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Found 48 results

  1. First real attempt at object source lighting. Model was zenithal primed and painted using glazes and inks
  2. This is yet another of my metal trade bin finds! I picked him out because he looked like he was wounded, and I love minis in poses other than at-arms. It turns out that he's clutching a dagger on his chest, and not a wound. Also, I'm spoiled by Reaper's wonderful faces. This one is a little bit flat, though that may be due to being in the bin. Anyway, not my best work, but I painted this in a few hours!
  3. A fitting adversary for the Benthic Walker and my aquanauts, this burly fishy brute packs a massive steampunky harpoon cannon and a cape made of human leather. (How aquatic species do their leather-tanning, I don't know, but it seems to work for this guy.) He's also adorned with fishhooks, which must be a bold countercultural statement among fishmen. Like a necklace of bullets and syringes for a human, I guess. Big fella, he came with a Large base but could pass for a very burly Medium creature in my opinion. This brute is not some lungbreather hybrid from Innsmouth; this is 100% Deep One stuff. Oh yes, also the rotten hands and bones on the gruesome cape. Trophies of the Ones that Got Away, perhaps?
  4. As seen in my Lunch Sessions WiP thread, here's the finished product of Borka Kegslayer, the stumbling-drunk warlock for Privateer Press' Trollbloods faction. I painted this guy up as part of a trade with @chaosscorpion , so the mini will be on his way across the state in the near future, unless CS sees something terribly terribly off. Basing is left to Chaosscorpion to better match his army. The plaid is a specific tartan, I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm pleased that this mini pushed me into doing plaid, which I'd never done before. Borka also comes with a kegbearing Pyg. The kegstamp is, like the debossed pattern on the back of Borka's jacket, the symbol of the Trollbloods faction. I also enjoy the ridiculously drunken whelp sitting on top of the barrel. Chaosscorpion, let me know if there's anything that needs to change before I put them in the mail!
  5. I think I got this and a couple of other Warmachine minis at garage sales. This one had seen a little abuse (some by me), but I always figured it'd make a good creepy dragon or horror creature someday, if I could figure out what its ecology was like. I painted this one to take a break from another mini that was kind of stalled. The dude is about 60% base, because he's metal and the wings are quite heavy. His original base was pretty small, so I wanted to put something wider and heavier (read: more stable) underneath him. I'm really happy with the output!
  6. Hi, I started collecting Cygnar in January, and few days ago i had my first match for 25 point. Simultaneously I paint Cryx for my girlfriend who is my opponent. Im really proud of ranger and maddox bases, and painting of Maddox (female warcaster with big sword) because everyone is complaining she has terrible sculpt, i think its interesting with nice pose.
  7. Couple things for Patrons: Anson Durst: Zaal:
  8. I really love making minis for our RPG group- and here is a party for one of our campaigns. The group consisted of three trollkin and a farrow (who might have been a trollkin in a previous life- or maybe the next one). Only the first one has no conversion elements. The one with the fell blades was a Fell Caller with Doomreaver levels. Overall, I feel that this was one of our poorer intelligence parties- it was kind of a surprise that they ever got much done.
  9. Three months ago i started my cygnar army. Here is my Stryker warcaster.
  10. A buddy gave me his Khador army for Warmachine. While I figure out exactly how I want to paint my stompy robots, I thought I'd paint up one of my warcasters. The red actually fairly easy, if time-consuming. Once I started going for details, it was a little harder. I originally went with red with brown leather (now only on the gun holster), but it was looking pretty muddy. I changed it to black for the most part, but the details were really getting lost. Changing a lot of the black to purple really helped get things to pop. I used a lot of Scale75 paints, using their red and Metal 'n Alchemy sets. The rest was done primarily with Reaper paints, with a few Games Workshop washes. The base was looking very plain until I added in some vegetation. I think it helped with the framing pretty well.
  11. Harrison Gibbs for Warmachine. I went with purple to focus more on his Laelese nature. And as a result of the need for complimentary colour contrast, the cat ended up orange.
