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Found 1 result

  1. No fancy setup. I'm getting lazy. Or maybe not, because these aren't likely to be used and I still got them done. Rebel Lineup: Biv and Saska. Widely regarded as the two worst heroes in the game. Saska's outfit is green on the character card, but I'm not very fond of green. I also kind of wanted to paint up a Rebel pilot. She's a techie, not a pilot, but the look is similar. Wookiee Warriors. These were some of the first minis I painted for IA. That seems like forever ago sometimes. Alliance Smuggler (although I think he looks more like Sarek, Son of Skon). His character card has somewhat garish colors, but I chose to rein it in...Oddly going with a green jacket (you can't really tell from the front with the over-exposure). But I believe I achieved a very grounded, realistic look. Lastly on the Rebel front: These are the droids you're looking for! I'm a little disappointed in the gold on C-3PO. It should have been brighter, as should his lower leg. But, overall, I am pretty happy with the Droid Duo. On to the Scum! Lots of Terran Khaki. Lots of Uniform Brown. Just lots of brown. Well, there are two banthas...NO, NO, NO! There is only one bantha, thank goodness. The closest thing to "color" on it is the blue edging on the saddle blanket. And now I see a spot where I bumped some of the rigging ropes with another color. I might fix it later. I tried running a couple vertical black stripes down the bantha's flank so give a little variation. A couple Rodian bounty hunters. The red-shirted Rodian has a "blind" eye that I thought might be fun. It didn't work out as well as I had hoped. And now! The man (dalorian)! The myth (osaur rider)! The legend (who was taken out like a punk)! Shown here in a scheme reminiscent of his original Holiday Special and Droids appearances. I enhanced the brow ridge with kill marks (like his movie costumes). Hot Toys has a really spiffy 1:6 model of this costume, which is what I used as a reference. The cartoon "blue" is a little more "sky blue," but the Hot Toys looks more teal (to my eyes). So I went with the Marine Teal triad. I was really on the fence about it, but I'm starting to enjoy it more and more. I kind of wish that the knee-pad launchers had been molded into the figure, but I've tried to represent them with a couple stripes of silver. You can't see it in these pictures, but his breastplate is also yellow. Heavy Stormtroopers (which, I believe, most of us know as "sandtroopers"). Not much to say. Lots of white. Lather, rinse, repeat. Although I probably should have hit the backpacks with a drybrush. I might have to do that one these days. I have to admit, that I found my batch of troopers a little soft on the detail and some of the arm placements. Maybe the molds were wearing down, maybe I just got a set of bad casts, maybe they're all like that. And just when I thought we done: More Stormtroopers. These are the expansion pack, and have a slightly different pose. I wanted something a little more than that, though, and since these can also be used for Elites, they needed to stand out. I decided to do that by painting the pauldrons blue, and declaring them part of the 501st--Vader's Fist. Which means: ONE...LAST...STORMTROOPER! Kayn Somos. Commander or Captain, or some other non-specific officer-type. The orange pauldron means he's in charge. One more set (16 minis) to go! And no Stormtroopers! Just four Deathtroopers.
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