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Found 1 result

  1. Colonel Kane

    Colonel Kane's D&D World

    Be afraid, be very afraid, for I am building a new world. Shattering the Heavens, breaking the world and bending reality to my will....MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I intend to use this thread as a help to building a world for use in a PbP, here at Reaper. If you have a comment great, but know I have an idea of where I am going with this. I am open to suggestions, but I may or may not use it, please do not feel that I am not paying attention to your suggestions. At this particular time I wan to use the city of Waterdeep as my starting point. I know there are several PDFs over at Drive thru that will help detail the city, however there will be changes. I am currently thinking of pulling Waterdeep completely out of the FR. While I do love the FR, I want my own world. One that I can totally throw in a blender and hit puree at any time I deem it necessary. Gods The god will change, will the FR has its own gods ready to rock n roll, I have developed my own over many games and a couple of different systems. Deity Alignment of Domains Symbol Anhur LG War & rulership War, Knowledge Lion Aeolus LG Wind Nature Cloud Karina LN Love Life, Light Butterfly Isis LG Life Life Ankh Vulcan LG Forge & Machines Knowledge, Forge Hammer Marius NG Oceans & Storms Nature, Tempest Waves Invictus LG Sun Nature, Light Sun Severus Tullius LG Trade Life, Trickery, Knowledge Coin Artemis NG Land and Animals Nature Bull’s Head Morgan N Dreams & Afterlife Nature, Life Raven Kassandra N Magic, Alcheny and the stars Arcana, Knowledge Broom Kronus N Time & Knowledge Knowledge Hourglass Portunes N Keys, Doors, Ports, and New beginings Knowledge, Life Key Sporin N Healing & Peace Life, Nature Red Cross Thoth N Inventions and Knowledge Knowledge Scroll Turg of Nev N Architectural Planning Knowledge Quill Aesop N Storytelling Knowledge, Life Masks Beanus N Coffee and Mornings Life Cup Thanatos LE Enslavement of all life Death, Knowledge Mailed Fist Bellatrix LE Pain & Torture Death Whip Orcus* CE Undead Death Skull Aeacus CE Hate Death, Knowledge Erebus* CE Chaotic Change Death, Trickery A swirling Mass Carnavorus* CE Slaughter Death,War Bloody Sword Pestulous (Jubilex)* CE Disease Set** CN Mutant Beasts Beast Head Apophis CE Total Destruction of everything Black Circle This is the list of deities for now. The Domains might change as I figure out the what they all are, currently only have the Basic book and it only has the Life Domain. The gods have heralds and I have not decided on how to place them into the world just yet. That is all I have for now any questions and or comments are welcome.