  12. Not nearly as exciting as many of the Show Offs here, but part of my goal of continuing to paint, and to getting better, is to keep myself honest by posting as I go. So here then is High Exemplar Kreoss by Privateer Press. There are parts on here that I really like and parts that I know I still need to work on (in general). For the most part, I'm pretty happy with how the shoulder pads in particular came out, while the gold parts are still giving me fits when I try to shade. I know I really need to work on my paint consistency (I think) when shading the gold, but I also have decided to be satisfied in many instances with "good enough". Part of this is to keep me painting and realizing that I'll only get better with time. I do need to work on my blending some. On the robes in particular there are some pretty hash transition lines, but I still feel I am well ahead of where I was even six months ago. All in all, I think I met my goal of Table Top quality.
  13. So since I was kidding Ub3r earlier, I feel its only fair that I post my own WIP (which will likely be slow progress). This is High Exemplar Kreoss, a.k.a. Kreoss 1, a.k.a. pKreoss. A Warcaster for the Protectorate of Menoth in Warmachine by PP. This is just a quick shot of him primed (along with my lovely thumb as I had to hold it close to the light in order to get any of the details to stick out). I should have an update tomorrow with some early base coating!
  14. Inspired in part by the Great Frogmeister's silly photos of Kaladrax getting into bags of snacks, doing battle against action figures, and tearing up rolls of toilet paper, I thought I'd finally get around to tackling my own Kaladrax from the Bones Kickstarter. Here is a very rough, un-glued assembly of the parts I have. All I've done so far is to cover all the pieces with Americana "Parchment" acrylic (a sort of yellowish-beige-white), then to apply a wash with a big jug of brown paint that has gone "soupy." (This happens to a lot of my acrylic paints: it turns watery, and my attempts to stir it up just result in a bubbly mess. It's not like there's a bunch of thicker sedative at the bottom; I have no idea how that transformation happens, but it's the peril of having too many cheap acrylic paints, I guess, and letting them sit around for too long. Fortunately, with the darker paints, they still work just fine as messy washes for "grunging up" terrain and such. Or, in this case, giant skeletal dragons.) There's a little bit of lime green in there, in the area between the ribs, but that was an early mess when I was still trying to sort out my "battle plan." That whole area will have to be repainted, especially after I applied the brown wash to muddle things up. Now, in a perfect world, I'd be able to pose the dragon a little more like this: Why? Because I'm running an Iron Kingdoms campaign on the high seas, and I thought I might find use for this model -- at last! -- as a great Cryx monstrosity. In Iron Kingdoms, the Cryx are one of the overt "bad guy" factions, consisting of a bunch of undead-steampunk lich lords lurking on the Scharde Islands just off the coast, with lots of pirate minions who raid the mainland for "fresh recruits." Their forces are characterized by lots of undead thingies with bolted-on armor and parts randomly replaced with mechanisms, plus mysterious "engines" that involve a lot of glowing green undead energy. So, painting schemes tend toward bone white, gunmetal/gray, burnished bronze, and glowing green. I would like to pose Kaladrax in a more "rearing-up" position, so as to maybe fit within a base with a somewhat smaller footprint ... but then, the more it is rearing up and vertical, the greater the danger that it's going to wibble-wobble all the time and the wings will simply fall off or worse. (If I can manage, I plan to NOT glue in the wings, because I'd like to be able to remove them for easier transportation and storage. If they make a habit of popping off on a regular basis, however, I might have little choice other than to wire them in, and just plan on keeping this critter in a bigger foam-lined box.) In the picture above, none of the pieces are glued in. Just getting Kaladrax into position was very troublesome, as parts kept falling off. The tail is particularly frustrating, with its ridiculous length, combined with its tendency to pop apart easily. My first order of business will be to find a suitable base that I can start bolting things down to. If I keep Kaladrax on its original decorative base, at the very least I'll need a base with a diameter of 8" just to accommodate the decorative base at its widest point. The dragon extends for quite some distance beyond that, however, so if I'm going to use this for miniatures gaming, I think 12" is a more likely minimum. If Kaladrax is posed as normal, and if the tail is to be included, I might end up with a base as wide as 16" in diameter. I hope that perhaps with a bit of pinning and some forced bending, I can get the tail to curl in more tightly. Another consideration I've had is that I might shorten the tail. Or, if I go with a "Kaladrax emerges from the sea" setup, I might do without the tail entirely. I also considered removing the rear legs (rather easy to