. It also took quite a bit of shaving off chunks of the peg and an epoxy putty to get the hand to stand up the way it's meant to. While looking into it, it appears that they make the same miniature in resin, which would certainly be less hefty. I wasn't sure what to do about the base and had an idea that since it's meant to be a spell effect, that it should be coming up out of a cloud of smoke. (This also covered up my terrible epoxy and green stuff job that I was really unhappy with.) So as incompetently as possible, I sculpted a cloud sort of thing using some Sculpey clay. Eh, it worked out well enough, I think. I had fun with it, so that's all that matters, right? Right. Enjoy a bunch of terrible pictures with terrible lighting, as usual. I wouldn't want to spoil you all too much, after all. C&C always welcome!
  4. So I needed a skull for something I was working on and with much regret and apologies, I lopped off the head of one of my Bones Skeleton Axemen. I was actually very upset that I had to behead one of my friends. I was in the Google hangout at the time and TGP suggested that I replace his head with a pumpkin. I thought it was a great idea and I just so happened to have a couple of 02992 jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins already primed and mostly basecoated from back in October when I did my Halloween diorama. I pinned his pumpkin head and also pinned him to the base because he's made of Bones and the pumpkin is metal, so he does slouch a bit but I don't think he should topple over. Anyway. Here are some really awful pictures I took of him! Here he is being entirely washed out by my terrible lighting. Enjoy the bonus cat hair in this shot. I don't even know what this picture is. I think I was trying to show you how much he slouches because that's how I show things off. A slightly different shot because I took the time to send it to my computer from my phone and edit it, so you get to see it. I think he makes a pretty good friend, now I just have to put him somewhere that he won't get eaten by the kitten... C&C always welcome!
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