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Found 1 result

  1. So, I'm finally making time to paint again. Or, well, I've at least managed to clear a space for painting in order to try and make time in a week when my work schedule goes back to normal a bit. But I've got a question, which I meant to ask back in February when I did LTPKs 1&2, but forgot to. How the heck am I supposed to do washes/glazes/any heavily thinned painting using a wet pallete? I bought one because I didn't want to deal with paints drying on the pallete in the middle of painting, and it works great for that if I'm using paint that's lightly thinned, but once I start trying to mix up a wash it just runs everywhere on the pallete and gets into everything. Is it because I'm using the wet pallete paper that came with the wet pallete that I bought? Should I switch to just plain parchment paper for my pallete paper? Also, do they make any kind of welled wet pallete? I'm going to guess no, but I haven't look around that hard. I would think something like that would be great for washes, but if anything I can always just use a dry pallete for mixing washes and a wet pallete for everything else.
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