do, with a bit of putty gap-filling, since the hip bones are separate parts), but I'm reluctant to short-change Kaladrax too much. ;) I've got a number of coffee can lids and such, but nothing approaching the right size. I do have a dead fan tower that I could borrow the base from, but I think that would over-shoot the intended diameter. (I suppose I should measure it. If it's within the ballpark, it would have the added benefit of having some WEIGHT to it, if I try for a more "dynamic" pose with Kaladrax rearing up.) My Reaper Kraken (77291) is missing the critical top ridged part of its body, so I've been borrowing its tentacles for "tentacles rising from the murk" pieces for RPG encounters. I might borrow its decorative "shipwreck" base as well, to add to Kaladrax's own decorative base, to give the scene a more nautical appearance. Once I settle on a way to bolt down Kaladrax without the thing wobbling all over the place (whether I attempt a more "dynamic" pose or just have it lounging on a rocky precipice), then there will be the matter of cleaning up the ribcage area and touching up my bone-and-wash look, then bolting on various Cryxian "evil-steampunk" elements to turn this into a giant magical-steampunk monstrosity -- the sort of encounter one does not go up against without an army or two. Here and my Colossal-class Cryx "Kraken" (different model -- basically a big steampunk robot with a couple of robo-tentacles) was going to be the big-shot opponent originally ... until I discovered in my first Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign that even Colossal/Gargantuan stats from the miniatures war game aren't all that impressive when faced by a properly combat-focused PC party. But THIS guy ... he might be worth a little more respect. "Kaladrax LAUGHS at your puny so-called 'Colossal' on its mere 120mm base!"
  15. Hello everyone, meet Rusty! Rusty was an experiment about a year ago to see how I could do with a lot of weathering on a figure, and I had a blast working on him. I decided on heavy weathering since my primary warcaster is a Pirate and I figured that the non aquatic units would be more worse for wear. I enjoyed it so much I might have to make the second part of the name that I've occasionally used official and start a family of Rusty warjacks.
  16. So after having a brief start a few years ago in the painting journey that got interrupted by various life events, I have finally gotten the painting bug back and am starting in on some tabletop figures while I try to wrap my head around how I want to paint some of my various Bones and old assorted RPG figures. The tabletop figures have an obvious advantage in that once I settle on a scheme, they all kind of just flow from there so its a bit easier to figure out how I want to paint them. That said, I am still operating at a bit of a disadvantage while I slowly gather proper supplies/tools, to say nothing of actual skill. Currently, I am waiting on a new bulb for my project lamp since the lamp came with a shattered bulb (awesome). I also don't have the best of brushes yet but that's mainly because I want to make sure I actually stick with this before I invest too much money into it. Ultimately though, I can hopefully gain some steady improvement and hopefully show other fellow newbies like myself that its not as daunting as it may seem, even if the quality won't come anywhere near many of the awesome painters on here. Naturally, any and all feedback is much appreciated and I am sure I will be asking plenty of questions as I go. So without further ado, our first entrant, the mighty Vanquisher: Obviously only got a small bit done last night, but the plan is to keep the armor mostly in the dark red, with Honed Steel for the gears, pistons, etc. for the Vanq. The gun is going to be mostly a gold tone as will some of the details and edges. What I am not certain of yet are what color to paint the little doors on top there. I want them to stand out a bit and am having trouble coming up with a good color choice. I don't want to just keep that sanguine color (P3 Sanguine Base) but can't quite pin down if I should just use the Honed Steel or something else. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. And yes, I realize I need to go over it with at least a couple more base coats on the parts partially painted, just ran out of energy last night. :)
  17. althai

    Black Arts

    I posted this figure in the WIP forum to ask for critiques, and the critiques I received help me improve her a lot. Before I was really unhappy with how the figure was looking, and now I'm really happy with how she came out. I may still tweak some things, as she's for a painting competition and I still have a month to make changes. If you have any other critiques, I'd love to hear them! In order to be friendly to people on phones or other slow internet connections, especially given the large number of pics, all pictures are small compressed jpgs that link to higher-resolution, higher quality versions of the same image. The figure represents Fiona the Black, and is a conversion based on the old Fiona model and the satyxis sea witch. As always, comments, questions, and constructive criticism are welcome and encouraged!
