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Noblewoman - Wildspire Heroic Townsfolk (12 of 18)

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I really like this mini's design. She's very slim and tall, which gives her an imposing look. I've actually got a little squad based around her that I hope to paint and put together at some point. The only drawback to the mini's sculpt is that there wasn't a lot of detail in the dress. I had to create the majority of the definition with highlights (not sure how well it shows up in pictures, though).





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12 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good work on her.


When you say you have a squad based on her, do you mean multiple of this figure, or several other figures painted in the same fashion?

A little of both, actually. I've got one more copy that I plan to paint fairly similar. I've also got four other minis who look like they'd go great with her if I did them in a similar color scheme. It might take a while, though. When it comes to motivating myself to paint squads, I can be slooooow.


And thanks for the feedback.

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