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02338 Stern Kestrellman, painted by LSH


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lstormhammer? Where've you been?


In a bottle, not one filled with paint. (I'm better, now)



So yeah, it's Stern, painted as a Paladin, on a quckie ice base.


I'm pretty happy with it. Cold start to snapped pics in about 2 hours.


I did some NMM effects on the plate armor, used AP Speed Paint and then drybrushed a warm white for the glowing gold sword, then cheaped out and threw some gold metallics on the sword itself.


The base is some odds and ends attached to a Wizkids base, Stern got a pin in his ankle to secure him into the rocks he's standing on, then everything got some Vallejo matte varnish to finish.


C+C is always accepted, I'm trying to go through my absolutely Herculean amount of backlogged plastic miniatures, so hopefully we'll see more of this.


Oh, and let's not forget to tag his namesake in,

 @Stern Kestrelmann



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19 minutes ago, Grand Slam said:

I really love the flecks of white on the armor...it definitely makes it look like he's out in a snowstorm. I also like the nmm blade contrasted with the metallic gold hilt. I think it adds variety and allows for the sword to remain completely gold without getting boring. Good work!

Thanks, it was completely accidental.


I primed black, zenethal highlight, messed up air pressure on the white and got speckles.


The blade is white primer, AP's speed paint 'zealot yellow' dummied down 3:1 with AP Speedpaint Medium, brushed from base to tip in one smooth motion for both sides. 

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good job, I also love that base, it tells a story and I always like it when that happens.


Thanks. I have a small back catalogue of unfinished bases. That one was XPS foam for the boulders, some scatter sand for gravel, with a few pebbles in and around. Glued down with the classic Black Magic craft tinted Mod Podge, airbrushed white, GW's Pylar Glacier to finish.

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