  18. I wasn't sure whether to post this in WIP or Show Off as the paintjob is essentially done, but I'm not really happy with it and I wanted critiques so I'm posting it here. I can't really put my finger on why I'm not happy with the paintjob, but I'm not happy with it, and I'm hoping some critiques might help me figure out how to fix it. So please, don't hold back! Because of the 150k size limits on pictures, they all link to larger, higher quality pictures so you can see the detail better. Please take a look at let me know what you think could be improved.
  19. One last shot at these WIP things. I've got a themed WIP here: Dave's Thornfall Alliance. I'm giving them a wasteland theme, and right now, I've got: Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq., III Rorsh & Brine Razor Boars (x2) Slaughterhousers (Leader & 5 Grunts) Farrow Brigands (Leader & 9 Grunts) Farrow Brigand Warlord Meat Thresher War Hog Maximus ...so this is going to be a fairly long WIP, which you are joining already in progress. Some of these guys are already based: Carver, Rorsh & Brine, and the Razor Boars 2 Random Farrow (from Iron Kingdoms Unleashed), and the Slaughterhousers I started working on Lord Carver, Bringer of Much Massive Destruction, Esquire, the Third (known as Immortan Carver from here on) first (after finishing my Secret Sophie project). Immortan Carver's Pretty Much Everybody's Basecoat: Cloak/Loincloth - Sample Rusty Red Fur/Flesh - Sample Muddy Brown Shoulder Fur - P3 Cryx Bane Highlight Steel - Vallejo Oily Steel Bronze - GW Tin Bitz (Warplock Bronze) Leather - Reaper 09110 Oiled Leather Tusks - GW Kommando Khaki (Karak Stone) At the point in the above photos, his cloak had been highlighted with Reaper 09111 Burnt Orange, and his metallics had been washed with P3 Armor Wash.
  20. First warlock for my Thornfall Alliance Fury Road-themed army. Meet Immortan Carver: Kind of a speed paint; I probably only spent a total of about four hours on him. Been in a bit of a slump lately, and I'm trying to break out of it. As always, c & c welcome. EDIT: Whoops. Totally forgot to add his dead grass tufts before the photos. BACK TO THE WORKBENCH, CARVER!
  21. Here's my Ironback Spitter for Hordes. http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_2.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_3.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_4.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_5.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_7.jpg http://www.terrainosaur.com/figs2/ironback_8.jpg
  22. I met my goal for October by finishing these guys off. I have been meaning to post them for the RPChallenge but I haven't had time until now. There are areas I like quite a bit on these guys and other areas that I feel quite "meh" about. But they are painted and ready to be added to my new Khador army. For the game table I am happy with them. Here are two group shots. I took some individual photos but do not want to overwhelm the thread unless anyone would really like to see some closeups. C&C welcome as always. I hope you guys like them.
  23. fanguad

    Satyxis Raider

    I fished this lady out of the melt bin at ReaperCon, missing her chain whip which I replaced with a dagger. I don't play Cryx (and she's part of a 10-man squad anyway), so she gets painted up as a generic PFRPG NPC. I decided this would be a low-stress model: having fun takes priority over looking good. I put as much time as I wanted into any given section then moved on. She may have a chance to star in the next session of my RotRL game. The base I got from Secret Weapon’s Bag of Crap. I’m not a big fan of their gross alien bases, so it got paired with this low-stress model.
