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Magic skulls! ( Demi-lich 77352, MMM Possessed Flaming Skulls)


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Thanks, I'm glad you like them! the high contrast fire is a pretty easy and forgiving standard progression but it really is effective. The flameskulls certainly draw the eye on my display shelving.

In retrospect I probably could've done something similar (high contrast) with the demilich to make it more impressive, but I tend to avoid that kind of risk during a speedpaint because it could stop me in my tracks if I don't like how it turned out. Perhaps I will experiment with a similar progression in green / aqua colors so that I have that tool in the ol' toolbox for the future.

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I really like what you did on the demilich's flame (it contrasts nicely with the bone bits). Very good for a speed paint. I also agree with you about them being easy to underestimate as enemies 🙂


Those flameskulls are crazy! Great job making them appear genuinely hot. Really threatening bunch. I'm especially impressed by the way you picked out the details on the teeth 

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