  24. The "Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed" boxed set came with a nice group of miniatures, as well as a nice scenario and quickplay rule. So what better way to celebrate that painting them up? I went with a neutral "game" theme for the bases, as they're not really lipped or anything and I didn't want flock all over the board game style box everything came with. First off, we have the heroes:
  25. Okay, if I were doing this properly, there are several stages I should have taken pictures at, but unfortunately this whole thing has been a "make it up as I go" business. Back-story: I'm running an Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign, and it mostly involves overland journeys punctuated by the occasional "dungeon" full of encounters. So far, the "dungeon" has typically been a big train full of cars (since Iron Kingdoms is a bit of a fantasy-steampunk hybrid), but now the PCs have reached the end of the rail and are venturing along an old road into the dreaded Thornwood. They'll need supplies, and since there's at least one steamjack in the party, a good portion of that will just be for all the COAL they have to haul along (and a way to cart the steamjack itself when it's not fired up). Toward that end, I'm working on making some wagons, Iron Kingdoms style. These aren't finished yet. This is just as far as I got over the weekend (time split up among various minis on my worktable as well). The Dancing Hut (WIP) This isn't really part of the wagon caravan, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the PCs might end up acquiring it at some point (unless they blow it up first, which is a very real possibility as well). So far, I've cobbled together the basic structure and slapped on the basic paints in a rush to have something that's "barely good enough for the table" in the event that I can't get any more work done on it before its time to come on stage in the campaign. The core body is made from a strange plastic mini Barbie house toy I found in a thrift store -- basically a hollow shell/facade that had a hinge where it would swivel open, but was totally empty inside, and had no floor. (So, it would be useless to serve as any type of container, it has no opening doors/windows, no interior decoration of any sort that would justify opening up as a "play set" and I'm no expert on Barbie -- nor can I guess at the magic keywords to get it to appear in a Google image search.) I used an inverted plastic Warhammer movement tray that just happened to be the right width to bridge the bottom of the house to serve as a support that I could attach the "chassis" and legs to. The legs themselves were made from pieces from yet another unidentified toy source -- some sort of construction set that looked vaguely ZOIDS-ish, but had a combination of joining types (square blocks that link together, plugs that fit together Micronauts-style for a degree of rotation, and clips that attach to bars to make swiveling joints), and not a brand or manufacturer or patent inscription to be found anywhere. But the important thing is, "Find small toy house, or vaguely house-like box-like shape. Affix giant robot legs. Find some sort of tubes or cylinders or domes or whatever to glue onto the back to look like a boiler." Tada! There are the basics. As for the rest, it's a mix of bits from a grab bag of Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K) and Platformer/Tehnolog/Robogear leftovers I acquired a while back, plus some craft sticks, with lots of epoxy putty for gap-filling, and a few brad nails for railing posts and such. For future steps: 1) Washes and dry-brushing so the red brick paint job isn't so "flat." I still intend to keep it roughly "Khador red" since this campaign is themed mostly on Khador (and Russian fairy tales). Also, it can use a bit of touch-up; some of the paint wore off during handling. 2) More bits and bobs and doodads. At the very least, I need some windows and maybe a hatch on the front. 3) Some "distress" for the roof. I'm thinking maybe some very light green applied as a wash in streaks in order to get a "verdigris" look, and some darker wash for "patina." 4) Some sort of paneling on the legs, along with some gunmetal and bronze dry-brushing here and there. 5) SOMETHING for the windows. Flat yellow panels just won't cut it. Either I need to gradient out to a golden brown near the frames, or cut out some sort of lattice-work screen to put down over them, or such. I don't think I'll try my hand at free-hand painting of any patterns, however. 6) Possibly some sort of a base. Presently it's shown standing on a terrain piece I put together from Hirst Arts "fieldstone" blocks from various molds, painted up in several layers of "dirty grey" dry-brushing and washes. Okay, for this wagon, I took the easy route: I actually found a plastic toy wagon in the thrift store. It only had two wheels (in the back), but I happened to find another pair of wheels with a metal rod axle, and hot-glued those up front. Unfortunately, I don't think I can count on finding more wagons (or passable facsimiles) in the thrift store on demand. This is the personal wagon and "home on wheels" for Tsarevitch Ivan, the kind-hearted, soft-headed, and a little bit vain and spoiled "protagonist" that our heroes are accompanying in sort of a big glorified "escort quest" that is the campaign (unless the players rebel, that is, which I must be mindful is always a possibility). In any case, it's the least practical of the designs -- its shape is actually loosely inspired by that of a pop-up camper that my family used to take up to Oshkosh for the EAA "Fly-In" (now "Airventure") when I was a kid. Or, rather, it's inspired by the shape of said camper when actually deployed; here, it's a rather unwieldy shape for actually taking on the road (and partly an excuse for why a week or so is passing in between each dungeon, giving the PCs time to heal up a bit, because it's a bear to get this thing down a partially overgrown forest road). The main body is made from foam-core illustration board held together with Tacky Glue adhesive, and more brad nails (the heads of which make passable rivets). The body of the wagon had a few plug-in holes that I imagine were once used for affixing some sort of Conestoga-type canopy top (not included), but I re-purposed them as spots to "pin" the housing in place. (Actually, both of these projects have an awful lot of pinning going on, as I don't want glued-on pieces popping off left and right as soon as things get handled.) Normally, I would've just gone with layered thin cardboard for the shingles, but this time around I decided to try a thin layer of epoxy putty, and just sculpt the shingles with a hobby knife and a dental tool. I still need to finish the rooftop "spine," though I am considering putting some rooftop spikes along there, if I can find any more of that Warhammer 40K "Chaos Tank Spiky Fencing" (not its official name, but that's what I think of it as) to put there. The rooftop hatch, platform, and hanging lanterns are Games Workshop terrain "bits" that I got in a grab-bag deal. The seat cushion is just epoxy putty where I took a hobby knife and made some diagonal impressions to suggest quilting. The flag is ... from a grab bag, so I'm really not sure what it's from, but it looks like someone went to the trouble of replacing the original flag post with a brass rod, so it's surprisingly sturdy. I printed off a sheet of "decals" at 600 dpi, including several Khador emblems, and used a couple of the emblems on the flag. As with the Dancing Hut, I'm considering taking some screen fabric and putting it into the side bay windows (even if it means I have to pop off the window pieces, and glue the screen down BEHIND them before replacing them). ... For the remaining wagons, I have a few goals: 1) Have something that looks like a wagon (two of them) done in time for this Saturday's game. It needn't necessarily be pretty. After all, players are players, and they could well decide to break down a wagon for kindling, or drive it off a cliff, or blow it up. Or, like the last time I spent all this work on a travel caravan for a fantasy setting (World of Warcraft campaign, papercraft wagons patterned after the Darkmoon Faire wagons), the druid whipped out this spell that nearly rendered overland journeys moot, because the entire party could step into a plant and then pop out of any other plant "of the same type" ON THE SAME PLANE, REGARDLESS OF DISTANCE, thus instantly bypassing whole intervening regions I'd worked on, because there was no good reason there WOULDN'T be a convenient tree of the same general type in the target location, and.... Grrr. What, me bitter over that after all these years? NAHHHHHH. ;) 2) One of the wagons needs to be able to carry a steamjack, preferably via a tilting platform in the back, as per the engineer's stated design plan (as in, the steamjack backs up onto this L-shaped thing, and then the whole thing tilts back to put the center of weight of the 'jack over the rear axle, so the whole thing won't upend when the support legs are retracted). I think I might use a few Tehnolog/Robogear/Platformer panels for this, since those have a very clunky '80s tech aesthetic (lots of frames, lots of rivets) that could be adapted to the steam-fantasy feel of IKRPG as long as I add some big gears and paint lots of bronze. 3) The other wagon needs to be a "portable confessional" for our traveling Priest of Menoth and his squishy followers (NPC minions). Just about anything will do, but bonus points if I can slap some symbols of Menoth and such on it. Various Warhammer 40K Space Marine bitz will probably work fairly nicely (what with those purity seals and scrolls and whatnot). Maybe even some bitz leftover from a Warhammer Fantasy "flagellant" pack. Alas, I'm kind of short on wheels right now, unless I cannibalize other wagon projects. I have an old (incomplete) Vampire Counts wagon, but I don't think anyone wants to ride around in what amounts to a coffin-shaped horse-drawn hearse. (And, besides, it really only seats the driver and ONE passenger.) I have a Mage Knight "Atlantean Ram" chariot that might be incorporated into a wagon; right now it only has two wheels, and they have very conical "hubcaps." Somewhere in my garage is a Mage Knight "Black Powder Rebellion War Wagon," but ... I have to actually FIND it, and after all these years (I think I put it out there a DECADE ago), prospects are not high. I expect that I may have to dig into my cache of spare HeroClix/Mage Knight bases (I've cut off bunches, as Clix minis made for my primary supply of cheap plastic minis before Bones came out) for alternative wagon wheels. The rims of those things have an interesting look, and as long as I come up with a suitable "hubcap," I think they might make for plausible wheels for a steampunk-ish wagon. That might be more of interest to other hobbyists than "Look at the thing I found in the thrift store that I repainted, and which I will probably never find again even if I wanted to," so I'll try to take some pictures of that along with a few items for improvised wagon wheel covers. Oh yeah. Tangential wish for Bones: WAGON WHEELS. Okay, so maybe selling wagon wheels alone would be too "niche," so maybe a Wooden Cart that just happens to come with four wagon wheels on it. Or, if it simply must be a creature ... an Oboroguruma! (Japanese cart-ghost.) Yeah, I could work with that. :)
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